For our prompt of “Dessert” today, I opted for a quick doodle of a fantasy one, since I couldn’t talk Philippe into having peach cobbler and ice cream for breakfast. That’s the dessert we had last night, but I forgot to snap a photo before I devoured it. In his defense, he did say the cobbler would be okay, but no ice cream. This sounded like a total waste of perfectly good cobbler, so I declined. We had a lovely feast last night, but I didn’t feel overly stuffed, which is a good thing. I actually woke up hungry and ready for more treats. Today, we selected our Christmas tree for this year, and are just letting it settle in before we begin decorating it. This is one of my favorite bits of the season, though there’s a bit of work involved lugging everything upstairs. It’s fun to go through our ornaments and rediscover them each year. We alway forget what we have, and realize we have more than we can actually fit on the tree so decisions must be made. Our dog Phineas just sits in the middle of everything, usually a bit in the way, determined to be part of whatever strange ritual we’re in the middle of performing.

When we picked up our tree today and set up the base, Phineas sat down directly in front of it as though he were guarding it. This meant we had to lure him out of the way so we could put the tree in place. He sniffed his disapproval and wandered off into the other room. Then, moments later, came back to inspect the tree. This is the part where we assure him it’s an indoor “special” tree and not one to be used like he does the outdoor trees. He glances at us sideways as if trying to understand what the heck we’re rambling on about and then we finally break down and say, “don’t pee on it!” He looks longingly back at the tree and then adopts a brief pose that almost resembles a shrug and walks away again. As traditions go, this one is a bit odd, but it’s one we do every year as well, so I love it. Once the tree is covered in lights and sparkling brightly, Phineas is suitably impressed and just sits on the couch to stare at it in admiration.

Though this is a long holiday break, there’s always a ton of things to do. Thankfully, most of them are really fun, so I don’t mind. It’s lovely to put Christmas back in place, though this year, it’s a bit of a shorter season. I’m hoping things slow down a bit by the time we return from Texas so the year doesn’t zoom to a close too quickly. I’m excited for all of the fun and joy ahead, but don’t want it passing too fast. This is a time to savor each moment, and that’s exactly what I intend to DO! As the Puppini Sisters sing in three part harmony on our favorite holiday album, we’re enjoying a bit of eggnog. Then, we’ll make a bit of magic appear in our home and soon everything will be twinkling in the glow of the season. I cling to these moments, and it’s why I adore this time of year most of all. There’s really nothing more I could ask for when the holiday lights start to glow, except, just maybe, a few more tasty treats.

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23 thoughts on “Tasty Treats

  1. That does look very tasty! I made two pies this morning. Pecan and pumpkin. The turkey is roasting and the gravy is made. I buy extra wings so I can make loads of gravy because everything is better with gravy on it.

  2. I once had a Doberman, who came to me at 8-weeks already house-broken. We moved in with a room-mate a few years later, and when she put up a Christmas tree, Beorn immediately marched over and gave it a liberal dousing. She was so mad, but I couldn’t stop laughing. I know he was thinking ‘Finally! They got me an indoor toilet’. He was a very obedient dog, and once told not to do that, he never did it again. I’m sure he was disappointed though, and I had to buy my room-mate a new tree, but I still laugh thinking about it.

  3. I can feel all the festivity through your post, Charlie! Though Christmas isn’t a big thing for us, but for me personally, it’s about fairy lights, plum cakes, hot drinks and general cheer and good feeling. Thanks to my dad who grew up in a multicultural and cosmopolitan city in India and instilled these things in us.

  4. Hope you really enjoyed the cobbler, it looks delish! We wiped out the apple pie and are now working on the pineapple pie – getting ready to begin decorating. And it’s time to pull out my favorite Christmas album, the Christmas Revels. We are expecting a snowstorm Sunday pm thru Tuesday am so we’ll be in the holiday spirit, about 1/2 foot deep or more! Enjoy!

  5. Looks delish! I am an ice cream fan though I am careful with my consumption. Remember back in the day the few choices we had? Good thing that I don’t buy it when I am in town because I would be a rolling fat ball! Since we live about 30-45 minutes away from the best choices of ice cream, I have to settle for Ben & Jerry’s at our little rural store at a mere 10 choices. Sigh…. Sounds like Christmas is fantastic at your house! I think that you need to post a photo of the tree and all three of you. I triple dog dare you! 😊🐕

    1. Thanks, Margaret! 😃💕I so remember the few choices… I rather liked that! lol These days the ice cream choices can be so overwhelming. hehe… and I don’t post many photos, but if we get a good one, I’ll consider it! 😉

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