For Day Twenty-Five of World Watercolor Month, and our optional prompt of “Lost,” I was again a little lost as to what to create. Then, on a walk today, I saw a single shoe on the sidewalk and so we ended up with a quick sketch of a little mouse discovering it. I often see a single lost shoe on my walks, and my mind always leaps to a million different questions as to how the heck it ended up there and what the heck happened to its twin. They’re most often gym shoes, so I suspect they were placed on top of the car as more items were being placed inside and then forgotten as the driver rushed away. Perhaps the second shoe lasted a little longer on top, and there’s probably even a water bottle strewn about somewhere. I like to think a little mouse would upcycle the shoe for a fancy new home, gathering the whole family to help drag it to a safer location. At least that’s one of the many stories that my inner child invents whenever he’s presented a bit of a mystery.

Also, when Philippe and I were walking today, we passed the area where we have seen a groundhog in the past. Well, Philippe saw two at a time once, which we then named Chuck and Gladys, but I’ve only ever seen the one. I was once again disappointed today when we passed that same spot and there wasn’t even one groundhog to be found. Then as we walked on a bit further, Philippe said, “look over there!” I looked and only saw a stone wall with a little grassy area at the top. There was a tree stump there, and that was it. Then suddenly I could see the movement of a creature. A groundhog was exploring the stump and was nearly the same color. I walked a bit closer and then saw the second groundhog just sitting at the top of the wall with its head resting on the edge. It was looking right at me, not remotely scared and not even bothering to move. I’m not sure whether it was Chuck or Gladys, but despite my own fascination, the groundhog seemed wildly disinterested and almost bored at the sight of me.

I didn’t take it personally, as I was just super excited to have finally seen the pair out and about together. They were quite a cute couple and so I hope they enjoyed their weekend as much as Philippe and I have enjoyed ours. Last night, we watched the remastered version of Grease and had another family popcorn night. It was a blast! And then today sailed by at a breakneck pace despite all of my willing it to slow down. I really think that weekends are way too short just being a pair of days. I think three days would be a much better amount of time to truly unwind and recharge for the work week. But, that’s not the case, so I’ll just be enjoying the final minutes of the weekend as they tick by, while continuing to marvel over life’s many mysteries, like that one lost shoe.

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Lost Shoe Red Sneaker Mouse Watercolor Illustration Painting Sketchbook Detail

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14 thoughts on “That One Lost Shoe

  1. Well at least he’s not sitting on dinner this time. He can have the shoe! I’ve seen them laying around on my wanders too, never quite figuring out how or why they got there. I remember seeing some hanging from telephone lines, which I presume was someone’s idea of a prank.

    It’s cool that you saw a groundhog, but it would have been quite funny if you hadn’t. That way, Philippe would have appeared to get excited by a stone wall.

    1. haha!! That’s so true!! I did giggle because I thought that was going to be the case. But nope… two groundhogs were there. Then later, he went walking alone and claimed to have seen 3 groundhogs this time. Always trying to one-up me it would seem! 😉

  2. I totally agree Charlie. Weekends need to be 3 days, not just two. I always thought that and even though I’m retired – I still think weekends should be 3 days and not just 2 ;). Especially in summer. At one time 2 or 3 decades ago, in Germany, not only did people usually get 3 days off a week, but they were mandated to have no less than one month off a year for holidays. That isn’t the same now – but they had the right idea “then”. I love the little mouse finding the shoe and all the stories that could come around that 😉

  3. Chuck to Gladys, “Uh! Look! There they are! Those tall looking creatures with some short beast on a leash. What are they doing? They’re just staring at us. You would think they’ve never seen groundhog people or something. So rude, Gladys! They probably aren’t vaccinated so let’s hope they leave us alone.” haha haha 😀😀😀
    Finding a lone shoe makes you wonder about the owner and their story. Who are they, did they get in trouble for losing their shoe, what their family is like, are they friendly, are things going well for them in life, how are they now, have they forgotten about the shoe. Meanwhile, the other shoe is sad and lonely at the city dump.
    Usually on Sunday afternoons, after eating out, I will drive through the Monte Vista neighborhood. It’s a historic district with gorgeous houses, beautiful yards, wide streets (some cobble stone), and my absolute favorite area in San Antonio. I have loved that area and neighborhood since I was a little girl. I drive through the neighborhood as though it’s my first time, ooh-ing and ahh-ing at one beautiful house after another, dreaming about which house I would live in. It’s a Sunday ritual that I love because it gives me hope of better days to come. I sometimes drag my mother with me, who patiently looks at the same houses again with me and listens to me dream. I dream of living in that area. I have had people roll their eyes and even laugh (so rude) at the idea that I could ever live there, but WHY NOT, Charlie? I have the same opportunity as anyone else and you never know what the Lord can accomplish in your life. Who’s to say that I can’t? Maybe right now it may seem like just a dream, but nothing is impossible for God. My life changed for BAD in the blink of an eye so my life can change for GOOD in the blink of an eye also. Until then, I drive by and dream. Sometimes I cry because I want better for my life already, but with the worst behind me, it’s sunny skies to come and maybe, just maybe, moving day to Monte Vista. *sigh* That’s my Sunday.

  4. Well, I know the story of a couple of shoes. My sister-in-law, who has Alzheimer’s, got up in the middle of the night and went wandering. She was found about six miles away. When she had started she was wearing two canvas shoes. When they found her, she had one canvas shoe and one plastic one. Somewhere, there are now two lost shoes. Meanwhile, my brother’s replaced the lock with one more difficult to open.

  5. Hello Charlie,

    How have you been? I’ve missed seeing your posts for so many days! All thanks to finally getting my vaccine and the fever, body ache, fatigue package it came with, confining me to the bed. 🙁 But Im almost back to normal now so Yaaaaay for that. 🙂 I love the little mouse and can almost see a thought bubble saying “How clumsy this humans is! No matter how many times I drag this shoe back he loses it again. This time am gonna chew gaping holes through it. That ought to teach him to be more careful.” If only critters would bring back the stuff we forgot. But in reality, the borrowers take it away. WWM seems to have zipped by too fast Charlie, maybe this year it could be extended for a couple weeks more? Like your dream weekend?


    1. So happy to hear you’re feeling better now, Mugdha! 😃💕 Yeah, it would be nice to have critters or would return our lost stuff. And yeah, World Watercolor Month really did zip by this year. It’s a very special month indeed!

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