While the world keeps getting bigger and filled with more options and new and better things, it’s always the common things in life that capture my heart. Not the latest new gourmet food or the hottest trend in clothing, but those ridiculously ordinary things that have stood the test of time. They are the things that I knew as a child and the things that still give me comfort as an adult whenever I see them. Like french fries and ketchup. Or that favorite pair of sneakers. Or a comforting cup of tea. I also have to admit that I’ve frankly grown too old and exhausted to keep up with all the latest new trends. With clothes, for example, I simply buy what Target tells me to buy, or what Marshall’s tells me was all the rage last season. These days, I don’t have the time or interest to worry over fashion. Even back when I did, I was too often wrong or late to the party anyway. No, when it comes to the stuff of my life, I like to keep things as simple as possible. That’s the real magic.

When I was a little kid, I loved going to garage sales with my mom. This was back in the days before eBay where the only way to get rid of stuff you no longer wanted was to open a pop-up shop in your garage. It was amazing to look at all the little things that people once thought they wanted and now decided to discard. The old adage that “one man’s junk is another man’s treasure” played out as people from all over the neighborhood would come and buy things. I loved this little treasure hunt. There was always something interesting to find, including things I’d seen in ads that I wanted, but were too expensive. But even more than that, I loved finding interesting little trinkets that were rather unusual. They were completely devoid of value, and the original owners must have agreed by placing them on sale a nickel, but I thought they were amazing. Even if I didn’t talk my mom into purchasing that little piece of nothing, I would stand there admiring it, imagining a whole story for it to star in. Looking back, perhaps I just felt bad for the poor things, as nothing is sadder than when someone stops loving you.

Sure, today, I have too much stuff and I really should get rid of some of it. But each time I pick up an object my mind floods back to the memories that it contains. Silly, often inconsequential memories that shouldn’t really matter anymore, but somehow, manage to touch my heart. I do eventually say goodbye to these little things, as I’ve no intention of becoming a hoarder, but it’s a slow process. It’s difficult to decide if a memory is worth keeping. How will I know if I’ll really miss it until it’s already gone? So, for now, I just let my little trinkets surround me and know that one day, I’ll most likely bid them farewell. But today, there’s a special comfort to be found there. Those memory keepers are often the only physical reminder of where I’ve been. The digital remnants lost in my phone don’t share the same value. I may not be rich or famous, but I feel like a millionaire when I’m lost in those memories. Those quiet and bewitching moments, when I’m once again reminded to stop and appreciate the magic of simple stuff.

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 Day 24 - #WorldWatercolorGroup The Magic Of Simple Stuff French Fries and Ketchup Watercolor Illustration

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27 thoughts on “The Magic Of Simple Stuff

  1. I got rid of a lot of stuff years ago but have a few boxes of trinkets, ticket stubs, letters etc… sometimes I go to the basement and look through them, sparking memories. What’s funny is I have like things that someone would wonder why in the world are you holding on to that. For me it’s an attachment to a specific memory. Loved this post, thanks for sharing! Oh and for me French fries from Wendy’s and dipping them in a chocolate frosty is the best!

  2. Hi Charlie! Great Doodlewash today! 😍 I find French fries simple and yet comforting too! I think that is why I have difficulty parting with some of life’s treasures is they provide comfort to me in a sentimental way. And it is true, one man’s junk is another person’s treasure! 👍💕

  3. I completly agree, we always coplain acout not have the latest Iphone or not having the coolest ride. All we do is coplain when people some in Africa, Hatti,and Peru have nothing. Every once and awhile we should sit back and enjoy the little stuff.

  4. Charlie,

    I consider it a blessing to be capable of finding joy in simple things –

    I am always amused by your ability to capture the essence of a thought or thing in your writing or your happy little ‘doodles’. Thanks once again for sharing.

  5. A thoughtful post, Charlie, about remembering what is most valuable. The time you spent garage-saling with your mom has to be right up there. We do fill our lives with stuff, don’t we, when it’s the people in our lives who count the most.

    The French fries make an artful composition.

  6. Oh my, it’s been so long since I’ve had good old french fries! Those cravings are coming back. With my culinary ineptitude as it is, I’m definitely a fan of simplicity at dinner time!

    I used to love going to car boot sales on Sunday mornings. I don’t know if there are as many hosted these days what with all the online equivalents. It was such fun to rummage through all the stuff in the hope of uncovering a treasure, like a Sonic annual or ancient video game 😛

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