For Day Three of World Watercolor Month, the optional prompt of “Dainty” made me think of a ballerina. So, we ended up with a little sketch of a fawn in a tutu at the close of some lovely stage performance. I actually used to teach dance a few decades ago, although I only taught tap and jazz and simply took ballet lessons. While ballet dancers may seem light on their feet and make everything appear effortless, those were the most challenging and athletic classes I’ve even taken. And, I wasn’t exactly dainty either. At a towering six foot three inches, I loomed like a giant over the rest of the class. My center of gravity wasn’t quite in the center, and I quickly learned that my body wasn’t really made to pirouette. But, that’s pretty much the story of my creative journey. I never let anything stop me from at least trying something and giving it a go. Even if I’m not amazing at whatever I’ve tried, I sure have a lot of fun in the process!

Thinking back to my days in the dance studio was a lovely memory for today. Back then, I was perfectly fearless when it came to trying new thinking, while today I often have to talk myself into doing something totally new. I tend to think things through for just a moment or two, which still isn’t enough time to thoroughly ponder something, but much more effort than I exerted back in those days. I would leap through the air at a chance to try something I hadn’t done before. I remember that I wouldn’t even worry about what might happen or wonder if I was even capable. I tried so many things and started to find the boundaries of my talent. But, that didn’t stop me from pushing forward. To this day, I’ve never been able to find any boundaries when it comes to having fun. And if I’m enjoying myself, then I think that still counts as being successful.

Tonight, I’m typing quickly so I can get all of my posts made before dinner. I’m not sure what we’re having, though I imagine it will be a bit healthier than pizza. As I’m typing this, my own little fawn, or rather, dog Phineas, is chomping down his dinner while rattling the bowl loudly. That took the length of time for me to type that sentence and now he’s slurping water with the same enthusiasm and volume. We’re just not a dainty family it would appear. Yet, all of those memories that came flooding back to me today reminded me that I’m still on my journey. And there are still many exciting things to try next. I have a new crazy idea that I’m going to try in the coming months, but that’s a story for another day. On this day, I’m just thrilled to have shown up with another little watercolor sketch. It always feels good to make something new. And, when it’s shared with all to see, then I think always good to feel a bit of pride, and maybe even take a bow.

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Baby Deer Fawn Wearing Ballerina Tutu Watercolor Illustration Painting Sketchbook

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21 thoughts on “Take A Bow

  1. Dance ballerina dance / Round and round you go etc. Ever hear that song? About a woman who gave up a chance for marriage to have a career which they (yawn) did not do in those days. Awesome sketch!

  2. I too took dance, I too am not ballerina material 🤣 thank you for always reminding me to keep trying and be fearless! Dainty I ain’t-y but I can love your dainty fawn and appreciate their loveliness!

  3. Such a lovely painting, Charlie. Does Phineas burp really loud like Monster used to after eating or drinking water? haha haha

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