For our prompt of “School” today, I did a little doodle of a kitten at a little desk. When I was a kid, there would always be that one student who always raised a hand to answer every question that the teacher asked. And, that same little kid was often considered the teacher’s favorite as well by the others. Though I often knew the correct answer, my shyness kept me from ever raising my hand. The teacher would ultimately have to call on me, while I just sat very still as if doing so would somehow make me invisible. As I grew up, I was able to shed a bit of that shyness, but I still never liked being the center of attention. What I loved was reading and learning all that I could, and this hasn’t changed. I adore learning new things, and have all of those teachers from years ago to thank for inspiring me in the first place. That’s a rather wonderful thing to consider.

These days, I also adore watching documentaries to learn new things as well. Philippe and I love to watch the ones about animals. Each time, I either learn or simply remember something I’ve learned before and had simply forgotten. It strikes me that the more I learn the more I forget. My brain only has so much room to hold so much at the forefront of my mind. The rest slides to the background while some things just fade entirely to make room for new memories and experiences. I love that I’ve written some of my memories from childhood on my blog. It helps keep some of the more precious ones alive so I won’t forget them later. Sometimes it seems like I could never possibly forget certain moments, while I’m experiencing them. Those memories that are so wonderful and fun that they feel like they’re being burning into my mind forever.

But still, it’s those little tiny moments that seem to stick with me for years. A feeling, a smile, or a hug that I received from a close friend that was just a bit tighter than usual in the moment. These are things I’m glad my brain decides to keep, though I know it’s my heart that’s actually commanding it. Anything the heart remembers will always be the very best memories in life. Though, it’s been years since I was in a classroom, I still love thinking back to those days. I really enjoyed those moments, and would be one of those geeky kids who adored autumn simply because it meant getting to go back to school. So, each fall, in honor of that time, I try to find new things to learn and do. And whether it’s learning or sketching, it’s fabulous to go back in time and relive those days I loved so well. Even if I wasn’t a teacher’s pet.

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30 thoughts on “Teacher’s Pet

  1. Charlie I find your brain to be very big. I don’t like to be the centre of attraction either inasmuch as I manage to be with my loud cackle and loud voice and the way I seem to walk into things and trip over blades of grass that aren’t there. A lifelong thing with me. I love that sketch of the kitty sitting at the desk with its hand up. Yes the teachers always had their pets didn’t they. Pah on them.

    1. You made me laugh! I am pretty loud and bubbly also and, yes, a clutz, too. 😋 I find bruises on myself with no clue how I got them. haha haha
      By the way, you never told me what “mocos” means in Greek. Mocos in Spanish is boogers. 😂😂😂

      1. I don’t recall saying mocos as I never heard of it — perhaps Charlie did? I am a horrid typist so that is another option. I only read Spanish because of my Italian background, those two languages are very similar. My French is Acadian (polite for fractured). but I do understand klutz and bruises and only just learned to watch where my feet go when I walk in ice and snow. A broken leg sort of clued me in.

        1. No, Charlie, I said mocos because it was the name of my cat, who always had boogers, remember? She thought it was funny and that it reminded her of a Greek friend of her mother’s, I believe. I only asked what that meant in Greek because I didn’t know. 😀
          WRITERLEENDA: It was way back aways and you even mentioned your Italian background. Anyway, yeah, being fluent in Spanish has helped me with French and Italian. I wish it made me fluent in French, but no such luck. haha Anyhow, I hope your leg is doing better. Snow and cold-cold would send me running back home to San Antonio. Be safe. 😋😋😋

          1. Thank you Marisela. I’m fine, that was almost three years ago. Serves me right — I was racing along mumbling to myself about me and my Merrells (boots) make molehills out of mountains. I never got the word mountains out of my braggy yap. I slid on a block of snow covered ice and heard a snap. “Pride cometh before the fall” flashed its mighty banner in front of my stupidity. And those horses I love to imagine running with took off without me, Ingrates.

            French and Italian are totally different — wow that you can use those both to learn Spanish! We had to learn French (this is Canada) and because I already knew how to squirm my mouth around in linguistics and I needed hight school credits I studied it for seven years instead of one or two. The real French smile a little smirk when they hear about my Acadian. Cackle.

            Take care!

  2. Wonderful Charlie! I remember those desks! Another fairly nice day here so I got out and took pictures before all the leaves are off the trees! Lots of rusts and golds. Autumn is winding down. Enjoy the rest of your weekend!

  3. I have a Facebook friend who puts up a post every Friday asking What did you learn this week? Its become a thing for me and others to write down something new we learned so we can remember it on Friday. Here is one I saved: supine
    English has mnemonically unhelpful adjectives for lying on your stomach (prostrate) and lying on your back (supine), since neither of them (except to the Latin scholar) suggests an easy way to remember and distinguish them. Supine is from a Latin word for “bent backwards.” You can cheat if you like and recall that when supine you can look up at the pine trees; something impossible to do when you are prostrate.

    I didn’t know that prostrate was on your stomach, and supine was on your back. I thought they both just meant lying down.

  4. Adorable “teacher’s pet”, Charlie. I was always too shy to raise my hand in class and thinking “invisible” never seemed to make me invisible either. I think doing that actually activated some sort of teacher sonar so they were more likely to call on me to answer a question.

  5. Surprisingly, I was one of the people to always raise my hand during the early years of school. I was very shy, but I loved grade school. Loved it. I’d get so excited about the subjects that I always read ahead – getting library books if we didn’t have text books. That changed around 4th grade for various reasons. I still loved the learning, but hated school. I always wished I could have kept that early love going.

  6. Aww, well there’s a curious cat indeed! Cute, too! We never had our own desks like that. I think I would have liked one. We were sat around tables or in rows, and our drawers were all together in a separate unit. I was a bit of a teacher’s pet back then, though not so much for putting my hand up to answer (there was an art to avoiding eye contact when questions had been asked). I remember being made to read to everyone and having my own extra work to do. Something must have gone wrong somewhere!

  7. too cute that painting. Even brought an apple to class. This kitty for sure is not shy. Similar to the desks I remember and now should return to schools instead of tables in a row. Times are changing to quickly.

  8. Super cute kitty 🐱! Okay, Charlie, I was a teacher’s pet. I didn’t set out to be, but that’s where the chips fell. haha haha I was always the top student. I was a nerd. 💜 Your kitty reminds me of that “Friends” episode when Monica and Phoebe take a college course and Monica is waving her hand in the air, yelling, “I KNOW! I KNOW!” The professor tells her, ” Monica, you were the one who asked the question! ” 😂😂😂
    Cute kitty, Charlie. 🐈

    1. Thanks so much, Marisela! 😃💕 hehe… I was a total nerd, but I think teacher’s would have liked me more if I’d participated a bit better. I was always in my own little world. And that’s such a funny Friends moment, I remember that one! lol

  9. Great doodle, Charlie. Like you I was always to shy to put my hand up, in case I was the one to be called teachers pet. I’ve watched wildlife programmes all of my life, but am still amazed that there’s always something I’ve never seen before even now. Shows how massive the natural world is.

  10. Hello Charlie,

    Very cute teacher’s pet kitty. I was never a teacher’s pet – except for all my math teachers for whom I was the “pet they didn’t like” coz no matter how much they or I tried, I was always lousy at it. And no matter how still I sat, the math teacher always spotted me. 🙁 So finally finishing school was a huge relief coz no more school meant no more math! But yes, I continue to like learning new stuff and gathering new memories… they sure help bring on a smile when I need it most.


    1. Thanks so much, Mugdha! 😃💕 Yeah, I was good at math, but I never really liked it. So, I stopped taking it as it got more difficult and less interesting! hehe But everything else was fair game and fun to learn indeed!

      1. Hi, Mugdha! 💜 Thank you for your sweet message. You are such a sweet person. You have such a beautiful heart. 💜💕💖 We had a beautiful starry night last night. I said a prayer for you and asked the Lord to hold you close. 😇😇😇

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