So I’ve mentioned the idea of a doodlewash movement in a few posts, and although it sounds like a pipe dream, and certainly is, Philippe, Aesha and I still think it would be pretty cool. Getting more people to try to make a doodlewash is our mission! It’s super fun, and more people need to “DO” it!

We have no idea how to start a movement, of course. Just like none of us knew how to use watercolors only a few weeks ago. But we figured a good movement usually has some sort of promotional materials so we made some. Cool little mini cards from Moo prints with different slices of our doodlewashes on the back (you can get up to 50 different backs! But we didn’t have that many yet) And we also got some little mini buttons with the “DO” motto on them from Pure Buttons.

And what do we have planned for this doodlewash stuff? Not sure really. Did I mention we have no idea how to start a movement? Tonight we’re going to a party for First Friday, a Kansas City event where all of the galleries in the Crossroads District open there doors and people come from all over to look at art (and drink wine… there’s also lots of wine). So I guess we’ll bring these little promos and hand them out to some people (though it’s super hard to compete with free wine).

In the end, it’s just about the fun of sharing what we love and, who knows, maybe make some more new friends in the process. Just like all the wonderful Guest Doodlewashers (hit me up if you want to be the next one!) Let the doodlewash movement begin! And yes, we’ll also be drinking the wine.

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11 thoughts on “The Doodlewash Movement

    1. Hehe! I DO actually… just a handful. I was too busy giving them all out to people who probably didn’t want them in the first place!😊 lol (and weird things are happening with the comment system now on… can you reply to this to let me know if you receive it?)

  1. Charlie, I’ve read your post from August 2015 introducing the doodlewash movement. Yours and Philippe’s vision on doodlewash is a real pearl! Thank you for creating it and making it pleasurable for all of us.
    I’m really looking forward to the cookbook to appear 🙂

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