For our prompt of “Cardinal” today, I made a sketch of one nesting in the middle of some holiday decorations. As the days get closer and closer to Christmas, my holiday spirit is growing by leaps and bounds each and every day. Though this was certainly a very challenging year, I still find myself full of hope and filled with happiness. Yet, I can’t believe that Christmas is just two weeks from Friday. The days seem to be rushing by, although that always seems to be the case this time of year. My inner child gets completely giddy and I start to act entirely like a big kid. I’m generally like this all year long to an extant, but this time of year I have no qualms about just letting Little Charlie do whatever fun thing he thinks of next. It’s a beautiful reminder to let that youthfulness and sheer joy out all of the time. There’s really no better way to live!

Today I found a couple more little gifts for Philippe that he didn’t actually put on his wish list, so there will be a few surprises on the big day. Actually, for us, it’s Christmas Eve so it’s the big night and it’s getting even closer! Though the gifts are lovely, I’m most excited that Philippe put in our special order of food that we get each year. He came rushing up to me yesterday all excited to tell me that he’d ordered all of it. Then I learned his excitement was because he found a couple of coupons and saved a lot of money this year. I have to admit that it does feel really good to find a deal, but I’m still just as excited about the food that’s heading our way. He mentioned a few new things, but he was talking so quickly I forgot most of them so it will be another surprise to find out exactly what arrives!

We don’t typically do much during the season, but I do miss going to the theatre to watch A Christmas Carol this year. And we won’t be seeing our friends as we normally would, but I just had a zoom chat with one of my best friends on Monday, and it was perfectly wonderful. So there are always ways keep feeling connected to those who matter most. I’m equally looking forward to a long vacation break that I take each year at this time. I save up my days so that I can enjoy a little winter break just like when I was a kid. I can’t imagine going right back to work after getting all of my toys, after all! Philippe and I are bound and determined to enjoy every little tradition we still have and make the most of this wonderful time of year. Yes, everything can always be wonderful with lots of love, tons of hope, and the beauty of the season.

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25 thoughts on “The Beauty Of The Season

  1. I have all my Christmas shopping done, wrapped and in the mail, except for Hubby. I don’t think I’ll get his book done before Christmas. I don’t regret switching to a Mac, but now I have to figure out all the logistics for KDP again, and figure out how it all works. It’s a good thing I like learning new things!

  2. Charlie, Charlie, Charlie. Like I said, just when I think I have found my favorite painting of yours, you pull out your own magic trick! What a beautiful Cardinal, Charlie. Simply stunning. You know, they gnaw the dickens out of my succulents, but they are so beautiful to watch and listen to them sing. They are very smart and have their own territory. We had 3 in our yard. A couple, who I named Bonnie and Clyde, for stealing bites of my plants. They built their nest in a tree along our fence and, boy, dad was very protective. The other one I named Chubby Cakes because he was, well, chubby. He was single, though. They were sneaky and would watch me until I came inside before swooping in to eat my succulents.

    Charlie, what an emotional moment today. The very first person got vaccinated in England. HOPE, Charlie! Our RESCUE has arrived! Thanks be to the Lord! What a Christmas gift! Young ones like us may have to wait, but not long. HOPE has come during the season that we celebrate when our main HOPE came to earth– Jesus. What a wonderful Christmas season, Charlie! HOPE!

    I love all Christmas ornaments, but I don’t do well with the shiny glass ones. They are beautiful, but I break them too easily! Charlie, next year, I am going to celebrate Christmas in true Griswold manner. I truly believe with all my heart that this coming year will be a transforming year for me. I am so ready, Charlie! 💜 Feliz Navidad, my friend! God is good! Let us rejoice that we have a new HOPE!

    1. Thanks so much, Marisela! 😃💕 YAY for HOPE! I feel the same… it’s been a trying year, but there’s definitely a light at end! And yep… I break the glass ornaments all of the time, but I think that’s part of the tradition as well! hehe And I agree! I think 2021 is going to be your year indeed!

  3. I think I have said at one time or another that every songbird is my favorite, but I do love cardinals. I feed birds from a bunch of feeders in my front yard by my big maple tree. When we start to get snow the cardinals start coming in to feed, and they come all at once. One time I counted over 30 of them. They are on the ground, in the feeders, and in the trees. I’ve taken photos, but of course I can never capture all of them at once. I think the most I ever got was 23. It’s such an incredible show. It almost makes me wish for snow.

  4. Nice doodle, Charlie. I’d never seen a Cardinal until I googled it for the prompt. It’s a beautiful bird. I love A Christmas Carol. A couple of years ago we recorded a version, made by the BBC, starring Simon Callow. It’s a one man show, with him telling the story, doing all the voices. We’ve kept to watch every year. You should watch it if you’re able to access it.

  5. Beautiful cardinal…and painting overall 🙂 Trying really hard to get into spirit..some sadness in our house..we just lost our last surviving son is going through some problems and I am just feeling sort of out of coming here brightens my day to see your lovely paintings and hear your wonderful thoughts about the season ..Thanks!

    1. Thanks so much, Priscilla! 😃💕 Ohhhh… I”m so sorry to hear about your cat, those fur babies can really break our hurts. And I hope things works out for your son. I know what you mean… when challenges start piling on top of on another, things feel dark and smothering and it’s hard to see the light. But, trust me, it’s always there. Even if sometimes it seems like you have to squint a bit to find it! 😉❤️

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