For our prompt of “Mittens” today, I decided to sketch a happy little snowman wearing a pair. When I was a kid there was nothing better than looking out the window and seeing the snow falling for the first time in the season. Anytime it snowed was fun, to be sure, but that first snowfall was always so exciting. Of course, to make a snowman, a lot of snow is required. So,  I also remember hoping it wouldn’t stop and we’d get a full and proper snowfall. These days, I don’t make snowmen and have to drive in the stuff, so I tend to hope it falls just enough without making the roads too precarious. But every time I see a light and fluffy snow drifting down from the sky, it still feels magical. And, I’m always tempted to run out and create a snowman, but I live in the city and don’t have a yard of my own. Though I always preferred gloves over mittens when I was young, I have to admit that they’re perfect for building a snowman. Packing down the snow without a lot of obvious handprints. Though mine never came to life like the one in that song, it was still a wondrous thing. A friend that only came around at a certain time of year. Though watching your new friend melt was also a bit sad. So, I always liked to believe that he just went back up into the sky flake by flake.

Today, Philippe and I went out to lunch as we’re still in vacation mode. And just like being on vacation, we overindulged a bit so we were rather lethargic this afternoon. Even though we wanted to just crawl back into bed, we decided to keep cracking on this year’s puzzle. We’ve made good progress and will certainly finish it this evening. My mother always glues the puzzles that we complete together. When I was there visiting earlier this month, she pulled some out as one might a stack of photos. What struck me is that she told the story of making them. How the dinosaur puzzle was difficult in places that had the same color, but how my nephew managed to get all of them put together. At that very moment he jumped up to continue the story of how they tackled this puzzle together and won. It wasn’t just a picture anymore. It was a shared trophy. And I realized that she wasn’t gluing the puzzle together to keep the picture, it was to preserve the memories of those moments together.

Our dog Phineas is still sitting at the table with us while we put together our puzzle. He looks a bit bored, but determined to be part of this odd family tradition. He occasionally sniffs his disapproval and shakes his head sadly. No doubt, he’s thinking that only an idiot would purchase a broken picture. Yet, then he rallies and looks intently at the pieces like he’s willing them into their proper place. Philippe asked if we were going to glue it and keep it. Perhaps we should. This is certainly a moment worth preserving. And though a snowman can’t be preserved like that, it’s wonderful to make a little sketch of one. As the childhood memories came rushing back to me, I found myself drawing the feeling more than any actual moment. This isn’t a particular snowman that I remember making, but the entire experience of fresh snow, fresh dreams and moments filled with infinite happiness. It’s another memory of lovely family moments preserved. So, no matter how old I get each passing year, I’ll never be able to forget the joy of falling snow.

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Snowman Top View Happy Winter Watercolor Painting Sketchbook Detail

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28 thoughts on “The Joy Of Falling Snow

  1. So beautiful!!! I love snow myself cept for the coldness lol.. A snowy night is just so magical how the snow makes the night time brighter. I always enjoy time out in it to just enjoy this wonderful snowy night light lol 🙂

  2. Working a puzzle and playing Monopoly while watching old movies were the activities for New Year’s Eve when I was kid. Mom continued doing puzzles right up to the end. Even at 96, she was better at it than all the rest of us combined.

  3. Love the view of this little guy. He’s so cute. I wish we had a spot to leave a puzzle out to work on. I tend to do them in the summer out on the patio. There’s just something about working on a puzzle together.

  4. As much as I may complain about it, I love falling snow too. And big snowstorms still give me a thrill. If I was able, I’d be outside digging snowforts in any giant drifts I could find. And nibbling on those little balls of ice that formed in my wool mittens. The one thing that has changed is that I have a healthy respect for snow and cold now that I didn’t have as a kid. I think it began when I first got my driver’s license and was told the story of some third cousin who died of exposure when he slid in a ditch and couldn’t get out. I imagine he was drunk, but that wasn’t the lesson. It was all about respecting the weather. Well that was a downer telling that story. It is so burned into my psyche that I don’t even think of the horror of it any more. So I guess it worked as a cautionary tale.

  5. Love the aerial view of the snowman and the artist’s ability to pul many images into one painting that really clicks. And the process of preserving puzzles as works of art hits home. My wife’s late uncle was a puzzle fanatic and he would use Modpodge to coat and and glue them together. Later in life he shared many of these with relatives and we have two of them. They are cherished as works of art by Uncle Billie which remind us of the love and commitment he put into them. A real plus was his choice of puzzles portraying great photos and works of art.

  6. I especially enjoyed your post today, Charlie. ☃️❄️ You are such a good writer and artist! SO TALENTED!! 😃🎨✒️ I loved the snow as a kid too and making snowman… one year I made a snow cat! 🐱 I still like making snow angels when we get a lot of snow. We haven’t had much this year. Your puzzle sounds like fun! 🧩

    1. Aww thanks so much, Jill! 😃💕 Glad you enjoyed this one. A snow cat sounds awesome!! And SO Jill to mix things up like that! hehe Love that you still make snow angels. I’ll have to try that again when we get another good snow!

  7. Love your snowman Charlie! He’s looking up, smiling and it’s like he’s saying- Keep it coming! Just keep that snow coming! Those red mittens are adorable! 😁

  8. Charlies says, “she wasn’t gluing the puzzle together to keep the picture, it was to preserve the memories of those moments together.” there is statement of good and right in those words and of joy!!

    Along those same lines, Charlie also said, ” no matter how old I get each passing year, I’ll never be able to forget the joy of falling snow.

    and every head that reads those lines nods in assent!

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