For our prompt of “Big Cat” today, I made a sketch of a baby tiger and mother sharing a peaceful moment together. The world seems to be getting more and more chaotic each day, and moments of peace can seem hard to find. Yet, whenever I’m able to physically connect with someone I adore, the world fades away and I can simply focus on the joy and happiness that I feel. Each evening, Philippe and I take a bit of time to enjoy a glass of wine together. It’s one of those routines that seems so simple. Yet, as the stress of the day fades away, I realize I’m suddenly in the only moment that truly matters. I think it’s easy to get worked up by things that often have very little importance. Sure, a project or deadline may seem incredibly crucial or necessary, yet when I take a step back, it doesn’t really deserve the concern I’ve ascribed to it. Projects will get completed and life will continue to move forward. My quality of life is not always in the things I do, but sometimes in the moments where I’m doing nothing much at all. In fact, it’s in these moments that I feel the most creative.

The other day, I was walking with Philippe and our pup Elliott. The weather was practically perfect and I was enjoying all of the sounds of the birds in the trees. Earlier that same day, I’d been reading the latest headlines in the news and feeling rather uninspired. Truly, some of what’s happening in the world is rather concerning and it all seems impossible to ignore. Yet, in that moment with my little family, I could only hear the birds singing. It’s a lovely sound, to be sure, but what struck me most was that I was listening to the sounds of real life. Far beyond those horrible headlines that create stress while being completely beyond my control, is this a natural world. This world has a different set of rules. It’s a world that’s instinctual, beautiful, and even unpredictable, while always managing to make quite a lot of sense. I felt a serene sense of hope that I hadn’t felt for some time.

Returning home, I smiled and hugged Philippe and then reached down to pet our pup. Elliott looked up at me with those Disney eyes and seemed to be smiling as well. When you’re with the ones you love, the feelings aren’t always easy to articulate. It’s a visceral and primal connection that happens naturally. There’s nothing to force, nothing to conquer, and nothing to accomplish. It just is. And, that’s everything to me. Indeed, it’s how I’m able to navigate the winding road of life and make decisions. Love is the only thing worth protecting in this world. So, as I get ready to enjoy another evening at home, I’m not thinking about what will happen next. I’m just letting life unfold like a blanket. Though I know tomorrow will come with a list of things that I’ll need to do, I won’t worry about those for now. I’ll just let myself get a bit lost in the sheer joy that only comes during those extraordinary tender moments.

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Baby Tiger And Mother With Leaves Watercolor Illustration Sketchbook Detail

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24 thoughts on “Tender Moments

  1. I had a small but troublesome cyst removed today. It took about 15 minutes all told, no pain, and I was thinking what a miracle! A little more than a lifetime ago, I would have suffered with that forever because the cure would probably have been worse than the problem. And how many suffered far more devastating health issues with no cure possible. Yes, we are in an age with many problems, but we tend to ignore the everyday miracles that we have all around us.

  2. We so often forget to appreciate “the moment”. Last night, we sat by our fire table having a glass of wine while darkness fell and another day came to a close. I watched the birds arrive for a last dip in the small backyard bird bath we have had for decades. The tall Austrian pines became one with the dark skies (rain on the way) and night set quietly in. There wasn’t anywhere else that I would have wanted to be, and so, this morning, I discover your post, where you felt that same way. Wishing you a summer filled with such moments Charlie!

  3. This story is a favorite, Charlie, because of its simplicity and lovely visuals. Bird songs, tweets never fail to make my soul happy. A small, incredible gift to us all. Your tigers are so happy together, surrounded within their green fern heart. Beautiful post.

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