For our prompt of “Eggs” today, I did a quick little sketch of a robin guarding some in a nest. While many of us today are finding ourselves at home more, nesting seems to be the common approach to life. The official term during the current pandemic is called “sheltering in place,” which lacks a lot of warmth. I prefer to simply think of it as nesting. Philippe and I have still been going to work for brief periods, mostly because there’s nobody there anymore so the risk is quite low. Yet soon, we will likely find ourselves at home for quite some time. Our dog Phineas seems notably irritated as I think he prefers to have the house all to himself during the day. As much as Philippe and I consider ourselves introverts, the dog seems to be the most introverted of all in the family. He just sort of stares at us like he’s willing us to leave so he can do whatever it is he normally does during the day. Exactly what that consists of is still anyone’s guess.

No doubt, Phineas is missing his meetings with his friend Michael the squirrel as well as discussing his book with his publisher Cindy, a black cat in the neighborhood. These are the stories we’ve made up for him as we’ve no idea what he actually does, but we’re quite sure that it can’t happen on schedule if we’re also there with him. His stress is noticeable as he tries to understand and accept this new normal. For the first time in days, the sun appeared, which was a very welcome sight. We’ve spent a week under gray and rainy skies that seemed endless, so it was wonderful to finally see the light of day again. Tomorrow is the first day of spring, and while that’s normally just a joyous occasion, it’s a bit muted in light of our current reality. But, even if Phineas would prefer his standard routine, I’m happy to enjoy some time at home for awhile. I’ve actually had a lot of work to do, so it’s been a very busy time indeed, but I’m luck to be able to do my work from anywhere at all.

And though I haven’t yet had extra time to sketch, I assume that might be coming as well. That would be a lovely thing indeed! I hope everyone out there reading this is staying safe, healthy and happy. While every headline feels quite grim, together, we’ll get through this. One day we’ll look back and tell the story of this time, but I’m finding it hard to tell stories while living through it. That said, my optimism has not waned. This too shall pass. And once we’re on the other side, we’ll emerge with an even greater appreciation for the little things in life. Those bits that get shuffled to side during the hustle and bustle of a day will once again prove to be the most important things of all. We’ll slow down, focus on the good things in the world and find a path through it all. In the meantime, there’s more time at home to enjoy. A time to reflect on life and push to the side anything that’s not important. When it’s no longer possible to ignore the problems in the world, it’s equally a perfect time to find hope as we all appreciate the joys of nesting.

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Robin And Robin's Eggs Nest Watercolor Painting Sketchbook Detail


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33 thoughts on “The Joys Of Nesting

  1. I keep reminding myself that bad news sells (even better than sex, I think) and we have to remember that things are not as bad as the news reports want us to pay money to believe. We will get through this because we’re taking measures to do so. Stay safe and healthy!

  2. This is wonderful Charlie! Stay safe out there! Today I recommended this site to our local support artists group. There are many of us that are social distancing at home and have had events canceled for the foreseeable future. Your site might bring a bit of joy to some. Schools are also closed. I felt that I should share my little daily retreat!😉

  3. Here’s a thought. Take the time you normally spend traveling to and from work and add that onto your art time and viola.

    I love your robin. A couple of years ago I was going down the trail by my house when I spied a robin’s nest in a honeysuckle bush at just eye level. I crept up to it and there was the robin hunkered down so all I could see was her beak and one eye. She was sheltering in place. 😂

  4. Nice painting, Charlie, I love robins.
    We will get through this current situation. ‘This too shall pass’ is a message I’m seeing more and more lately. Keep on keeping on! 🙂

  5. Beautiful! Seeing the first Robin in the Spring always a wonderful sighting. I’m happy to see the way museums, artists, actors and other organizationsare using the internet to engage people in positive and creative activities while they are isolated at home. Look forward to my Doodlewash every day always feels like a trip home.

  6. I love Robins. It’s one of the few birds with color that visits my yard. The other day there were 5 visiting my birdbath area. Surely a sign of Spring. Maybe during these turbulent times, people will notice the beauty in their own backyards again. 😉

  7. Similar here we have to stay at home,everthing is almost closed.What i find most shocking so many died in Italy.Stay safe and healthy and of course i’m happy to doodle everyday this gives a little bit of hope in these difficult times..Great painting of robin ‘s eggs!

  8. I really enjoyed your text and sketch. The nesting… I think my cat is more the nesting kind. I feel kind of prisoned. But I’ll try to see it from your perspective: nesting. Sounds much better 🙂

  9. Fantastic nest and such a great reminder that as the seasons past, this pandemic will also pass , stay home, practice social distancing when out and stay safe. Here in British Columbia Canada we are under a public health order to self isolate not yet an ordered quarantine but that may come… but let’s all continue to share all of this wonderful art!

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