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GUEST ARTIST: “God Of Time” by Tatjana Petrovic Karabasevic

My name is Tatjana Karabasevic and I live in Serbia in a small mining town called Majdanpek. Gold has been mined in Majdanpek for centuries. As soon as I wake up, my eyes are on Starica mountain. This is where the copper age began. That incredible everyday scene gives me the strength to paint and live. That is my inspiration. The nature.

Tatjana Petrovic Karabasevic Colorful Watercolor Landscape Painting

I like to paint roosters. They are part of the cultural heritage of our country. In the old days, every house had a rooster in the guest area. It was a sign of welcome. In our tradition, we call the rooster “God of Time”. In our country, time was measured from the moment the rooster crowed at dawn. Even today, we cultivate the cult of the rooster.

In addition to participating in joint and independent exhibitions, I tried my hand at making labels for a renowned wine house called “Grabak”. The winery is in a hornbeam forest on the slopes of mount Goč and is a meeting place for birds. So on the labels there are birds in my distinctive color.

Country landscape watercolor painting

I also illustrated a picture book for children. The picture book also contains a story about a Serbian village. It has been translated into English, Russian and Chinese.

At the international festival in Urbino, I meet watercolor painters from all over the world. Together with painters from Peru, we are launching the exhibition “Women’s Soul”, which deals with the appeal to protect women from violence.

My favorite paper is produced by Hahnumuhle it is 300 grain paper made of 100% cotton and it is called William Turner. The representative of that brand for Serbia uses a picture of my rooster in the advertisement for that paper and his company. I love that paper because it blends colors beautifully.

I use Roubloff brushes. They are made of soft natural squirrel and mink hair.

The watercolors I like the most are Maimeri Blu. I also use Renesans and Roman Szmal. I love those brands because they use natural materials to make them.

Fruit Watercolor by Tatjana Petrovic Karabasevic

As for shades, I use indigo. I combine it with all other colors from my palette (Crimson, yellow green, quinacridone and ctr.). My friends say that they are “Happy colors”.

I believe that the most important thing for a good picture is the hand that is making the painting.

Tatjana Petrovic Karabasevic Photo of Artist 2

I graduated from architecture school and worked in that profession for a long time. I got bored of buildings and rarely paint cityscapes.

After the bombing of our country, I lost my job that lasted for eighteen years. That’s when I found old paints, old brushes and leftover papers, and I started painting wonderful watercolors with all those wonderful valeres that filled my soul.

Watercolor Sky by Tatjana Petrovic Karabasevic

Until then, I didn’t have time to paint. There was my then little son, work, house… It was difficult at first… But now I feel lucky, because it was my path.

My creativity has been continuous for the last fifteen years. It started with the international exhibition “Lamine D’ Acqua, un successo” in Bressa, a watercolor exhibition in Italy. It continued with numerous exhibitions, joint and independent. I was the only representative of Serbia at the festival in Costa Rica. 

In September of the following year, I was invited to the IWS Albania festival “Albania super” and in December to the IWS India festival “1st Olympiart 2019”. After that, the exhibitions followed one after the other.  Moscow, France, Bangladesh, Poland, Japan, Austria, Philippines, Malaysia, Izmir-Turkey, Italy, Chile, Madrid-Spain and many others.

This year 2023, I was a guest painter in Izmir at the “harmony of life” festival. I received an invitation and  to China, the city of Qingdao, but only my picture of roosters went there.  I am the leader of the IWS organization for Serbia. Representative of Serbia in Urbino at “UrbinoInAcquerello 2019” where I worked on a demo.

Group of Dancers watercolor by Tatjana Petrovic Karabasevic

The following year, 2020, the whole of Italy celebrated the 500th anniversary of the death of Raphael Santi, my work was also at that exhibition. My work was also an integral part of the project in Italy dedicated to Dante and the Divine  comedy. I did an online demo for several schools in India.

I am proud to be a guest artist on Doodlewash!

Tatjana Petrovic Karabasevic

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