Today’s prompt of “tiny” could have been a million things, but any excuse to sketch a cute kitten is a good one. My allergy to cats precludes me from ever having one, so it’s also a chance to conjure up a little virtual pet. Not to be confused, of course, with a Tamagotchi which is, I guess, is the true definition of a virtual pet. Suffice it to say, as ever, I’m fascinated by the tinier bits in life. There’s always something grand and magnificent to be found in the world, but it’s always the little things that I come back to in the end. There’s so much comfort to be found in bits of everyday life and an endless supply of things to sketch there. Not just what’s in front of me, but what’s on my mind in the moment. In this moment, I’m feeling good yet tired and already ready to head to bed even though it’s still too early to do so. Well, that’s a perfectly conjured up idea as one can go to bed whenever they like. Phineas, has already beat me to it and is happily snoring upstairs.

This afternoon, we went to a play with the salacious title of “Sex With Strangers” about love and ambitions in the digital age. In fact, the theatre sent me a reminder email yesterday that popped up right while a coworker was in my office. In giant letters on the screen it said “You have tickets to Sex With Strangers tomorrow” which created a rather awkward pause and a questioning glance. Mostly, no doubt, wondering sadly why one would have to pay for such a thing. But the show itself was not really salacious, and more of a dive into various things about life today. Philippe and I decided we needed branch out and not only go see musicals. The thing about plays is that without all the spectacle, dancing and music, the story had better be damn good. In this case, it was thankfully very engaging and we had a wonderful time.

I didn’t leave the play with any momentous feeling of having discovered some new revelation about life. Much of it simply jived with all my various wonderings and ramblings that I’ve written about here. But when thinking of our hyper-digital culture, it usually has the same effect on me. I begin to miss a lot of the analog life that came before it and reminiscence of a time when life wasn’t quite so chaotic with apps and streaming information. But, then again, I’m typing this very post on a computer to be sent out into the world for others to read. Something that simply wouldn’t have been possible when I was a kid. So, that’s pretty amazing. Yet, I’ve nothing particularly earth-shattering to report or reveal tonight. It was just a lovely day filled with friends and good times. There wasn’t one thing that stood out from any of the others. And that, actually had the effect of making it quite special. Life is often at its best when a beautiful bunch of happy moments come together with the help of only the littlest of things.

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23 thoughts on “The Littlest Of Things

  1. You’ve really caught the alertness of the kitten! I’m also old enough to remember a time before computers. When I was a child, I dreamed of a source of unlimited information. I had so many questions that nobody knew the answers to. It turned out to be the Internet!

  2. Don’t now about you, Charlie, but I was born in the last century and I do like the analog life. I was witness to an incredible number of historical moments and participated in some. But like you, I’m also allergic to cats, some at least. Unfortunately I usually get emotionally attached and THEN find out I’m allergic to that one. So I don’t foster cats. We’ll be getting a pooch soon – I hope.

    Sounds like the play was worth watching. I really like the local theater scene, I like to support the dental hygienists and realtors and PTA moms who put themselves in front of their communities in a different persona – Good for them. Takes courage.

    1. Thanks, Shari! 😃💕 Yeah, I definitely miss so much of the analog life. I’ve always been a geek and early adopter when it comes to computers, but it feels like they were just a part of life before and not the center of life itself. And I’ve totally considered a Hazmat suit to get that little kitten!! LOL They’re sooooo cute!!

      The play was wonderful… this one was with pro actors, but we’ll be heading to a community theatre one next! There’s a local community theatre that does amazing shows… it’s nearly impossible to tell you’re not Off Broadway! Love it!

  3. Your kitten is so sweet! I agree that it is the tiny things in life that are most likely to turn out to be the most important. I’ll also say that I think that without the internet, my life would be far more lonely. I’m an introvert, and I just won’t get out to be around people too often, nor do I enjoy it when I do. Yet, I can get online daily and have the most lovely discussions with like-minded people. Downsides, yes, but more upsides I think.

    1. Thanks so much, Sandra! 😃💕 I totally agree! I’m the same way… hehe… I love our community and the ability to connect with other artists. In person, I would be the guy hiding in the corner with a glass of wine. I get a bit exhausted when it’s not just one-on-one conversations, which the internet delivers up nicely. 😉

  4. This is such a beautiful painting of an adorable kitten, Charlie! And I share your sentiments about partially missing the analog era and yet enjoy the benefits of the digital one. 😉 Btw, Sharon Bonin-Pratt pointed you out to me and I´m so glad she did! You are an amazing artist and I look forward to happily rummage though your blog! Have a lovely and creative Sunday! Sarah 🙂

  5. “Life is often at its best when a beautiful bunch of happy moments come together with the help of only the littlest of things.”

    “It’s not the days; it’s the moments.” You make a lot of special moments for your readers and fellow artists with what you write and paint.

    I’m not allergic to kittens, nor paintings of them, so I’ll add this one to my wish list for future indulgences.

    Thanks for all you do.

    1. Thank so so much, Sarah! 😃💕 It’s truly so motivating and wonderful to read your comments. Blogging is such an interesting journey, you never know if anyone will like or even see what you just posted. It makes me so happy to know you enjoy these little rambles and sketches. Even though I’m totally jealous of your lack of kitten allergy! hehe

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