Sweet Tarts And Other Memories

Fruit Tart Bluberries Raspberries Watercolor Illustration

For our prompt of “Berries” today, my mind drifted to a fruit tart. So, we have a blueberry one. This prompt is always a fun one because most of the things we call berries aren’t true berries at all. So, while blueberries count, the raspberry on top is actually an aggregate fruit. Why this should matter at all is anyone’s guess. What’s true for anything we call a berry, though, is that it’s always a fruit and perfectly delicious. Especially when it shows up in a dessert. I’ve always loved desserts with fruits, and although Philippe grew up with tarts like this one, my dessert fruits were most likely to show up in the form of an apple pie, pineapple upside-down cake or a Jello mold. When we’re visiting family in Paris, I adore passing the various pastry shops to see what’s on display in the window. It looks like fine art! It’s truly all I can do not to wander in and ask for one of everything. My French is still notably lacking so this would at least make it easier to order as well. Philippe, however, is all about chocolate, but I love fruits with cream or custard most. Unfortunately, it’s just a preference on his part and literally any dessert in our house risks disappearing before I even have a chance to sample it.

One of our favorite treats when we’re in France at end the meal is something called “café gourmand”. It’s a delicious sampling of tiny desserts so you don’t have to go through the horrible pain of choosing just one. When we were in Costco this weekend, we were thrilled to discover they had a little café gourmand set imported from Belgium. We immediately snatched one up! Okay, Philippe was still standing there and considering it when I made the decision for us and tossed it in the cart. There are three rows of four different tiny desserts, each in their own little ceramic bowl. They’re adorable and as a bonus, we get to reuse the little bowls. This was indeed the selling point for Philippe. After trying a chocolate one, he just shrugged, no doubt thinking he could do much better. And, I for one, will be happily encouraging him to try! It’s no secret that part of the reason I adore this time of year most is that Philippe gets inspired to make more desserts. Thinking about it now, it’s probably good for my waistline that this only happens once a year. That’s actually quite true for all of the holiday season.

But, my inner child is doing backflips already. I’m so thrilled for the days ahead! Today, Disney launched their streaming service and Philippe and I were, of course, already signed up as part of the Founder’s Circle. So, we’ve been enjoying some of our favorite shows from our youth. Just bits and clips and we won’t have the attention span to watch anything in its entirety until the weekend. The only difference, of course, is that Philippe saw all of them in French. So, he experienced not only a different language but different voice actors. We saw and loved Frozen together so that’s one that he prefers in English, saying the French translation is just a bit weird. I have no concept of what that must be like and am just thrilled that Frozen 2 will be coming out soon! I’ve no affiliation to Disney. I’m just a big kid, and love all of the memories that it brings back to me. I’m not sure why anyone in the world would ever choose to grow up. Life is so much more fun when you spend it with your inner child. Even though the fruits of my youth were different than Philippe’s we both share a love of nostalgia. But, we’re not living in the past. We’re just making the most of the present with sweet tarts and other memories.

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Fruit Tart Bluberries Raspberries Watercolor Illustration Sketchbook Detail

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  1. Lisa Ann Ulibarri 3 years ago

    Fabulous tart!!! Looks good enough to eat lol. 🙂 I am super excited about all the stuff Disney is doing like the remakes I cannot wait to see Lady and the Tramp and the new Frozen!!!! excitement bubbles!!! lol 🙂

    • Author
      Charlie O'Shields 3 years ago

      Thanks so much, Lisa! 😃💕hehe!! I thought you’d be thrilled! Yeah, we’re going to watch Lady and the Tramp this weekend. Phineas is interested so we’re going to have family popcorn night! lol

  2. Zertab Quaderi 3 years ago

    Oh wow, the tart looks awesome, Charlie! All that sugar dusted on top! Your post is making me want to have some nice desserts. But it’s just a.m. here and I better go and make smoothies for our breakfast!

    • Author
      Charlie O'Shields 3 years ago

      Thanks so much, Zertab! 😃💕 hehe! Glad I could tempt you! I had no clue how to make the dusted sugar, so thrilled you saw it!

  3. Sandra Strait 3 years ago

    I’m probably one of the few of my generation that doesn’t have fond memories of Disney movies. My father pretty much controlled the TV and movies we saw, and he didn’t care for them, so my childhood was virtually Disney-free. I’ve watched a few since, of course, but I think you need to bond with them while young to really get the full impact.

    • Author
      Charlie O'Shields 3 years ago

      Yeah, my dad actually controlled the remote as well. hehe 😉 But there was a Parks and Recreation program on the weekends that showed Disney movies. It was the only way I could see them outside of the theatre!

  4. Walt. F Pierluissi 3 years ago

    Mmmmmmm. Blueberry tart…… delicious, with a nice hot chai tea… Mmmmmm

  5. Adnan Aslam Dar 3 years ago

    Charlie these tarts are looks like very special is it for my today dessert superb colors tart

  6. Lisa 3 years ago

    When I saw sweet tarts, I immediately jumped to candy! I used to love them. That was in the good old days before they got chalky and too sweet.

    It’s a good thing you don’t live nearby, because if you did I’d be bringing you baked goods all the time! Plus, I grow my own raspberries!

    I swear, every time you post about food, I need a snack! Shame! 😂

    • marshathepainter 3 years ago

      So great to have your own raspberries! My mom used to make the most delicious rasp. jelly. They are so versatile- muffins, pies. cheesecake and so much more!

      • Lisa 3 years ago

        Yum! I love the jam.

    • Author
      Charlie O'Shields 3 years ago

      hehe! I thought about that! I love Sweet Tarts are well! Yeah, I think chalky and new sweet is the new normal. Thankfully there’s a few vintage remakes of the good stuff! And now I just wished I lived next door to you!! 😃💕 hehe! yay!! You’d be welcome over any time, with or without baked goods! hehe

  7. Karen Fortier 3 years ago

    Charlie that looks like a perfect treat! I occasionally treat myself to something similar from the bakery. One of the nice things about being retired is to be able to enjoy treats like that, now and then, when I run errands in the middle of the day.

    • Author
      Charlie O'Shields 3 years ago

      Thanks, Karen! 😃💕Yay to enjoying treats! It’s the best way to live! A great way to stay young! 😉

  8. Mariam 3 years ago

    Fresh picked blackberries on ice cream, while watching Disney on Sunday nights…my kind of nostalgia! Your tart looks good enough to eat (now I have to resist the urge to have dessert tonight…ugh!😞

    • Author
      Charlie O'Shields 3 years ago

      Thanks, Mariam! 😃💕 fresh picked blackberries and ice cream just made my mouth water! hehe… I want some now!

  9. smzang 3 years ago

    Charlie says, “I’m not sure why anyone in the world would ever choose to grow up.”

    and I totally agree. Right now I would like to devour that blueberry tart. It looks so luscious.

    • Author
      Charlie O'Shields 3 years ago

      Thanks so much, Sarah! 😃💕Yeah, growing up is way overrated. It just makes people dull. I don’t know what anyone would want to let go of that spark of youth!

  10. Margaret Parker Brown 3 years ago

    After reading your post I now want something tasty! I am currently on a fast but I am now looking forward to using those blueberries in the fridge. Although my taste buds were tickled, my heart is with you in regards to nurturing our inner child. I think that there is something magical when you meet a person with a lively inner child, don’t you think? By the way I loved Disney growing up, Sundays at 7 pm, yep! We are trying out the Disney plus 7 day trial. I am really looking forward to watching all that I can. Cheers!

    • Author
      Charlie O'Shields 3 years ago

      Yay! I KNEW you’d be a Disney fan, Margaret! No wonder we get on so well! 😃💕hehe… yeah, it’s true… I look for that glint in the eye when I meet people. It’s very easy to spot. No words necessary… just friends for life!

      • Margaret Parker Brown 3 years ago

        Haha and the older I get, the more nostalgic (and Disney!) I get. I agree, no words necessary, just look for the ‘Disney twinkle’ lol yep

        • Author
          Charlie O'Shields 3 years ago

          Yay to that! Life should always have a bit of sparkle to it! 😉

  11. Mary Roff 3 years ago

    Fabulous fruit tart…too beautiful to eat!

    • Author
      Charlie O'Shields 3 years ago

      Thanks so much, Mary! 😃💕hehe… I think that every time I see a French pastry, but then I give in and devour it! lol

  12. LoriCtoo 3 years ago

    I was expecting a package of “Sweet Tarts”. Lol! This is so much better! The first year they had the Frozen show at DL, is was so magical. Parts were digitalized. One of my favorite parts was the water lapping up on the stage. It looked real. It is still a beautiful show, just a little watered down now. It won’t stop me from seeing again, if time allows. There’s a lot of Christmas shows going on right now. 🙂

    • Author
      Charlie O'Shields 3 years ago

      hehe… yeah, this one as a bit of a bait and switch! 😃💕 I would have loved to see Frozen at Disneyland… I love the magic they create. It’s truly inspiring!

  13. Fatima Chamkha 3 years ago

    Yummy fruit tart well done Charlie!!

  14. marshathepainter 3 years ago

    Oooh YUM! Great use of saving your whites to add the sparkle on the fruit! Love your narrative, too.

    • Author
      Charlie O'Shields 3 years ago

      Thanks, Marsha! 😃💕Glad you enjoyed this! Yeah, I think in my previous iterations I didn’t save my white as much, so I liked how this one turned out!

  15. Linda Calverley 3 years ago

    This pie looks delicious

  16. Stephanie Louise 3 years ago

    Looks sweet and mouthwatering.

  17. Loan Anh Pham 3 years ago

    Awwwweeeee, yummy tart, Charlie 😍. I love it. I love awesome moments in your stories. I love chocolate, fruits, cream, coffee…hehe

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