Day 10 - Lighthouse Lamp Watercolor - #doodlewashMay2018 - Doodlewash

The Light That Brings Them Home

While I started with a sketch of a traditional lighthouse for today’s prompt, I changed my mind and took a trip deep inside instead. It’s fascinating to me that through a series of complex glass and mirrors, one light is able to create such intensity. These days with GPS technology, many lighthouses are no longer in use, and others have been converted to LED or solar power to reduce costs. But, they are still seen as a useful navigational tool after all these years. And the concept of one little light able to produce a beacon for ships finding a way home is a wonderful thought. It’s such a hopeful idea to think that something so small could do so much. If life ever gets a bit overwhelming or dreams feel just a bit too big, I like to think of that little light and how much it manages to accomplish. For me, the lens and mirrors that enhance it are all of the wonderful people in our big little watercolor community. And the color and light that happens when we come together to share our art is a wonderful and inspiring thing indeed. A global beacon that paints the world in beautiful watercolor!

I also hope that each of you have made a BIG note in your calendars for July, when World Watercolor Month returns! This year, we’ve added wonderful new official sponsors and introduced our Artist Ambassadors. These artists have agreed to give at least $1 per sale of classes, products, or other items during the month of July to The Dreaming Zebra Foundation, our charitable partner. Dreaming Zebra, in turn, provides art supplies to underprivileged kids who need them, supporting our future artists. So many of us have shared that memory of returning to a first love of art that we felt as a child, so I’m passionate about making sure that memory happens for other children as well. If you’re interested in being an Artist Ambassador for this year’s World Watercolor Month, click here to send me a note and let me know! And there will be more exciting news on this year’s event coming very soon! So stay tuned!

I’m just so super excited about what’s coming next, but as for lighthouses, I definitely remain completely intrigued. Philippe and I have talked about taking a trip to Maine or some other coastal place where we could enjoy them in real life. I’ve never actually visited any of the famous lighthouses I see in photos. They look amazing though, and I would love to visit them at least once. As a kid, I wanted to live in a lighthouse. This was mostly due to watching the original Pete’s Dragon movie. It was such a cozy place to be, filled with family and love. Yeah, there was also a flying dragon in that story, so that bit was rather amazing. But even without that touch of magic I would have still been wanting to live there. And today, as I quickly make another little doodlewash, I’m thrilled to be living just as I am. A humble host of a wonderful group of artists that never fail to inspire and captivate me. Together, I’m confident that although we can’t always change the craziness that’s happening in the world, if we work together, we can at least provide the light that brings them home.

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 Day 10 - Lighthouse Lamp Watercolor - #doodlewashMay2018 - Doodlewash

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23 thoughts on “The Light That Brings Them Home

  1. A lighthouse is a wonderful metaphor for Doodlewash! This site is a beacon for creativity and sharing. I love lighthouses, too, and have been inside several on the West Coast. There is at least one lighthouse in California in which you can spend the night!

  2. Glass and metal and light – all the things that you are best at, and you’ve outdone yourself with this painting! Hoping to get this shiny trio for my birthday. Can’t wait for the World Watercolor Month!

  3. Lighthouses, windmills, and tree houses – they all suggest fanciful dream housing to me. Your lantern is really beautiful – I like the way you’ve painted the background, showing it dispelling the darkness.

  4. Beautiful lantern! They are wonderful things indeed – we’ve quite a few of them on the coast here, mostly converted into accommodation, but some still work. I like the doodlewasher metaphor, but now would also quite like to see an actual lighthouse giving out different colours!

    I can’t believe it’s nearly July again, only fifty days!

    1. Thanks, Jacob! 😃💕 hehe… yeah, one day I’ll actually paint the exterior! They’re such amazing buildings. And yay for World Watercolor Month! Yep… had to add a countdown again. Though it’s probably a day off for folks in other parts of the world. They always get to start first!

  5. Your painting of this lantern really is superb, Charlie!!! I´m totally in love with how you paint all these glossy surfaces, the brass really shines like a beacon! Happy Friday and have a lovely creative weekend! 💕

  6. “although we can’t always change the craziness that’s happening in the world, if we work together, we can at least provide the light that brings them home.”

    a keeper for all times and all climes!

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