Day 15 - Tea Cookies And Teacup - #doodlewashMay2018 Doodlewash

Tea Cookies Don’t Have Calories

When it comes to sweets, I am a huge fan of all of them as many of you know. So our art challenge prompt of “cookies” today, made me smile just seeing the word. When choosing what to paint, I had to giggle at myself as I adore tea cookies for entirely the wrong reasons. They’re miniature size is the cutest and due to their diminutive stature I can completely convince myself they won’t harm my waistline. It’s impressive how my mind can shut off logic in order to allow me to indulge in treats guilt-free. In truth, simply a couple of tea cookies wouldn’t do much harm, but I find it difficult to stop at just two. They’re too small to be truly satisfying that way and I always find myself sneaking enough to form a proper cookie. The two that were delicately served with tea simply become edible garnish and the two to four I sample after are the actual treat I deserved. This approach to tea cookies has caused Philippe to stop me from buying packs of them at Home Goods. So, sadly, this is just another fantasy doodlewash.

As a kid, my favorite type of cookies were the kind delivered to the door by Girl Scouts. The peanut butter sandwich cookies were my favorite and I used to love dunking them in milk first for a tried and tested number of seconds before gobbling them up. There was, after all, an art to getting them just the right blend of soggy and crunchy. These cookies were wrapped in little six packs, so opening one usually meant you might as well finish it or it would go to waste. Instead, it did actually go to my waistline and I was, as a result, a bit of a chubby little kid. Well, in the 70’s they called boys “husky” and girls “chubby,” both horrible terms that haunt many of us to this day. Yet, the boy term is still in use, mostly because nobody really knows what it was meant to actually mean or where it came from in the first place. Either way, it’s a label and those always pretty much suck. Despite my younger transgressions, a middle-school growth spurt turned me into slim, but I’ve still had various growth spurts of a horizontal kind as an adult.

What I’m come to realize is that all food is a wonderful thing when enjoyed in the right moderation. Even treats can be part of the equation as long as everything is properly balanced. It’s not only food that this applies to, but indeed life as well. For me, I just strive to strike a balance with things and hope everything else works out as it should. And I’m fully aware when I’m still giving myself ludicrous pep talks in order to justify some wild thing I want to do next. The difference now is that I can often let the thing stay in my imagination and enjoy it there instead. I couldn’t possibly have or achieve all of the things that flit through my mind each and every day. But, I always allow myself a little treat every now and again. Life just isn’t a real life if it doesn’t contain a dose of joy. I will do everything I know I should most of the time, but sometimes, I still like to break the rules. These days, it’s just a fun little game I play in my head that allows me a bit of extra pleasure. After all, tea cookies don’t have calories.

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 Day 15 - Tea Cookies And Teacup - #doodlewashMay2018 Doodlewash


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24 thoughts on “Tea Cookies Don’t Have Calories

  1. I recognise that bit about “the treat I actually deserve” although it’s been transmogrified into “we dont have much”. Imagination, what’s that…….. I know – imagining I could say no really. LOL Have a good day

  2. I love your approach to cookies, I’m the same with crisps (potato chips). A dose of joy – love it!
    Btw. I’ve never heard the term husky in this context, so guess it didn’t travel across the pond. Kids are cruel 😣

  3. I’ve been a teacher for most of my career and loved it so much that I never dreaded a day of getting up to go to work. I love working with kids and watching them discover the world for themselves. The one thing that has always discouraged me is the amount of bullying that kids engage in, often against other kids. Name calling, isolating others, ganging up, making fun, intentional hurting, lying, and now all the E garbage – awful behavior with lasting effects. And after all the years of teaching, I still don’t have one idea that prevents it. I don’t think that kids bullying other kids has to be part of their growing up, but I haven’t found any routine that always prevents it. Wish that a cup of tea with cookies would do the trick.

    1. I wish it would as well! That’s so interesting… yeah, in many ways it seems our species is sort of bent on that behavior. I can’t imagine the e garbage of today adding to the mix. Seems like it would only get worse! 😳

  4. Cookies are always a real treat and I make sure to include at least one whenever I have a cup of tea of coffee, because, like you said, they are so small they can impossibly have any calories. 😉 LOL! I so wished that were true! I´m currently really trying to get that bikini body back I had last summer but it´s sooo damn difficult this time, must be getting older. 😉

    1. hehe… you and me both! Though I would, of course look perfectly ridiculous in a bikini. But still… trying to shed those extra pounds sucks as I get older. I’m sure the tea cookies don’t help with that, but they always make me smile! 😃💕

  5. I love that bone china cup. My grandmother had a set of dishes in the Country Rose pattern. Always you bring back such good memories!

    “After all, tea cookies don’t have calories”

    Absolutely. I love it.

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