Hot Chocolate With Marshmallows In Glass Mug Watercolor Illustration

That Last Bit Of Indulgence

For our prompt of “Hot Chocolate” today, I made a sketch of some with extra marshmallows on the side. As I basically ate my way through the holiday season, the idea of “extra” was constantly in play. That’s actually one of the things I adore about the holidays! They always offer a little more than is typically on offer the rest of the year. And, any guilt from those extra indulgences can be easily assuaged as the glittering lights and decorations remind me that this is only a brief moment in time. That said, I did manage to lock in an extra five pounds that I’ll need to shed this month, but it was totally worth it. Philippe and I enjoyed amazing food and fabulous drinks while spending time with the people we adore most. It’s the one time of year where I get to live inside a snow globe of magical experiences and infinite hope. Which, to be sure, makes it a rather melancholy moment to return to a usual schedule. But, I’m thrilled and excited to tackle new projects this year, and I hope that you’re have a very happy New Year so far!

Many of you already know that I’m a big kid who absolutely adores the holidays. What makes it extra special is that I feel like I get to truly connect with my Inner Child in ways that are deeper and more emotional. I enjoy the intense connection with nostalgia and all of the memories of previous holidays that come flooding back to me create a blanket of warm and snuggly feelings. Though it only lasts for a short time, I always try to let that feeling burn inside me like a cozy fireplace, so I can return and feel its warmth all year long. Neither Philippe nor I were particularly enthusiastic about heading back to “real life” today. And, I think that our pup Elliott truly enjoyed his first Christmas, and will miss all of the extra treats as well. There’s still one more item on the menu, however, as Philippe will be making us a galette des rois this weekend. But, it’s mostly back to business as usual and the very, very occasional treat.

There are lots of new projects I’d like to take on this year and I always begin each year enthusiastically thinking about each one of them. But, this year, I’m taking things a bit slower so I can fully consider just where I’d like to head next. I’ve done a lot of art and writing that I’m quite proud of over the years and I want to make sure that what I do in the years ahead will keep that pride alive. One of the things I was most proud of last year, was the launch of my new Sketching Stuff watercolor sets and new-to-the-world Charlie O’Blue color, so I hope that if you haven’t yet, you’ll check those out! Most of all, I’m just so grateful that you’ve been with me on this art journey. I’m never quite sure what I’ll do next, and it’s been exciting to find out what will happen each year. Though the world is a bit chaotic now, I believe with my whole heart that humans making art of any kind is something the world needs more than ever! So, I’m wishing you a creative and fabulous year ahead while I continue taking things a bit more slowly these next few days, while sneaking in that last bit of indulgence!

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Hot Chocolate With Marshmallows In Glass Mug Watercolor Illustration Sketchbook Detail

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23 thoughts on “That Last Bit Of Indulgence

  1. My husband had to return to work today as well, and he really wasn’t ready! I’m returning to work, too, which is to review art supplies and paint all the prompts … no wait! That’s pure fun! I am so very lucky!

  2. Happy New Year, Charlie!!! Looking forward to seeing what new projects you will be unveiling this year. I feel very fortunate that most of my “work” life revolves around one artistic adventure or another….and, sometimes way too many at once. Here’s to a fun, art filled 2023!

  3. Happy New Year Charlie!!! And Phillipe and Elliott 🙂

    I hope you and everyone on this group has a wondrous & miraculous 2023! And guess what?!?! I’m actually sipping through an Orange Gateaux Hot Chocolate as I read your post. My cousin gifted my sister and me 3 humongous tins of hot chocolate mix so you can well imagine how 2023 started for us. 😉 And today you gave us another Charlie O’ Shields quote – “It’s the one time of year where I get to live inside a snow globe of magical experiences and infinite hope.” I hope the experiences stay with you through the year my friend. Many hugs,


  4. Charlie let’s get back to health. I ended up with three boxes of Pot of God chocolates. Three. I was in glory while my arteries screamed at me. Not to mention I have this affinity for Ghirardelli baking chocolate chips (but use a different recipe around them and don’t add stupid things like salt and egg yolks and baking soda). So now we behave. Italian cusswords here (I am Italian).
    Well we want to outlive the cholesterol so we have to be good. By the way those peppermint canes dissolve nicely in hot cocoa (Hershey’s Natural cocoa, none of that hot chocky stuff).

    Let’s be boring. I mean good.

    1. Hehe!! Indeed… life does get a bit boring after the holidays, especially when it comes to food. Though Philippe has learned how to make vegetable soups that contain almost no calories and taste like heaven! So, it’s still quite a yummy detox ahead. He ate all of the chocolate out of my stocking, so I’ve no treats left now. That’s a loving husband, who looks after my sugar intake so well. hehe 😉 Philippe also purchased Ghirardelli baking chocolate chips, but so far just snacks on them and hasn’t made anything yet.

  5. Happiest New Year Ever! ! Hope you guys are enjoying it already, warm and tucked in with your cocoa! Your painting looks delicious! I can hardly wait to try your new DaVinci palette! Charlie Blue is all joy!

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