Day 18 - The Smell Of Flowers Essential Oils - Doodlewash

The Healing Effects Of Nature

When one thinks of natural wonders, our prompt for today, these could refer to the world’s largest waterfall or the magnificently expansive Grand Canyon. But, as ever, I chose something small and simple as I think flowers themselves count in this category. Recently, I discovered essential oils, meaning, I had to opportunity to try various ones and found it a rather intoxicating experience. Truly, it was almost a bit much for me in the concentrated form, but a rather cool way to bring nature indoors. And after the experience, I found myself much more relaxed and rejuvenated so there’s certainly something there. It’s hardly surprising really, as any interaction with nature always provides a calming effect. Also, I tend to avoid painting flowers, as they aren’t my strong suit, and wanted to push myself to try and practice them a bit more. I adore flowers, so it’s perfectly odd that I don’t paint them more often. And today was a touch stressful, so I wanted to paint something that felt healing and beautiful.

In truth, today started with quite a bit of stress as we had to take our little dog Phineas in for some medical tests. He had a slightly elevated calcium level on a recent blood test, which can often point to various types of cancer. Since he’s only turning 10 in October, the idea that he might already be experiencing something life-threatening was difficult to imagine. After being poked and prodded over a two hour period, with various long and arduous bits of waiting to learn the results of each new test, Philippe and I were emotionally exhausted. Phineas just kept staring at us as if to ask what all the fuss was about. He was not a very willing patient, so the first hour was spent waiting for a tranquilizer to kick in, which he fought heroically, but still managed to calm him enough to get the needed tests completed. When the final test revealed no suspicion of cancer, we were insanely relieved, though we are still awaiting the results of the final test to hopefully determine the actual root of the problem.

Phineas received treats soon after and seemed completely unfazed by the experience. As we were walking back into our home directly after the ordeal, however, it was Philippe who started to cry. All of the stoic bravery that had existed during the experience was melted down at last into a flurry of suppressed emotion. I didn’t attempt to comfort him. I instead, just joined in and let my own emotions out as well. We cried together. It was a cathartic experience where all of those imagined thoughts of something awful meet tears of actual joy. Our little Phineas is going to be okay. And later we’ll take a long walk together as a family, enjoying every little flower and plant we see along the way just a bit more. Phineas will most likely sniff and pee on them, but that’s just his way of experiencing the outdoors. Odd, to be sure, but I learned long ago to never question his methods. Life on this little green planet is short, so one should experience it to the fullest in whatever way feels most natural. As my little family watches the setting sun, thankful for many more days together, I’ll mostly likely be lingering just a bit longer, to marvel at the healing effects of nature.

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Day 18 - The Smell Of Flowers Essential Oils - Doodlewash

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45 thoughts on “The Healing Effects Of Nature

  1. Rough day for you and my heart goes out to all of you. Have been in that situation too many times so know exactly how you feel. Glad that you and Philippe have each other and Phineas…and wishing good results to all of the tests.
    Lovely flowers too.

  2. There’s nothing worse than waiting for test results for a child or a pet, bar getting bad results, so great news that Phineas is almost fully in the clear. I have a ten year-old mutt, half black collie and half black retriever, a combination that makes him invisible in the dark which has led to some mad escapades at night, especially at the local GAA pitch, where, if we’re not vigilant, he stops the game by robbing the ball and running rings around the players. He’s a terrible messer of a dog with a shadow that really looks like Denis the Menace’s dog Gnasher.

  3. Charlie, your post is so poignant, so real. It gave me flashbacks to all the dogs in my life who gave me such joy while alive and such pain in their passing.
    I so hope Phineas gives you and Philippe many more years of joy.

    1. Thanks so much, Judith! 😃💕 Those little fur babies can really grab our hearts! Wonderful creatures. And whatever time we have with them is worth it, but so happy to know we’ll have a lot more with little Phineas.

  4. I’m glad you three got good news! Pets are such a joy, so when something goes wrong, it can break your heart. Poppy cat just jumped off my lap and this reminds me to be happy every time she jumps on my chest for bed time.

  5. Oh thanks god . When I astarst reading my goose bumps and I crose the finger about phini but in the last take long breath that little n handsome guy is fine. Last year i lost my sweet heart jimy.due to tumer . I can’t forget when she was crying with pain
    N iwas sitting with her , tear was dropping to the whole family.
    Thanks so much for sharing
    Well come to the back home.

    1. Aww I’m so sorry you lost your little one last year my friend. My heart goes out to you! 😃💕 We never know how long these little creatures will be in our lives, but every moment with them is a joy and a gift.

  6. The flowers and essential oil container is very pretty. After reading this I cried with you. Well, not with you as I am a day late reading your story. But, it hit home. I am glad Phineas is ok and you and Philippe are too.

  7. Wonderful that all is working out. Your Healing effects of nature is very benifical for everyones health, family & pets. This has meaning to myself, thank you for sharing. Wonderful essence are natural an do help with ones way of feeling up or down. Your doing a good thing and remember love, laughter and family is the best medicine.

  8. I love the painting and the article.
    My chosen Charlie quote for today is:

    “Life on this little green planet is short, so one should experience it to the fullest in whatever way feels most natural. As my little family watches the setting sun, thankful for many more days together, I’ll mostly likely be lingering just a bit longer, to marvel at the healing effects of nature.”

    It touches heart and soul and makes me ever so glad that Phineas is healthy and happy and blessed with a loving family. I’m thankful too, that I have a bowl of fruit, a jar of wildflowers and the cutest ostrich on the planet, all within my field of vision at this moment, and all from doodlewash. Thank you again, and again.

    1. Thanks, Sarah! 😃💕 We were quite relieved to know our little Phineas didn’t have something major wrong with him. And yay!! Thank you again for buying the ostrich print. It makes me so happy when people enjoy my work enough to hang it on the wall! Actually Philippe keeps changing his mind on which print he’d like so we don’t even have one hanging on our wall yet. 😊hehe

  9. Awwww Charlie and Philippe and Phineas! ((((hugs for all of you)))) What a fright and praises lifted in thanks for a cancer-free analysis! ❤️🙏🏻💙 We recently lost our Mopsy-kitty and there are no words for the grieving every day since.

    Regarding the Essential Oils – google them for concern with Phineas. There are some of them that are toxic to puppies and others for kitties. 😐

    Oh! – please consider putting “cautions” notice at the top of a post where tissues are needed. I’m at my desk with no tissues and am not wearing shirt sleeves. I’m a soggy mess and can hardly see the iPhone screen. 😢😘

    1. Thanks, Yvonne! 😃💕It was definitely a bit of a scare, but so glad it turned out well. And actually, I only sampled oils at work as Philippe doesn’t like strong scents of any kind, so our house is fragrance-free. hehe… and so sorry for the tears, but everything turned out okay!

  10. My heart goes out to all of you! Our fur babies are so close to our hearts and such a vital part of every day! It is stressful when all of those tests are being run!! Here’s to many more happy years with Phineas!! Sending love and hugs!

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