That Robot Dog From Battlestar Galactica

Muffit II from Battlestar Galactica Doodlewash

So I was a huge Star Wars fan in the 70’s and started collecting action figures, but one of my favorite little action figures was actually a little robot dog from the original Battlestar Galactica. The little boy on the show, misfortunately named Boxey, lost his dog Muffit (though on the show they called domesticated canines “daggits”) and was incredibly sad. To ease Boxey’s emotional pain, his future stepfather, Apollo, asks a Dr. Wilker to furnish a prototype robotic daggit called Muffit I, shown here in doodlewash.

I don’t remember much about the show, but I do remember that I thought Muffit II was super cool. The tiny little action figure was equally awesome and used to make guest appearances with my Star Wars characters, as I was always disappointed none of them ever had dogs. I loved that they designed a robotic dog that wasn’t all hard and made of metal, but actually furry and huggable. The costume was admittedly bizarre because it looked like he was wearing a gas mask and held together by duct tape, but I still thought he was pretty darn cute.

To top it all off, articles appeared revealing that Muffit II was played by a live actor in the form of a chimpanzee named Evolution. These names were all ridiculous, but since my brother had recently named his cat “mouse lips” I just assumed that stupid names were all the rage back then. Thankfully, the article said the chimpanzee’s friends just called her Eve or Evie which seemed a little more friendly. To now imagine that Muffit II was a robot, a dog, and a chimpanzee made him one of the coolest characters a kid could imagine!

Today, most characters like this only show up on screen as 3D animations or animatronic puppets, if they show up at all. They don’t have quite the same charm as costumed live actors did. There was something amazing about seeing Muffit II awkwardly lope across the screen. No doubt Evie was having a terrible time moving in this crazy getup, but she always managed to make me smile. Though I’ll likely never own a robotic dog, or ever prefer them over the real thing if I could own one, the idea that it could exist like this is still really fun to imagine.

About the Doodlewash

M. Graham watercolors: Burnt Sienna, Quinacridone Gold, Ultramarine Blue, and Neutral Tint. Lamy Safari Al Star pen with Platinum Carbon black ink and second pen with Platinum Carbon sepia ink in a 5″ x 8″ 140 lb. (300 gsm) Pentalic Aqua Journal

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  1. Damita M-S 7 years ago

    Awww… Very cute!

  2. Cathe 7 years ago

    I completely missed this show so I have no reference point but your robot dog is very cute…strange but cute.

    • Author

      Thanks, Cathe! 💕😃Hehe…he’s super strange and the show was only on a couple years so it was super easy to miss!

  3. Jodi 7 years ago

    That is an extraordinarily awesome Doodlewash Charlie O!!

    • Author

      Thanks Jodi! ❤️😃 Rather obscure subject, but for some reason he popped into my head again. Lol

      • Jodi 7 years ago

        Oh the things that pop into that head of yours! 🙂

  4. Very cute!!! Love your animals, real or scifi lol 💜

  5. Teri C 7 years ago

    I am not familiar with this guy at all but you certainly brought him to life! Wonderful sketch.

  6. Kari 7 years ago

    What a cutie! I watched Battlestar Gallactica faithfully! And you are right that it’s amazing they used furry animal. Your doodlewashed fur is so soft-looking. Love it!

  7. Jacob 7 years ago

    Awwww, well no surprise I haven’t the foggiest about this, but he is pretty darn cute! Those big eyes are so loving and lovable! What a thoroughly weird but wonderful doodlewash – you’ve done it again, Charles.

    • Author

      Thanks Jacob! Haha…it’s super weird and a short-lived show, but for some reason I really remember this…errr… Thing! Lol

      • Jacob 7 years ago

        I can see why he’d stick in the mind! He’s so sweet!

  8. dshryock 7 years ago

    It seems sad. Like it knows it will never be a real dog.

  9. Jill Kuhn 7 years ago

    I don’t remember this robot dog but you did an amazing doodlewash Charlie! It looks like a difficult subject to paint! YAY! Charlie! 😍🎨👍💕

    • Author

      It was difficult! Hehe…because it’s so weird. No idea why I picked it, but that’s just where my mind went for some reason! 😊hehe Thanks Jill!! 💕💕😃

  10. memadtwo 7 years ago

    So cute…and so strange they used a chimp in costume. Indeed, what could she have thought of it all? (K)

    • Author

      Thanks Kerfe! 💕😃 Yeah, everything about this was strange now that I look back…hehe… but as I kid it all just seemed so cool!

  11. kirkistan 7 years ago

    Great image! I love your expertise with color. But…a live actor who was a chimp? That’s, well, amazing.

  12. Teresa Robeson 7 years ago

    Whoa..that was quite a trip down memory lane! I watched BSG because I was thirsty for more SF besides ST after SW (enough initials for ya?) and it was the only new SF show on. Watched the movie and was a bit disappointed with it but it didn’t stop me from watching the whole series. 😀 Oddly enough, I’d totally forgotten about Muffit (probably because the new BSG never featured it. Seeing your awesome doodlewash brings me right back! It’s like seeing it on TV!

    • Author

      Haha!! Wow! That was an amazing number of initials! Took me a sec to decode them all! Lol Thanks, Teresa!! Glad you liked him! ❤️😃 And oddly, Muffit was the only thing I remember clearly about the show! Hehe…probably just because I had the cute action figure. 😊

  13. Rachel Murphree 7 years ago

    Well, he certainly is charming although a bit odd. I’d never seen him before. you do a great job at fur, Charlie!

  14. Sharon Nolfi 5 years ago

    Very cool painting. Good post as well.

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