For our prompt of “Tea” today, I ended up with a couple of kittens enjoying a classic cup. I suppose one could call this one “tea time for tabbies.” I love the concept of taking a break for tea and nibbles in the late afternoon as it’s all so civilized. Something to tide one over until it’s time for dinner. It’s not something that’s common here in the States, but it really should catch on. Personally, at around 4pm each day my mind sort of shuts down and doesn’t really want to deal with anything more than a cup of tea. I actually start to get a bit loopy around 3pm, if I’m being honest. Particularly if it’s been a truly busy work day. Hence, why I try to schedule all of my meetings in the mornings. It’s not that I can’t function, it’s just that I get a bit giggly and start to see the absurdity of things. Indeed, it was around 3pm when I sat down to sketch a lovely tea time and it ended up being taken over by kittens. That’s just how my brain works, particularly late in the day.

Today was a holiday and I spent it doing nothing much of anything truly productive. I thinks that’s a perfect way to spend a holiday properly. Philippe and I didn’t have a tea time, but we are going to have some champagne, caviar, and blinis to celebrate the day shortly. It’s something we typically only do for New Year’s Day, but we figured there’s no point in waiting a full year for something special, particularly these days. We’re home most all of the time and don’t get out to see shows anymore. So, making a little time to take a break and enjoy something unique is always a welcome thing. And I’m sad to see the long weekend finally come to an end, of course. That’s the perfect reason to do a little something fun! One last little bit of celebration before things go back to their usual pace.

But, on the bright side, I do feel very recharged and ready to take on the world again. Or, at the very least, head back to work and set about trying to hit all of the deadlines. My dog Phineas could really care less about calendar dates. He’s currently sitting at my feet and looking up at me with a rather hard stare. This is his stance to let me know that it’s time to take him out and feed him his dinner. Every day is really the same for him and he simply enjoys knowing that all of the things that should be happening are happening on schedule. When I’m a bit late with any of this, his displeasure is made immediately known through mad sneezes. If I’m later still, the pawing begins, to make completely sure that I’m still alive and haven’t gone completely insane. The latter is debatable on some days. But, I can’t really blame him as it’s always nice to have a little something to look forward to each day. Those little routines can be quite lovely, like taking a moment each day to enjoy tea time.

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Tea Time For Tabby Cat Kitten Watercolor Painting Illustration Sketchbook Detail

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34 thoughts on “Tea Time

  1. Hey Charlie now I gotta have a cup of Bigelow’s Constant Comment orange spice tea (try it). See if you can get the loose leaf kind and they even have decaffeinated now. Yes I drink cocoa two or three times a day (Neilson’s natural cocoa (here in Canada) with no preservatives) with milk, water, and no sugar. Phillippe would approve. But no more than two tblspn a day (or three cups of 3/5 Tblspn . Cackle). You will never get me to get a cat though.

  2. One symptom of MS is fatigue. For me, afternoons are the worst. I was talking to my neurologist about it and he told me to have a cup of coffee in the afternoon to get a little boost. A prescription coffee break is a great thing. Tea would have worked too if it was the caffeine kind.

  3. We call it a “merienda,” which is an afternoon snack or break. Like high tea in England. It’s either hot tea, coffee, or hot chocolate and, of course, some type of snack like sweet bread or cookies. And WHY are we chubby? haha haha Kidding. I LOVE hot tea! I used to have hot tea after every run and, by the time I was on the final part of my run headed home, my mouth was watering. 💜
    Such cute 🐱 kitty cats. How does Phineas react to cats? Monster would chase them around the yard. He looked like Snoopy when he runs.

  4. Hello Charlie,

    Teatime for Tabbies is such a great title! Your tabbies here seem to have enjoyed their tea even more in their proper Victorian teacups. Only some sandwiches or buttered crumpets and jam tarts are missing. But maybe you got so hungry when making the sketch that you ate them before they could land on the paper 🙂 I hope you really enjoy your caviar, champagne and blinis evening. And I think that not doing anything and just being is the most productive thing of all! 😉 As Brenda Ueland would have told you, “you weren’t doing nothing, you were moodling!”

  5. So sweet. It was a relaxing weekend here too. Mainly because it was hot most of the weekend. Yesterday, the high winds arrived right on time and brought in all the smoke from the fires. I spent my weekend mainly creating art, so I had a great weekend!

  6. Ah your adorable kitties are back, but enjoying and serving tea! They do look relaxed, ready to gossip. Such a happy and colorful painting on a day that promises snow here in Denver. Thanks for those sweet felines, Charlie.

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