Robin Bird Watercolor Painting By Tanu Gupta

GUEST ARTIST: “Follow Your Dreams, Believe In Yourself, And Don’t Give Up!” by Tanu Gupta

My name is Tanu Gupta, and I’m from India, a post graduate in mathematics (though numbers and I run in opposite direction these days). All my life, I have been curious about the enigma of any form of Art – be it drawing in school, doodling in my free time, sketching for friends, cartoons on TV’s and comics in books.

During the last year of my post graduation, I came to know about “Animation” through one of my relatives (a startup industry of that time). I drifted towards it so much that, after post graduation, I decided to change my field and follow my passion for creativity, all thanks to my parents who encouraged me to derive my passion for a creative field at that time also.

Night Scene Girl With Cat Moon Watercolor Painting by Tanu Gupta

I hold a diploma in animation from MAAC and have been fortunate to work with some of the industry leaders like Technicolor, Prana Studios, Prime Focus etc. where I worked on projects like Tinkerbell, Lego, Kung Fu Panda, & Penguins of Madagascar etc.

Presently, I am more of a hustler (a role that I am enjoying a lot) running behind my little daughter and my passion for arts is providing me with much needed me-time.

Journey of Watercolor

I think art starts with a hobby first and when you dive deeper into this magical world, it leads to endless possibilities. While all these years I have been in the world of animation, but I always liked to draw (though it was not frequent) and I never painted with any physical medium.

In March 2020, one of my friends asked me join a Doodlewash Monthly Art Challenge. I joined albeit with a strong doubt that I would be able to finish the challenge as I was totally new to Instagram (I think I had 20 followers back then) and had never picked up brushes before. But surprisingly, when I started painting watercolor on the first day, I fell in love with the medium to such an extent that even to this day, I still paint whenever I get the smallest opportunity.

Miniature Watercolor Paintings by Tanu Gupta

During the COVID-hampered 2020, I had begun to run out of my already limited painting material, so I came up with the temporary plan of painting on smaller sheets to conserve my inventory. Inadvertently, I began to enjoy painting minis! In fact, I mostly paint in miniature now.

I am so happy and feel blessed to get connected with great talents around the world and to have found so many good friends especially on the beautiful Instagram platform. They guide me, help me if I am stuck somewhere and that’s what has helped me to grow and learn. I learn something new with every artwork each passing day.

Inspiration Behind My Art

In one word it’s – HAPPINESS. I feel liberated after every stroke of brush and feel happier. My belief and mantra is that love what you do and enjoy it fully to get the much desired happiness that each one seeks. To make people surrounding you happy first you should be happy from inside.

Through my paintings I aspire to spread happiness and instill the positivity in my followers. I also advocate that art has an innate potential to unleash the human potential, thus generally I try to inculcate a message in my paintings.

My Painting Subjects

Picking a subject is the most time consuming. I usually get ideas sometimes from my surroundings, sometimes from any movie or series or it may be while googling. Ideas are around us everywhere it’s just sometimes it takes a fraction of a second to turn into an idea of making that as subject of a painting and sometimes it just goes unnoticed.

Miniature Desserts Watercolor Paintings by Tanu Gupta

However, I try to have a minimalistic approach and paint simple subjects. I have an inclination for mini-paintings which I enjoy but I don’t mind taking a few exceptions and going full throttle sometimes. Keep it simple is my mantra and let your mind and brush do the trick.

My Love For Watercolor

Watercolors are unpredictable and have an associated drama around them when the colors blend. It is intriguing to observe it and what magic it leads to. When I paint, It feels like I’m in a new world and creating magic with my own hand.

Mostly, I have been working on watercolors and have not expanded much right now as I love working with these. Recently, I picked up gouache and trying my hands on it.

Overcome From Creative Block

Creative blocks (though the dreaded part in an artist’s life) are important as they unlock new potential and help to learn something new. Some of the things (part of my process) is to do urban sketches (another fav subject of mine), watch Skillshare videos, read books, etc., when I face a creative block. I don’t paint at that time.

I just relax without any pressure of painting at that time because I have experienced that painting without your heart just gives the worst output which demotivates more. Mostly, I think creative blocks are more of a state of mind that every artist goes through but with such hacks one can get back quickly. Just listen to your heart and let it flow.

My Art Supplies

I have used Brustro, Daniel Smith, White Nights, Daler Rowney, Mijello Mission. Apart from Brustro and White Nights I have very limited colors of other brands due to high cost which currently is not in my budget.

I love Brustro as it gives good quality outputs without being a burden on one’s pocket. For some specific shades, I do use other brand colors. My favorite brush is round Silver Black Velvet brushes and for mini details I use Brustro miniature brushes.

For My Lovely Readers

I just want to say, don’t paint for numbers, paint for your inner joy. The joy we feel after completion of any artwork is not comparable with any other thing. So please don’t ruin that happiness by worrying about the number of followers or likes or comments. It is the completion of the project and the process of learning which is important. Keep focusing on learning techniques.

Winter Scene Circular Circle Watercolor Painting

Just be you, keep learning, acquire new skills and be happy. Another thing which is most important is to make a schedule and if possible paint for 30mins every day. Learn from sources on the Internet (Skillshare, YouTube etc.) and make the most of the technology.

My Vision For A Future Of Homegrown Artists

In my experience while art is liberating for one’s self, it is not a very lucrative option financially. It is an artist who knows what goes into making a creative masterpiece but the willingness to pay is not high. Gradually, as the world is getting connected, new opportunities are coming up and I am quite optimistic about the future.

This year was full of exploring something which I had always wanted to explore. I’m glad that this year, despite being a tragedy for humanity, was at least fruitful in one very personal way. I am excited about tomorrow and what lies ahead!

Thanks Charlie for giving me this opportunity to talk about my journey. Doodlewash is the reason of starting my new phase of life. Thanks a lot for running beautiful challenges!

Tanu Gupta

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34 thoughts on “GUEST ARTIST: “Follow Your Dreams, Believe In Yourself, And Don’t Give Up!” by Tanu Gupta

  1. Hello Tanu,

    Greetings from Navi Mumbai!! Thank you for sharing your journey with us. Your paintings reflect your positivity and each one brought on a smile and a warm feeling in my heart. It’s difficult to say which painting of yours I like best. I am not on social media but would love to see more of your work. Do you have a website or youtube channel I could visit? Best wishes for your journey ahead, and please take care and stay safe.


  2. Tanu your work is beautiful. But Math? The only way I can do that is in my head. That is left brain stuff. I was amazed though to finally understand by doing an intuitive painting that reveals how left and right brain hemispheres work together for balance and creativity!

    I still can’t do math on paper or calculator though and that is fine with me.

    Thanks for a great article!

  3. Love your style. Your mini’s are fun and look like something that can keep you painting every day without too much fuss and worry, especially with your inspiration of happiness. Thanks for sharing your story and your work.

  4. Tanu, your art is so joyous, it lifts me just to look at what you’ve painted. Reading your story is inspirational as you remind us to seel what brings pleasure and not to get weighed down with statistics.Thank you for sharing your wonderful journey into the world of art and imagination.

  5. Tanu, thank you for sharing your story and journey. Beautiful are comes from within and shows up in your art, no matter what size you paint on or how many supplies. You show us that, one can create with what they have and turn out beautiful painting. Your tiny paintings are adorable and happy you found Skillshare/Yputube classes that helped. Visited your georgous IG and look forward to visiting from time to time.

  6. Dear Tanu, you are art work is so pleasing, which attracts someone to see. l too do the art work…though I am not professional.Last year lockdown inspired me and I came to know that I have this ability too. I agree with your thoughts shared by you

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