Today, based on your vote, we have something furry, small and super happy – a Quokka, which is a little marsupial, native to a small corner of southwestern Australia. These little guys have made the rounds and gained fame by photobombing people’s selfies since they have no fear of humans. However, since they have a status of ‘vulnerable’ on the IUCN Red List, it’s a crime to actually touch one. Luckily, the Quokka populations are recovering in some areas, thanks to conservation efforts.

The suggestion to try doodlewashing one came from Philippe, since he’s always looking at those cute animal posts on Buzzfeed. I’d seen the selfies but had no idea what the animal was called. Some sites describe the Quokka as the happiest animal on earth, or even in the galaxy, because it appears to always have a smile on its face. Not sure I could capture the incredible cuteness that exudes from these little guys, but I decided to try a quick sketch.

Philippe and I both share a love of cute animals. For some reason, we don’t have the same reaction to cute babies, which my mother finds appalling. But give us a cute animal photo and we immediately go all goo goo ga ga and start making cooing sounds. Which is precisely why we only look at these photos in the privacy of our own home. Phineas finds the sounds we make confusing as he feels that all attention of this sort should be bestowed on him alone. He’s rather spoiled.

Today, we’re enjoying a very lazy day. Despite the ridiculously warm season, it decided to snow today so it finally looks like Christmas, even though the official day has passed, of course. We usually put together a puzzle at Christmas, but completely forgot about it this year, so we’re about to start it now. It’s of Santa with some dogs I think. Better late than never! So it’s a pretty happy day! A day we’re just taking slowly, bit by bit, like a couple little quokkas, enjoying a much needed little break.

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41 thoughts on “The Happy Quokka

  1. I love him!! As I commented on IG, I think you really captured his personality! I actually had to look online for those photo bombs! Haha, they are adorable!!

    I’m glad you’re getting to enjoy snow.. Enjoy!!

  2. What a sweet little Quokka! I’m with you, Philippe and Sharon, animals melt my heart! I love the colors you used in Mr. Quokka. Nothing like snow on a day with very little planned. Its just starting to snow here.

  3. Your animal does look like it is smiling, Charlie! 😄 I like doing jigsaw puzzles but haven’t done one in years. Nice that you and Philippe have some time to relax. We just had another power outage. This one only lasting a couple of hours – thank goodness! This was due to heavy snow. 😉❄️😳

    1. Thanks Jill!! 💕😃 Glad you like my quokka! Hehe… and we didn’t get far on the puzzle…got distracted with other things as we always do. It’ll take a few days to put together at this rate. And what?!! Another power outage?! What’s going on there?! At least it was only a couple hours this time. That’s a relief! 💕

  4. That’s one nice little fella you draw here! I didn’t know about the quokka though after second thought I think I might have seen them before as cute + Australia and animal world sort of rings the bell. Oh well, that’s one little more cutie to take an interest into as I can never have enough of them neither 🙂

  5. Now if there were ever a character you’d expect to photobomb remorselessly, that’d be it. You can really see the mischief brewing in the would-be-innocent little face. Great stuff! I’d never heard of this creature until now, so I’ve learnt something…

    Puzzles sounds perfect! And enjoy the snow (jealous glare!)

  6. What a cutie! great doodlewash Charlie, and I wish you a happy puzzle solving snow day. We had almost 8″ over the weekend which is practically unheard of in El Paso, so I got lots of inspiration reference photos to paint in the new year.

  7. Charlie , you are amazing ! The cute guy is actually smiling at us 🙂
    I am holding on to my Christmas puzzle , I want to start it , but yet I want to postpone the thrill of it 😉
    Turtle Hugs 🙂

  8. …sweetie….the quokka, I mean! 😉
    I found a link to a newspaper article mit photos of these adorable ones, but the article showed too many titties for my liking, so have desisted. I’m sure you’ll find it if you use Bing as your search method. In one of those British rags….Jacob will know which one! LOL. 😀
    I love your doodle, Charlie! You’ve caught their friendly mischievousness. I have no trouble going all goo-goo-gaa-gaa in public over cute animals or babies! In fact, I’m known for it.
    Happy New Creative Year to you and Philippe….make sure you do get some sleep, occasionally, throughout this exciting time for you. Cheers from your Grandma, way Downunder! <3

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