For Day 21 of World Watercolor Month and our optional prompt of “Risky,” I made a little doodlewash of a beagle walking on a tightrope holding an umbrella. This particular pup actually seems quite confident, so I’m not sure how much risk is involved. However, if I personally ever attempted anything like this, I’m quite sure I’d last only a few seconds before plummeting to the ground. That, combined with my fear of heights would be a recipe for disaster. That said, I have been pushing my abilities all month long by trying to come up with different concepts in answer to the prompts. I’ve been going with the first idea that I like, even when it’s something a bit more difficult to draw or paint. This has meant posing characters in positions that I often had to completely imagine. For example, even the toughest agility class doesn’t usually involve a dog tightroping with an umbrella. It’s been a blast trying to invent poses that seems plausible, if not completely accurate. Taking risks can be a fun way to create!

This got me thinking about how often I take risks in life and what might be considered risky in the first place. A risk implies the possibility that something bad could happen. But, that’s actually possible no matter what I’m doing. There’s always that possibility, though certain things are definitely a bit more risky. I do tend to avoid jumping out of airplanes or off cliffs into a rushing river, but some folks find those things to be thrilling and enjoyable. The risks I prefer to take are usually in regard to some new idea for a project that I want to try. For example, when I created my Sketching Stuff podcast years ago, I had no idea how to make a podcast or whether anyone would be interested in actually listening to me ramble on about stuff. Yet, the experiment turned out rather well. The same for the many books I wrote and illustrated, even though I wasn’t assured that tons of people would actually want to read them. Yet, I’ve always thought that it never hurts to try a creative project, as long as you feel enough passion to see it through to completion.

I have a few of those passion projects rumbling around in my brain currently, but I’m not rushing forward with any of them just yet. I’m simply going to focus on sketching stuff and playing with ideas going forward. My pup Elliott seems to think it’s his job to help me paint. He’s really quite serious about this work, even though I don’t remember assigning him the task. All month long, he’s been on the couch next to me while I’m painting. In fact, if I even say, “I’m going to go paint now,” he dashes upstairs and waits for me. I’m not sure why this has become a priority for him, but I do appreciate the company. There’s something comforting about having him with me and, in a strange way, it seems to boost my confidence. A little bit of love nearby is always a wonderful thing, especially when it comes to taking chances.

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Beagle Dog Walking On Tightrope With Umbrella Watercolor Illustration Sketchbook Detail

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12 thoughts on “Taking Chances

  1. You pup does indeed look super confident and as if he doesn’t even need that umbrella 😉 but one does like a bit of colour! tee hee I think that is the cutest thing ever that he likes to keep you company when you are painting. I haven’t been able to do much more than sketch since last year and I still am longing for and looking forward to painting in August. The ‘when I retire’ and ‘when I get older’ stuff just doesn’t seem to be working out all that well – lolol! I have a cat that keeps me company like your Elliott does and I agree, it does help to have that bit of love close, just keeping me company. Thank you so much for Watercolor Month Charlie – I only just found out today that there is a whole You Tube channel – such wonderful people participated. You must be so proud of the amazing gift you have given to the world with this month. 🙂

  2. Gutsy little beagle you have there, Charlie! I have a tendency to trip over my own feet so tightrope walking is definitely not on my to do list. I always enjoyed your podcasts, Charlie, it was like sitting down with a dear friend and hearing about their day,

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