For our prompt of “Turtle” today, I chose a sea turtle, underwater and chasing a wave. Or, at least, that’s what I had in my head when I made this little sketch. I imagined my turtle spotting a surfer and wondering what it might be like to be just like him. Sailing through the air on top of a wave instead of always swimming beneath it. I think many times in my life, I’ve felt like this turtle. I see someone who’s doing something that looks absolutely amazing and then wish I had their particular skill or talent. But also, as I’m sure this little turtle discovered, I soon realized that I’m only ever at my best when I’m being the best “me” that I possibly can. For example, there are always people out there who are way more skilled at creating art than me, but I keep getting a little better each day. A little doodlewash a day, as it were, and something I encourage everyone to DO! What I personally love is watching people improve on a daily basis without even realizing that it’s happening. Sure, there’s the occasional worry, a feeling of being rushed and not always having enough time. But, we should always be proud of our own unique skills. For example, though a sea turtle can’t navigate a surfboard, he can hold his breath for 4-7 hours. This indeed would be inviable to that surfer sailing above those waves.

What I’ve learned in life, and keep relearning as I continually remind myself of this fact, is that we all have a unique and wonderful talent. There’s that one thing that we have that’s just special and not quite like anyone else. Sure, there’s probably more than one thing, but there’s always that one very noticeable thing. The thing others mention about us. Most likely, it’s not even about our technical skill in whatever creative thing we’re making, but something more. An intangible quality that many remark on, but everyone has a slightly different way to describe it. So, sometimes, we fail to even realize what it is. But it’s always there, defining us in the best way possible. It’s that spark inside of us that makes us attractive to others. Any art we create is simply an expression of this spark. So, I contend that it’s always beautiful. When I often like bomb people and seem to tell everyone that what they made is beautiful, I’m not just being nice. I truly see the beauty in everything that people create. And when I’ve seen several things from the same person, the work just keeps getting more and more beautiful to me. I’ve met their spark. I know them. And it’s absolutely lovely.

Though I started this art journey on my own, I feel like I’ve found a new family in the process. The hallmark of family is that they just “get you” in a way that most others simply cannot. I think that’s the beauty of painting, sketching, and blogging together. We’re not alone on this journey. We’re not setting out to impress those who have never met us, but simply sharing a bit more of ourselves each day with those who know us. Well, at least, that’s what keeps me coming back each and every day. I’m thrilled when someone I’ve not met before enjoys my art, of course, but my heart fills up when someone I’ve already met takes the time to comment again. And I’m fully aware that I still don’t DO all of the things everyone else does. I’ve managed to make one instructional book with two others nearly complete and I’m still rather shy about making videos. But, that’s the thing. I just show up as me. Perfectly flawed and never trying to be someone else… me. I’m sure there’s a better me I could affect, but that would break from my own philosophy. My goal has only ever been to be the best me possible. And as I watch others online and I wish I were more like them, I have to admit that I rather love the special place I’ve found, surfing under the waves.

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Sea Turtle Underwater Swimming Sky Light Coral Watercolor Painting Sketchbook Detail

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35 thoughts on “Surfing Under The Waves

  1. Yep, keep doing you. It’s looking good!

    A couple of years ago niw, Joe and I were out walking on the bike trail by our house, when I saw ahead a painted turtle crossing the road. I made Joe run ahead to save it before a car came along and killed it. He picked it up and it tucked its legs and head into its shell. We carried it like that all the way back down the trail, then across two fields to the Sugar River. About a hundred yards from the water, Shelley ‘s legs and head popped out of the shell and she began swimming in the air. I think she smelled the water! Joe set her down and she raced right to the water and plop, she was gone! My favorite turtle rescue story ever!

  2. You have so inspired and helped me Charlie and although I’m not posting much at present I am doing something daily. Inks have taken my fancy at present especially the ones that change when they hit water !!, Nick Stewart on your video here was an eye opener and a thrill. Keep being you Charlie.

    1. Aww Amelia! I’m so thrilled to hear that! 😃💕 And please know that you’ve inspired me as well. I was so nervous about publishing my first instructional book, even in the form of a child’s Activity Book. But your pages! They were SO awesome! And your progress since has been phenomenal and inspiring! You’re truly talented my friend! Keep being YOU! ❤️

    1. Thanks, Bob! 😃💕 I’m so thrilled you like my turtles… I feel I struggle with them a bit. But, each one gets a little easier! hehe And yay to being our own true wonderful selves. It’s the best way to live for sure!

  3. Charlie says, ” I truly see the beauty in everything that people create. And when I’ve seen several things from the same person, the work just keeps getting more and more beautiful to me. I’ve met their spark. I know them. And it’s absolutely lovely.”

    I get it, and I agree. Creating the art is the artist’s part; connecting with it requires the participation of the consumer. There are those who claim Picasso was no artist. I claim the lack is theirs, not his.

    As for the turtle: You give everything you paint such personality. I love it. Also love the sense of motion you created with the positioning of the “arms’ and the shading of the water. This one awakens all the senses. It’s been awhile since I’ve ‘tasted the scent of the sea’ and heard its song so vividly.

  4. I think deep down you want to be somewhere warm. Tee hee. This is wonderfully colorful! Heading into the holiday weekend, so I will be absent for a few days. No internet service. Phone service is hit or miss,depending on where you are standing. Lol! Have a lovely Thanksgiving!

    1. You’re SO right, Lori! 😃💕 hehe… I’m dreaming of California right now! lol Pop in when you can my friend! Yeah, it’s the same when I’m in Texas. When I go to try to post for the day I’m outside pointing my phone toward a tower that’s probably just an oil rig. Hoping that it manages to post! lol

  5. Aweeeeeeee love this so much!!! There is a Native American quote I love love love that says. “Do your best then do better” I love it as in it i see us always doing our best and I see the growth that happens a long the way too:)

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