For our prompt of “Pearl” today, I decided to show a variety of the colors that pearls can appear in rather than the usual white. I was curious to know what other versions might exist and this represents only a few. This once again involved a rabbit hole of research that ended as it always does in cute animal videos. Yet indeed, even when white, pearls seem to glisten with reflected color and pure magic. It’s like each and every one is hiding a special wish. I’ve always loved these little colorful gems that nature offers us. As a kid, I didn’t have expensive gems, but I did have a wonderful collection of rocks and some semiprecious gemstones. That last definition also made me pause because I considered each one completely precious. Looking back now, I realize that I’ve always had a fascination with reflective things that sparkle a bit. Perhaps, I’ve always harbored a little belief that magic might actually exist. My own version of magic isn’t about spells or anything that complicated, it’s just a sincere wish that dreams actually do come true.

Philippe and I have enjoyed a lovely weekend of nothing special. During these exceptional times, each day is rather similar to the next and doesn’t involve any sort of exciting new plans out in the world. There’s nowhere to go these days if it involves a lot of people. Yet, we have still found ways to mix things up a bit and make a little magic of our own. Well, nothing that extravagant, but we have taken to finding live performances that we can watch online. We love going to the theatre and music concerts, but these aren’t happening anymore, so we decided to revisit some of our favorites at home. This evening, I had the joy of watching Philippe sing along with Céline Dion in French while she was belting out a song in the background while he made dinner. I love the song, but since it’s not my native language, I can’t possibly feel all of the emotion he felt as he heard those words. And indeed sang them. He has a really lovely singing voice, so it was a quite a fabulous duet.

Life, in the end, is as sparkly as we chose to make it. Even when it seems to change in a way we would have never wanted. There are days when I can start to get a bit down, knowing there’s going to be quite a rollercoaster of a year ahead. But then I think back to that time when I was collecting those stones that someone had the nerve to deem them semiprecious. I’m reminded once again that ultimately, I get to choose what’s precious in this world. In the end, that singular description is something only the heart can ever truly designate. And as I’m now watching Philippe starting to dance to Céline Dion while wearing an oven mitt, I think life is still moving along just fine. Troubles may come and go, but this silly moment is the one that I’ll remember most. I can’t make the world be the one that I wish it would be, but I can celebrate the good things that still manages to occur. And relish in an evening of silly fun that spawned a musical celebration after beginning with just a quiet contemplation about the color of pearls.

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34 thoughts on “The Color Of Pearls

  1. When I was a kid, sometimes my parents would buy me those cans that had an oyster with a guaranteed pearl. The pearl itself was always pretty disappointing, but the anticipation of opening it up and finding one was well worth the price. Well, I found it worth the price. Since Mom and Dad actually bought the can, I’m not sure they agreed, lol.

  2. The Sugar River Bike Trail runs right across the front of our property. When we first moved here twenty years ago it was very busy. I’d be outside gardening or doing whatever and people were whizzing by all the time. But for the last five years or so, things really slacked off. Well, the spring pandemic has brought them back. Bikers, hikers, runners, everyone is out in force using this forgotten trail. A small silver lining to virus world.

  3. Those are so beautiful! The coloring is so spot on! Wow! Yes the world is a mess right now, but you can’t worry about what may or may not happen. Just enjoy the little happy times you are able to have with your little family. My son came in yesterday with a grin on his face saying the local antique store is going to be open today. All the rules will be in place and liimited hours, but at least it is a glimmer of hope for him. 🙂

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