This is a doodlewash of my watch, because I wasn’t sure what to sketch and while looking at the time, I was suddenly inspired. I guess someday I’ll have drawn just about anything you can imagine and will seek more interesting subjects, but today, I’m still quite easily amused.

Philippe gave me this watch as a present on our first Christmas together. When we were in Paris earlier in that year, I was eyeing a watch like this while we were passing a Swatch store. I had never really thought about owning a watch by this brand as I didn’t think they made anything that wasn’t the color of fruit.

Later that year, I was thrilled when I received one from Philippe! It had exposed clockwork, which has always fascinated me. I’m not sure why, but the idea of that many tiny gears coming together to make something function amazes me. And it had the perfect band as I can only wear fabric or leather, since my wrists are roughly the size of an eight year old girl’s.

And not only does it have clockwork showing it actually is a completely mechanical watch, powered only by movement. On me, this means it always runs about five minutes fast. Also, each month you have to reset it in order to get the date to display properly. I’m too lazy to bother with this so when anyone asks me the date on the street, they walk away roughly three days earlier.

When I received this watch, for all I knew, this was going to be my only reminder of my time with Philippe. We were always running out of time back then. Being together was like looking at the ocean for the last time on a beach you’ve visited for the first time. You make a silent wish that you’ll be back, but in the end, you just never know for sure if that wish will come true.

Today, with all the hours and minutes ticking away, it never feels like I can get everything done. But whenever I feel like I’m not accomplishing the things that I want fast enough, I just look at this little reminder on my wrist and stop worrying. Things always work out, and there’s no need to rush. I’ve got time.

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40 thoughts on “Swatch

  1. Awh…. what a sweet little teaser story….. leave us waiting for more you little stinker 🙂 That doodlewash is amazing! You blow me away with the beautiful art you create out of such ordinary things! The detail! Yowsers! Oh Charlie O! You are extraordinary!

  2. Your painting looks so real I want to reach in and wind it up! 😀 I love that Philippe noticed you looking at those watches and bought one for you! My hubby wouldn’t be quite as observant. 😉 Great story, as always!

  3. I love it – the lighting on the frame is exquisite, and then there’s all the detail in the face… clever sod, Charlie! Sweet stuff.

    A pretty enviable beast it is, too – I’ve never trusted myself with a timepiece like that, and I certainly haven’t had one bought for me! I used to have so many watches, but where they’ve all gone I couldn’t tell you. I feel this likely vindicates my lack of self trust!

      1. That’s the hardest to do.. Paint what you see.. My brain often tricks me into thinking I see certain things.. I think your brain works better than mine.. Lol. 😜

  4. Beautiful story, it melts the heart…in a good way. Love your painting, particularly how you did the inner portion of the band, really gives a personal feel with the fine rendering. Now, as for watches “the color of fruit”, you say this like it’s a bad thing…lol (I loved those ‘fruity’ watches back in the day)…Peace to you both.

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