Day 29 #WorldWatercolorGroup Tarte Aux Fraises Paris France

Tarte Aux Fraises et Shopping

Today we have another tarte as that was all I managed to find time to sketch today. It was a lovely day with over 4 miles (6.4km) of walking and very little stopping except to shop. And well, eat, of course. I feel like I’m eating my way through Paris and as proof we have this quick little doodlewash of my tarte aux fraises. Even with its diminuitive size, I’m pretty sure I should now start to refrain from these delicacies and eat more sensibly. Though the walking has quadrupled my normal exercise routine, it can still barely offset all of the wonderful treats I continue to sample here. We went to lunch with Philippe’s mother today and it was fantastic! Such great food and great company, but so much more than I would normally eat on a lunch back home. Perhaps that’s why this evening mainly consisted of snacks and champagne.

Today, though, we did manage to walk to the more tourist-laden city center and even wandered past the Louvre. The most striking thing about walking through Paris is the striking mix of brand new architecture mixed with the incredibly old, but everything manages to blend well and look interesting and beautiful.

After spending just a bit of time in the crowded area, we headed out and crossed the Seine in search of something a little less expected.

Paris, Seine River

Paris France L'Aquarelle Handmade Watercolour watercolor sketchbookAfter wandering a bit, we found a lovely little art store called Esquisse. Tucked away on a quieter street, it was filled with fabulous things and my goal of finding a unique new sketchbook was fulfilled. Well, actually, I found a red hardbound one that I had passed up at another art store which was much lower priced so I snatched it up. But the real prize was a small handmade leather watercolor sketchbook that Philippe bought for me.  It’s lovely with beautiful paper on the inside that’s hand torn. In other words, I’m still busy admiring it and rather terrified to actually use it for fear I’ll mess it up. But perhaps I’ll go ahead and give it a go while I’m here.

Best of all, Philippe’s mother gave me two Waterman fountain pens today! I’m so excited to try them out, but am first in search of an insert to fill them with my permanent ink. All in all, today was a bit like Christmas and perfectly fabulous. Beyond the tangible gifts, I also purchased our tickets to Disneyland Paris so we can ride the Ratatouille ride on Wednesday. This may seem like a ridiculous quest, but they don’t have that ride in America, so it’s truly a French attraction. That, and we’re both really just big kids looking to have fun. And we’re rather good at finding fun, it turns out, even in the simplest of things. Life is beautiful when you’re spending it with the people who love you, whether it’s visiting shops or just taking a little break to share a moment of joy in the form of une petite tarte aux fraises.

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Sennelier L’Aquarelle: Quinacridone Gold, Carmine, Red Orange, Ultramarine Deep, Burnt Sienna, and Payne’s Grey. Lamy Safari Al Star pen with Platinum Carbon black ink in a 5″ x 8″ 140 lb. (300 gsm) Pentalic Aqua Journal.
 Day 29 #WorldWatercolorGroup Tarte Aux Fraises Paris France

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33 thoughts on “Tarte Aux Fraises et Shopping

  1. Just the way you describe your adventures, I feel like I am there with you. Your joy is obvious! Thank you for the treat everyday- the sketches and your experiences!

  2. Another gorgeous doodlewash and equally gorgeous snaps! How beautiful, and great weather too. The sketchbook looks quite adorable. I think I’d get two – use one and admire the other! 😉

    Yay for Disneyland!!! How exciting, not long now – Ratatouille awaits! 😀

  3. Oh la la, beautiful tarte au fraises, and probably incredibly parfumed ! And really desirable handmade sketchbook too. It’s leather is splendid ! You could make it your “french pastry sketchbook” and fill it each time you come in France ! Ah Ah!!
    If I can say you, Waterman is not Lamy Safari and I don’t put any permanent ink in my watermans except if they are inexpensive one.
    I wish you many fun in Eurodisney !

    1. Merci beaucoup, Laurence! 😃 That’s a fabulous idea… I love food sketching best, so that would be a wonderful way to test out the new sketchbook! And yes… any permanent ink in fountain pens is a “use at your own risk” endeavour, but I’ve been rather happy with the way my Platinum Carbon ink plays well with fountain pens. Assuming you make the effort to use them daily or clean them out properly when not in use. That said, I’ll probably just try it with the less expensive of the two. hehe

  4. Nothing to worry about if you still wear the same size Charlie, I would say enjoy!

    Oh, snacks and champagne sounds not too bad for me just relaxed.

    Lovely to walk through the streets of Paris, do some shopping and eating.

    That sounds as the real art of French bakery, a tiny piece full of taste, this tarte aux fraises, yum, yum.
    Keep going on for good memories if you are back home.

    1. I use Lamy Safari Al Star Pens… the one I bought here was just a special edition color for this year. The ink I use is Japanese… Platinum Carbon Ink and it’s a permanent ink that plays well with most fountain pens as long as you use them regularly or wash them out when stored.

  5. Ah ah ah ….always so fun and nice to read you Charlie. Glad to see you’re having a terrific time! You made me laugh so much when you say you’re still busy admiring your newly found sketchbook 🙂 Admiring is a very important stage of consuming a new present 😉 As for the food, that’s called being on a holiday 🙂 Well, thanks for la tarte aux fraises. Have you ever tried les petits choux a la creme? Those are gorgeous too! Oops… I forgot, I should not give you further food temptations 😉

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