Puppy Dog Ausky Mix With Orange Fox Toy Watercolor Illustration

That Brief Moment of Puppyhood

For our prompt of “Puppy” today, I made a sketch of my own pup Elliott when he was just a wee little dog. I’ve painted him once before as a puppy, yet even though we took tons of pictures, it seemed like this stage only lasted a couple of weeks. From there, he got larger and larger each day, growing into the dog I sketched for my previous post. It really does move quite quickly! However, actually taking care of a puppy was so much work that it seemed to go much more slowly at the time. We would have to take him out during the night and constantly dodge mouthy attacks of love featuring painful piranha teeth. Though, he was also able to curl up in my lap in a little ball of fur and fall asleep. Suddenly, in that moment, nothing else mattered at all. I remember telling him then that he’ll always be my baby. I’m not sure if he understood. But, even when I look at him curled up on his own little bed today, I certainly do. I still see him like this. A tiny bundle of uncertainty mixed with hopefulness that fills me with pure love.

While I did love cuddling a tiny puppy, I’m equally grateful that he’s all grown up now. Clocking it at around 57 pounds, he’s much larger than our previous pup, Phineas, who was only 29 pounds. And, Elliott will be two years old this Friday! He’s become quite the little gentleman even though he still wants to play quite a lot. What I’ve loved most is watching him become more independent. He’s chosen to sleep on a couch in a separate room so he has his own space. Also, he used to ride with Philippe when he took me to work, but has mostly decided he’d rather not bother doing that anymore. Sometimes, he changes his mind, but it’s that strong will that I adore. Rather than simply do everything we ask immediately, he’ll look at me expecting an explanation. I then explain to him why we’d like him to do something and he always does it. Though I’m not sure that he understands all of the words, he appreciates the communication.

As it gets colder, Elliott sometimes joins Philippe on the couch, but he mostly sits on his own little couch next to us as we watch television in the evenings. He prefers shows with music, which means that he’s always riveted by opening credits, but will get a bit bored after that if it’s not actually a musical. I’ve carefully planned out his treats for the day so he gets something each time we do. From dinner sticks to dessert sticks, to the occasional little bonus, he always gets to snack right along with us. That way, it always feels very fair and equitable, something that has always seemed quite important to him. It also means that he absolutely never begs for treats since he knows they’ll always be coming. At the end of the evening, when Elliott is starting to get sleepy, both Philippe and I will cuddle with him as we say goodnight. He’ll end the love fest after a few minutes by popping up to let us know we’ve had enough and it’s time for bed. And, each evening when I kiss him on the forehead, I remember the promise I made. He will always be by baby, even though we’re now well past that brief moment of puppyhood.

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Puppy Dog Ausky Mix With Orange Fox Toy Watercolor Illustration Sketchbook Detail

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20 thoughts on “That Brief Moment of Puppyhood

  1. Aw! It sounds like you’ve established a routine that suits all three of you. I truly believe dogs are happier with a good routine (and a good number of people are as well!). I love the way you’ve treasured the different elements of his growing, and I know you love him for what his is, and not just what you wanted him to be!

  2. How sweet! Sounds like Elliott has such wonderful “parents”! (of course, our kitty, Bella, is never spoiled or given treats when we have meals… as she lies next to my desk in her special cozy kitty bed…) 😉

  3. Hola, mi amigo, Charlie! 💜 They’re always our baby no matter how big or how old. Monster was my 20 pound 14 year old puppy. I still miss him and I still tell him good night just before I close the back door. 😔😔 My mom and I have discussed getting a dog, but we can’t financially right now eventhough we both agree it would be a good thing. But forget my Gordo? Oh, never. No matter who we get later, my Gordo will forever remain king.
    You made me laugh with your comment about piranha teeth. 😂😂😂 I call their puppy teeth piranha teeth also. Ooo, so sharp. I once fell asleep on the sofa with my hair hanging off the edge. I kept feeling tugging of my hair, but, when I checked, there was nothing there. I’d go back to sleep and then finally…. CHOMP! My hair and my scalp! I lifted my head and it was heavy! I looked out of the edge of my eye and I had a huge piranha puppy hanging from my hair! And I mean clamped on good! I could see his big puppy belly and dangling little feet. And then I heard the cutest thing…. little puppy growls as he tried to pull at my hair. 😂😂😂 Nope. I could never forget him.
    Your painting is so sweet. 😍 I made a shocking discovery today….next week is Thanksgiving! 😮😮 I thought it was still a few weeks away. Oh, how time flies. Much love to you, my sweet friend. Sending puppy hugs and piranha kisses. 😂😂😂

    1. Hey Marisela,

      That story about the puppy hanging from your head is hilarious! 😂 Though it must’ve been pretty painful. Thank You for the story though… I imagined it and it made me laugh out loud.


    2. Hola, mi amiga! 😃💕 Yeah, they remain our babies even after they’re gone. Always in our hearts. And I know what you mean, though, dogs are not cheap… hehe… they’re truly a financial commitment if you plan to take care of them properly. I’m totally picturing you with a piranha puppy clamped to your head! That’s hilarious! They’re little beasts at that age, but still manage to be so cute.
      And yes! Thanksgiving is just next week… I can’t believe it either. This season is zooming by too quickly. Much love to you!! ❤️

  4. Hello Charlie,

    This is such a cute cuddly post. Reading it made me pick up my teddy tiger and hug him. 😊 And though I don’t have pets of my own, I do get to see lots of puppies in the park my house overlooks and it’s true. What was a puppy yesterday sometimes looks like it’s become full-grown literally overnight!!! Though at heart they still very much remain puppies. Kind of like some people (e.g. me). No matter what our age, we remain 5-year-olds with wonder in our eyes and unshakeable belief in magic. Here’s to the eternal puppy within each of us. Am off to the jungle again, so gear up for some stories.


    1. Thanks so much, Mugdha! 😃💕 Oh I love that! Yes, indeed, here’s the eternal puppy in all of us and never doing anything crazy like growing up! Safe travels my friend… and yay!! I love seeing the photos, so definitely send them my way when you can. Much love to you! ❤️

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