This is another building around the corner from my new office that I quickly sketched at lunch yesterday. At first I didn’t know what the primary building was but the Bauer Machine Works sign intrigued me. Also, it was what I could see while sitting and having my veggie sandwich and potato soup, so I stayed and did a 10 minute sketch after I gobbled down my lunch.

I guess this would count as an Urban Sketch, but I’m never sure if you have to actually do the watercolor plein air as well (I didn’t). I’m not good with rules, but I am confident this is a doodlewash, so that’s all that matters! Also, I’m pretty sure I’m not a great urban sketcher because I already intended to doodlewash it at home (I’m a wimp when it comes to standing outside in the heat and don’t find it fun at all), but I forgot to take a photo of it for reference later.

So this little doodlewash (again in my trusty Art Plus Moleskine) is a hodgepodge of an urban sketch that was drawn from direct observation, and a final piece doodlewashed from memory (but hey! No photograph this time! Voila!). The palette on this one was again with my M. Graham paint in Cobalt Teal, Raw Umber, Quinacridone Rust (a new Quinacridone color for me!), Sap Green, and Neutral Tint.

So what is this place? Well it turns out it’s called The Bauer and it’s a historic warehouse in the Kansas City Crossroads featuring artists studios, galleries, start-ups, retail shops and an event space! Pretty cool, right? I had never heard of it before, so now I’m starting to join you on the tour of my own city.

There’s so much in this little area that it could take me the rest of the month to sketch it, but I promise I’ll take you other places soon. That’s the best part of being a doodlewasher, I’ll just use a photo when I want or simply paint something from memory. I guess there is a “drop of water” rule in doodlewashing, but that’s about it!

I adore my urban sketching friends, but for me, I’ll always prefer the freedom to create however the heck I want so I still won’t be signing up full time or exclusively! But if that’s what you love most, then DO it! Just remember on the days you can’t quite follow the rules that there’s no such thing as art that’s better because of how it’s created. It only matters that is WAS created, by you, with love, a little each day.

Also, if you’re looking for something to really mix things up, you could try turning out all the lights at home and doodlewashing in the dark just to see what comes out! But if you do that, invite me, because that sounds super weird, yet strangely fun and intriguing.

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63 thoughts on “The Bauer

      1. Oh goodness gracious! I just realized what my reply said – typed quickly and in jest from my iPhone (and maybe from the bar on our Thursday night date night at John’s Bar 😐 )- was supposed to say you are SO sweet – and it says NOT sweet! I am MORTIFIED! Can you forgive me for the HUGE faux pas???!!!! xoxoxoxox

        1. Hahahaha! I’m just getting to this. Already replied to the last one! I assumed that’s what you meant by teasing! I’m absolutely impossible to scare off or insult as I just assume I must be lovable. Now that was bragging! Lol Cheers friend!! Have a glass for me!! ❤️❤️😃

  1. Where do I begin? Your lunch sounds heavenly,….and with my favorite soup. Love your quick sketch…it takes me foreeeeever to draw a single building, I cannot imagine doing a street scene such as yours, and with all the wonderful detail, in so short a time. Hmmm, painting outside in sun and heat? Or inside with shade and easy access to iced drinks…lol, I’ll take another cold glass of water please. And that last part, about the “super weird, yet strangely fun and intriguing”? It gave me the giggles ;D Always a treat to see what you are doing and an uplifting positive delight to read. Peace.

    1. Really? Thanks Cynthia! ❤️😃I hadn’t thought about that. Awesome KC is a nice title though, thanks for that! It’s easy to make books but, other than my mother, nobody actually buys them. (And even she wants me to give it as a present) I still have photo books out there somewhere in cyberspace as well as a children’s book (I didn’t illustrate it. Wasn’t drawing at the time! Hehe)

  2. I really love the area you’ve been sketching and how nice that you get to work there and see all the beautiful buildings! I’m really impressed that you were able to sketch in 10 minutes! Wow! And I’m with you about wimping out in the sun. I’m happy doodlewashing!

    1. Thanks Kari!! ❤️😃Yeah…I just had to mention it. I’ve seen some plein-air-shaming on Instagram and people acting like live sketching is the only “real” kind so I had to speak up. It’s silly really. Do whatever the hell you want! Just sketch anything! And well… doodlewash it because it’s pretty that way!😊Lol The whole thing just makes me want to…well… doodlewash in the dark!! 😉

  3. I like your rule breakin’ style, dude! To me, “urban sketching” means sketching anything found in the city…it doesn’t say “outdoor urban sketching”! 🙂 I don’t like randomly imposed rules personally. There has to be a good reason for rules (safety, for e.g.) before I follow them. Fabulous doodlewash!

    1. Hehe…I just have trouble following them in general. Always have. But our urban sketcher friends do have a stipulation that things be sketched directly from observation. (Which is also very cool, don’t get me wrong!) But that’s why there’s doodlewash!! Fills a niche for us rule breakers who sometimes want to be free from such constraints! 😉hehe

        1. Here! Here! Just a “drop of water” and you have a doodlewash! 😃👍🏻(Add a drop of wine and you have an even lovelier evening! Though I prefer to consume it. I’ve seen people paint with wine, and so technically you could have a doodlewash that’s entirely made of wine. But unless it’s rather cheap wine, this feels like Sophie’s choice)

          1. Interesting about painting with wine! Yeah, I’d rather cook with wine than paint with it. I’ll stick with regular paints (though some, like Windsor Newton’s Rose Madder Genuine, might be just as expensive as wine!). 😀

    1. I thought so too, Damita, but was assured direct observation from life is required. That’s cool! That’s their niche! It’s super fun too! 😃But then there’s the totally rule-free doodlewash for the rest of the time! So we’re covered in all situations! Works perfectly! Lol 😉 By the way…for perspective, try overdoing it…look for the converging lines and sort of exaggerate them at first. When windows are farther away make them extra narrow (our tendency is to make them as wide as we know they are as though we’re viewing them from the front) Try a sketch with crazy exaggerated perspective and I think you’ll be surprised by the results! 😉😃👍🏻

    1. Thanks Kerfe!! Yes!! I want to say something childish like “rules are for tools” but I’ll refrain. I have sooo much to learn!! I just started at the beginning of July…it feels like a long time ago because I’ve never sketched daily before! But I couldn’t have done it without all of your support! We’re in this art journey together!! I won’t say “to the bitter end” because that sounds morbid, but I do love the mutual support! ❤️😃

      1. Same here, Nina and I started this blog for the purpose of spurring each other to do work a little over a year ago. We didn’t anticipate the community, but it’s definitely a reason I keep actually drawing almost every day.

  4. I’m counting this as urban sketching as well as doodle washing. A beautiful combo. I love the sketch, jealous that it only took you 10 minutes. I have to tell you that my eye IMMEDIATELY went to the roof of the main building and felt envy that someone had a cool roof deck! LOL!

    Great work.

  5. Isn’t it enough that you post everyday and include guest Doodlewashers but now your are down to 10 minute sketches! Do you sleep? That must be the secret, no sleep!

    This is amazing… All in 10 minutes. We should all go out at lunch next week and sketch for 10 minutes and then share the results. I’m quite sure mine will look like a weird hairball of some sort.

    Beautiful Bauer building!

      1. “sketch faster”…when that happens, you’ll end up with a Zen essence painting, just outlines that we can all recognise…looking forward to seeing some of that, Charlie! PS: You work?

  6. I am so new at this – I didn’t even know there were rules! 🙂 I love your doodlewash idea! It feels less stressful and I like the idea of adding color later. Can I ask what pen you used on your sketch? And do you do you go over it in pencil first?

    1. Hey there Moni!! Glad you like the doodlewash concept! I invented it just for people like us! 😉 And you can ask me anything about anything at all! The pen I use is a Platinum Carbon Fountain pen (usually under $9 on Amazon and you can see it if you scroll down and look at my Supplies link under Categories) And I do sketch in pencil first when I draw people, and which is rare, as they aren’t my strong suit…but for everything else I go straight to pen!

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