Monkey Watercolor by Watercolor by Teresa Whyman Tesartmania

GUEST ARTIST: “Unlikeliest Of Places” by Teresa Whyman

My name is Teresa Whyman, also known as Tesartmania. I was born in Tasmania and have experienced the fondest memories in this “Island of beauty”. To step into my world should be a cautious thought, luckily, I have not acquired the profession of words nor the space here to indulge my reader. But, laws govern the way we live, these laws protect me and honor the grace that lives within me.

I am a simple person. I have needs, wants and desires. As a child, fiction held little value, rebelling entirely to reference books. This mentality continued until I rejected the dictionary altogether. Out into the wild I ran, to where I was headed, not even I knew. I just ran.

Tasmanian Devil Watercolor by Teresa Whyman Tesartmania

Employment was as colorful as a cottage garden. Bakers assistant to fisherman, medical courier to software tutor, engine maintenance to fruit picker. I would have lived this wild state forever if it were not for my body. But alas, I am not free from sin. My health gave into my soul and here it dwells seeking answers to my questions. To simply understand the depth and complexities of myself, and if lucky impart some of this knowledge so others may use it.

Art is everywhere and all at once. It is the bedrock to which other facets have arisen. It is elementary dear Watson. A fundamental wave function that connects the unseen threads of Darwin’s theory of evolution to Michelangelo’s bashings of inert objects. The apple doesn’t fall far from Einstein’s theory of relativity, that only Mozart could deliver to a mass audience that continues to defy the comprehension of others.

Ocean Creature Art by Teresa Whyman

Its purpose and relevance could not be more vital to the advancement today of the ascent of man, to fulfill man’s infinite aspirations. To facilitate the development of new dimensions of human consciousness. In other words, help to create healthier, happier human beings.

I have seen the stories. I hear the sound of man’s greed and arrogance. I can not watch and do nothing, or I am guilty. With every fiber of courage and innocence, I stepped forward, ignoring the deafening roars of my fellow beings. Without malice, I place my heart and hand on the firing line.

Berries Watercolor by Teresa Whyman Tesartmania

Let’s face it. Actions will always speak louder than words. Art is more than just wallpaper. It has become an integral part of my existence. Art is like air. We cannot live without it. It allows me, as others, to breathe. Art is more than collaboration, more than just a language that can outrage an audience. We live in a world where outrageous things happen and the time has come to heal the wounds that lay upon our history.

To master the visual language and hail the word “synergy”, a word that is rarely used but it accounts for so much we take for granted, synthesis, synthetics, synergism. These things change the face of our world with technological, biological and mathematical breakthroughs.

I have completed a diploma in Art, Craft & Design. Have a bachelor’s degree in Contemporary Art. Was awarded the Deans Roll of Excellence. I am a golden key member of the International Honors Society. A participant in the painting of the Lilydale poles and have exhibited in numerous local group exhibitions.

Watercolors has been my focus for the last few years. I feel it facilitates what I need, want and desire. “Omne trium perfectum”, everything that comes in threes is perfect. What we refer to today as the rule of three.

Number One: Water. I am Aquarius, the water bearer. Water is the most precious and valuable substance to life on this planet. And like Art, it should never be undervalued, mistreated, ignored or taken for granted.

Whale Watercolor by Teresa Whyman Tesartmania

Number Two: Arches 300gsm 100% cotton cloth paper. A solid plant-based foundation that allows for layers upon layers of color, that withstands the treatment of my techniques and imaginings.

Number Three: Holbein Artists transparent watercolor paints. History fascinates me. Our forefathers ground down years of knowledge for us to use in our quests to develop. The oldest commercially produced watercolors on the market today with incredible pigment load, not matched by any other brand that I have tried. Its low medium content allows for greater experiments with far more complexities and diversity in mind.

And so here we are at the end which is just the beginning. Thank you.

Teresa Whyman (Tesartmania)

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