For the prompt of “Reptile” today, I’m popping in with a quick little doodle of a chameleon. I’ve been a bit of a chameleon myself over these past few months while I change up my style a bit. When I first started sketching stuff, I was always a slave to my references. But now, after sketching those references for so many years, I’ve finally built up the courage to just sketch from my own imagination and make up whatever comes to mind. The character in my upcoming book is actually a mouse, so it was fun to take a little break from sketching that same mouse over and over again and try something new. Indeed, everything I’m doing now feels new and, in many cases, a bit daunting. It’s so easy to fall back into familiar and more comfortable habits. So instead, I’m playing and exploring more, while I enjoy all of the little surprises that appear in my sketchbook. Sometimes the best part of this journey we call art is not actually knowing precisely what’s coming when we turn that next page.

Of course, there are some things that never change. It’s Friday again so that means that it’s pizza night in our house! Though I still get the same pizza, I’m proud to say that I’ve at least selected a new salad to pair with it. That’s about as risky as I get when it comes to pizza night as some things are just perfect as they are. There’s definitely a certain comfort to be found in routine. But then, I find myself getting too comfortable and not really pushing myself to try new things. My dog Phineas is the king of comfort and routine most of the time, but even he gets a little bored with things always being the same way. A couple of weeks ago a package arrived and I had to ask Philippe what it was, since it wasn’t immediately apparent. It looked like a yellow backpack, but it was actually a new activity for Phineas. It opens to reveal something that looks rather like an abstract garden made of bits of cloth and has pockets where treats can be hidden. So, now, Phineas spends part of his evening foraging for tiny treasures in his new cabbage patch.

I’ve honestly no idea how Philippe finds these things, but that dog has more toys than I have art supplies. And usually when a package arrives for Philippe, it’s something for the dog. Since I have a birthday coming up in April, hopefully, this will change a bit by then. Though, like last year, I don’t really have much to put on a wish list. Having my health and my happy little family has been the only real gift that I need during these times. And, in truth, it’s really all I ever needed during the best of times. But deep inside, or more accurately always buzzing just under the surface, is an inner child who wants to go on new adventures. And though I’m home nearly all of the time these days, he’s there to remind me that I can always take time to explore my own imagination. It’s a crazy and wonderful place that’s filled with wild and fabulous things to discover. And I’m just at the beginning of this new journey. Excited and thrilled to see what happens next as I give myself full permission to play while enjoying the beauty of change.

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25 thoughts on “The Beauty Of Change

  1. Creating characters for a book is fun, but I find I get a little bored, drawing the same characters over and over – fortunately, I always have some other project to go off and do for a while. Unfortunately, I always have some other project to go off and do – and do it a little too often. Otherwise, the book would be done by now! It gives me a jolt every Friday when you talk about your progress and makes me get a little done. A little.

  2. Good for you getting your book closer to done! I finally finished a cover for my upcoming poetry chapbook. Instead of watercolor, it’s an ink painting. Now I just have to wait for warmer weather so I can get it varnished and UV protected.

  3. Charlie you use reference pictures?? Using your imagination is much better. You’ll love it once you get used to it!

    Spring is right around the corner. Finally. At least we can walk now that there is no ice or snow, at least here.

  4. Hola, Charlie! I actually thought of you earlier when my mother asked me what I wanted to eat for dinner. I thought, “It’s pizza Friday at Charlie ‘s. Maybe pizza.” We went with hot dogs. I keep thinking about pizza, though. 😀
    Your chameleon has such wonderful colors. Such a beautiful painting, Charlie. 💜 It sounds like your book is really coming along nicely. You seem to be enjoying the journey, which is always good.
    Monster had so many toys and rubber balls. We used to go to Goodwill, where I always found bouncy rubber balls that he loved. When we would walk in the house, he would smell all of the bags because he knew that I always brought him a ball. I would try and fool him by pretending that there was nothing in there for him, but THAT NOSE! He would whine and paw the bag until he got his ball. When he died, finding his rubber balls in weird places was a stab to my heart, but I still saved them. They’re our babies and babies need fun, new toys. 💜
    Hope your weather has improved. We were 80*F all week practically. People are still having water troubles and plumbing issues continue, but we are on the mend. I hope your mom and sister are doing well. 🏵🌺🌻
    Warm hugs, my friend. Enjoy that pizza.

    1. Thanks so much, Marisela! 😃💕 The pizza was wonderful as always… and Friday night is the official start of the weekend so it’s always my favorite! And yay to fur babies, though I think ours is definitely spoiled. And Monster sounds like he knew exactly how to sniff out treats and fun! Glad you hear things are on the mend there. The weather here has been a touch cool, but sunny and beautiful. Hugs to you!!

  5. A happy (karma karma karma karma karma) chameleon. That’ll be in your head for days now, if it wasn’t already. You’re welcome! 😉 It’s still strange not having you show up every day and it feels like years since we last spoke, but thank goodness pizza night remains a constant! All the best. <3

    1. Oh you did that on purpose!!! ARGGH! LOL! That song will never leave now. lol Yeah, I just couldn’t keep the same schedule and still well… attempt to illustrate a book at least. It’s way harder than I thought and taking lots more practice and time, but it’s fun to DO! Hope you’re doing well my friend! 😃💕

  6. Hello Charlie,

    How have you been? It’s so wonderful to see your post pop up. 🙂 And Yaaayyy for pizza night. Am sorry for not commenting on the Doodlewash today. Reptiles – particularly geckos, lizards and chameleons – freak me out totally. It’s a deep-rooted childhood fear and spotting one makes me freeze on the spot and begin to shiver. But your sketch doesnt look so scary. I’ve been reading news of an unusually cold winter in the USA. If it can snow in Texas, I can’t imagine what it’s like where you live. I hope you, Phillipe & Phineas continue to be safe and well. Take care my friend!


    1. Hello, Mugdha! 😃💕 Aww I’m glad my little chameleon wasn’t scary for you. Great to see you again my friend! Yeah, it was really cold here and snowy for a week or so and then it warmed up and everything melted. Spring is on the way indeed! I can’t wait! Hope all is well with you!

    1. Thanks so much, Laura! 😃💕 Yeah, my insatiable optimism really helped get me through this. In truth, I’m such an introvert that it wasn’t all bad, but a bit boring. Will be nice to get out and about again one day!

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