Jumping in with a super quick little doodle of “Gifts,” our prompt for today. I hope everyone who’s celebrating had a very Merry Christmas. And if you’re not that you had an amazingly joyful day! Philippe and I exchanged our little gifts last night and then had a few more even littler ones in our stockings this morning. It’s always a bit bittersweet after all of the gifts are finally revealed. Now we have this year’s puzzle started so I only had a few minutes before I have to return to help. For some reason, our dog Phineas seems wildly interested in the puzzle this year. He insists on sitting on a chair at the table with us as though his oversight is going to make things go more smoothly. As far as I can tell, it’s not working quite like that as we’ve only managed to find all of the straight edge pieces and build a frame. This leaves around 900 more puzzle pieces without a home, so we’ve got a lot to finish. Phineas still seems determined, but just occasionally attempts to lick the pieces, so he’s not proven to be of much help at all. But, this is always the best gift I could receive each year. Just a full day at home with our little trio and spending time together as a family.

Though, yes, I did receive lots of lovely things including games for my Nintendo Switch and books. There was also a Cuttlelola Electric Dotspen as well which I immediately started playing with last night, until Philippe had to take it away from me so we could continue our evening. It was really fun to use! I considered using it for today’s post, but even though it makes stippling go a bit faster, it’s still more time consuming than my 10 minute break would allow. My final gift was, as ever, the sweetest one of all. It was a Mickey Mouse watch from the year I was born. Yeah, it’s pretty old, though not old enough to be considered an antique yet. Instead, it’s happily considered “vintage” which I guess, since we’re the same age, I must be considered as well. For my own part, I got Philippe books and toys also. And even the kitchen items I’d selected without having a wish list were indeed the right ones! My only experience in the kitchen is cleaning it so I’m a bit out of my element there. Philippe, however, is a master in the kitchen and everything we ate last night was even more delicious than the previous year.

And now we have that puzzle to contend with and I’m so happy for the evening ahead. Early today Philippe and I played several rounds of the Mille Bornes card game that was in my stocking. This is the same game that Philippe played with is grandparents and the artwork on the cards has never changed. I only won once, but it was so much fun! It’s rare to spend this much time doing the same thing together as a couple. Sure, we spend lots of quality time together, but there’s something about playing and games and solving a puzzle together that connects us even more. Perhaps that’s why little Phineas is also intent on helping and being part of the experience. What strikes me is that though we are now surrounded my all of our presents and lots of things to enjoy, doing simple things together is the most fun of all. Okay, maybe not so simple as this year we’re putting together a puzzle of an Asterix comic and the colors change with every piece. But, it’s still lots of fun. And having this time to spend with the one I love most is always the most wonderful gift.

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30 thoughts on “The Most Wonderful Gift

  1. Wonderful gifts and the best gift is spending time with loved ones. We hand a wonderful afternoon feasting on various yummy foods that I had put together hoping to find items so everyone had things that they liked. Just spending time was nice. IMG_4711

  2. Probably Phineas assumes the puzzle must be edible or you wouldn’t be spending so much time working on it and he’s wondering why you’re taking so long to eat it. Have to admit, I’ve always been more into Tintin than Asterix, though maybe that’s something in the translation. Glad you had a fabulous Christmas!

  3. A wonderful stack of gifts there! The Asterix puzzle sounds really interesting. Great that you guys had a lovely time on Christmas Day! I’m out of town with my hubby and cousins. We played Monopoly last night and had so much fun!

  4. Sounds like a wonderful day, Charlie! 🎁 Hubby and I enjoyed our day together as well…We always open gifts on Christmas Day except for one special one on Christmas Eve. 😊 Santa was good to us this year! 🎄⭐️

  5. Charlie it sounds like the perfect Christmas!! Very similar to ours! My two boys come home and the house come alive with laughter and good times. Everyone got spoiled, plenty of food and happiness reigned!! And the games that went on were hilarious!!
    A nice way to finish the day is with a quiet puzzle. And don’t forget the hot chocolate and marshmallows. All the very best for you all.

  6. I got to watch the Grinch cartoon tonight. Didn’t do much else today. We didn’t even do gifts this year except things we needed. I bought Joe two pairs of shoes, and in the spring he is building me a couple of raised garden beds. For many years when I was working Joe gave me jewelry for gifts, but since I retired, I don’t wear it any more, so that’s off the gift list. I do cook, but I have every tool I could want. Maybe next year I’ll come up with a gift I want. Start thinking now! 😂😂

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