For Day 13 of #WorldWatercolorMonth and our prompt of “glassy,” I opted for this margarita glass. It was sitting in front of me at lunch today when Philippe and I spontaneously decided we wanted to pretend we were on a vacation. The festive glass alone was a unique treat, and the drink inside wasn’t half bad either. Just a little treat that made us feel like we were sitting next to the beach, even though we were sitting next to a window in a restaurant watching people eating just outside as they were swatting flies and dripping with humid sweat. Not quite the the idyllic view, but that’s when one’s imagination comes in quite handy. Our friend Aesha is coming over tonight so we picked up some caviar, blinis and champagne to keep the vacation feeling going. While it would be wonderful to be strolling along a beach right now, I’m rather happy to take the journey in my mind and be spending the evening with a good friend. I hope whatever you have planned for the weekend, it includes lovely breaks like these and a glass of whatever you enjoy most!

Philippe and I have been discussing places we’d like to go on an actual vacation, but haven’t landed on the exact trip yet. It’s fun to dream and plan and we can get so caught up in doing so that we fail to make a decision and actually book the plane tickets. So far, the west coast is winning out as we have friends we’d like to visit there, but it’s anybody’s guess really at this point where we’ll actually land. Québec is also on the list along with a myriad of other places. I’ll just have to distract Philippe when I go to book the tickets so he doesn’t see the prices and scream, “oh la vache!” just before fainting. Once I manage to get him to a destination, everything is fine, but the first bit is always a touch challenging. In truth, World Watercolor Month each year is a bit like taking a month-long vacation filled with wonderful days of lovely watercolor. It’s so exciting and fun to see so many people coming together to paint with watercolor! Of course, there’s also lovely souvenirs, so be sure to grab some of those before the month ends and the shop closes!

And in this spirit of fun, our friends at Winsor & Newton have Professional Watercolour and Designers Gouache to give away today! Click here to learn more about the differences between watercolor and gouache, with transparency and opacity explained in more detail. Both ranges now include cadmium-free alternatives. Ten winners can try the innovative new watercolours for themselves with a Winsor & Newton Professional Watercolour Cadmium-Free dot card and a sample of Winsor & Newton Professional Watercolour Paper in 140 lb. cold press. This one is limited to US/Canada only, so definitely check out the main World Watercolor Month international giveaways here! If you’d like a sample, and did not receive one in last week’s giveaway, simply add “I Love Winsor & Newton!” to your comment below! I’ll draw 10 names from everyone who comments with the phrase (and hasn’t won yet) tomorrow evening, just before I post, and those 10 lucky folks will get a free sample (be sure to look for my reply to you so I can let you know, and you can then send me your name and address for shipping). I love having fun prizes to give away, and it’s definitely the perfect way to cap off a day spent taking a pretend vacation!

UPDATE: Sample giveaways for this post have ended.

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Margarita Glass Watercolor Illustration Sketchbook Detail

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32 thoughts on “Taking A Pretend Vacation

  1. Dreaming are the best vacations, especially while drinking from an exciting glass like the one you sketched and watercolored, not to mention what it is filled with. Lol Your story is so inspiring.

  2. Quebec is beautiful and you’ll really enjoy it as you speak French. I know, I know, Charlie, you say you’re inept in French, but you speak it well enough to get along in Quebec. Other fun cities up there are Montreal and Toronto, each with their own personalities. If you really want to go to Canada and visit a place a bit off the beaten track, try Point Pelee National Park, the southernmost tip of Canada. Dipping into Lake Erie, it’s a tiny gem of a place. We went in autumn (used to live in Detroit – do not vacation in Detroit) and looked up at the trees to see all the orange leaves fly away – they’d been covered in millions of migrating Monarch butterflies. Will never forget that sight.

    1. hehe… thanks, Sharon for your confidence in my French ability. The truth is I can understand it, but speaking it so others can understand is still my challenge! 😊We’re thinking of Quebec City, just because I was in Montreal so many times already when I was shooting a movie and Philippe even joined me once. And I’ve been to Toronto a few times, so that would be something totally new! And yes! We really want to go in autumn! 😃💕

  3. Book a European vacation in Quebec, Charlie. I live in Montreal, the most beautifully diverse and cosmopolitan city of all. Refresh your French. Check out our Chinatown, hike around Mount Royal, visit St Josephs Cathedral or the Old Port area.

    1. Thanks, Bonnie! 😃💕I’ve been to Montreal several times and I adore it! But was shooting a movie that required snow so it was very cold every time! hehe… still loved it!! We’re thinking of Quebec City just for something totally new! And by the way… do you want a free Winsor & Newton Sample? I didn’t get all 10 comments on this post so I have an extra one. If so, send me a note here with you name and address and I’ll send one your way –

  4. I really like how you draw glass… and that bright cobalt blue makes for a nice contrast with the drink. And I do love Windsor and Newton! I have a few of their watercolors.

  5. If I had a week where I was able bodied and could travel on a vacation, I think I would spend the entire time on beaches on Lake Superior. Rent a cabin so I could cook quick stuff and not waste time in restaurants. A fire pit for nights outside stargazing. My camera to preserve memories to paint later, and a bucket for rocks that I just have to bring home.

  6. “I Love Winsor & Newton!” I actually am leaving on vacation today! I am going to the Oregon coast with my mom and daughter for 2 weeks. There will be lots of painting the waves crashing in. 🙂

  7. ‘i love Windsor and Newton!”The Margarita looks very inviting !!! Canada is great place to vacation..just spent a day of my vacay in Niagara on the Lake in Ontario and it was wonderful!! I’ve visited several places in Canada and it’s always a very good experience.

  8. Great glass! I went “ugh” Charlie is trying to get me to try painting glass again. Well I skirted around it and then forgot to leave the little bit of glass on my sketch unpainted. It was a busy day and I was painting close to bedtime, so not my best job. You will need to go look for it, as it is a tribute to you! ;p IG lorictoo

    1. haha!! You always know I’ll try to get people painting glass! It’s SO fun!! lol And thrilled that you did it!! yay! An owl with blue glasses is the best tribute EVER! Thank you! And by the way, this was a sample post and I didn’t get all the comments for this one, so 😃💕yay, you get a sample! Just send me a note here with your full name and address –

  9. Charlie says, “. Just a little treat that made us feel like we were sitting next to the beach, even though we were sitting next to a window in a restaurant watching people eating just outside as they were swatting flies and dripping with humid sweat.”

    That could sure make you appreciate the comfortable side of the window!

    You do glass with class! The reflection is just right.

    1. Thanks, Sarah! 😃💕 hehe… rereading that as you presented it, my first thought was ewwwwww! and then I remember it was equally my first thought while watching those diners. lol And glad you liked the doodlewash!

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