After you make your choice, the slow motion approach of the snowball speeds up to real time and you grab the second cookie and jump to the side, just in time, narrowly missing it. The snowball crashes through the wall, leaving a giant circular hole. Seeing no other options, you walk through it into the next room.

This room is lined with all types of nutcrackers staring at you from various shelves. In the center of the room are two unusual nutcrackers standing on a drum. You can’t resist pressing the button on the front, and as soon as you do, they begin to dance as a voice leaps into your ear.

“It’s me!” says the voice, assuming by now you’re well aware of the source. “So there’s barely a cell connection in rural Texas and the makes getting you to the next room a little tougher than I imagined. But I managed to do it once more…how do you like my nutcrackers?! Well, they belong to my mother who got them at an estate sale. They are quite wonderful dancers and a rather progressive piece considering they are both men!

“Philippe doesn’t like nutcrackers. When pressed for the reason why he said it’s weird to have something that looks like it’s about war associated with Christmas. That’s rather lofty, when he really just thinks they look weird and isn’t a big fan of the ballet.

“I’m currently surrounded by nutcrackers as my mom and dad collected them. I like them because they are so associated with the Christmas season, but have to admit they look a bit weird. Also, I’ve never seen anyone use them to actually crack nuts, and most look like they’d break in half if you tried.

“My dad was actually the primary collector and I think I inherited his lack of patience. After realizing it was taking too long to create a proper collection he instructed my mom to go to an estate sale. Apparently a woman died who had a massive nutcracker collection and he sent her to buy as many as she could. I think my dad sort of missed the point of being a collector, but I like to invent fake memories for each one. This makes them cherished family pieces, which seems more Christmasy than thinking of them as that unknown dead woman’s collection.”

The voice stops just as the two nutcrackers finish their little dance. They really were rather good dancers, you think. And then you make your next choice…

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25 thoughts on “The Nutcrackers

  1. Brilliant!! Colors are just perfect! Hope you are having fun in Texas with your family. I’m surprised I made it with getting squished by the giant snowball. Phew.

    My sister is the only person who I’ve seen use a nutcracker for its intended purpose. I’ve always thought they were a bit scary looking.. 😊

  2. Thank you for continuing to spoil us despite your connection woes! I don’t think anything can stop our Charlie. I’m probably with Philippe on nutcrackers – look at the guy on the left’s shock at that revelation! – but I love this doodlewash. It feels so very festive and I can see it coming to life before me in this strange place wherever it is you’ve taken me oh my when will I be free.

    Vote cast. Something I pick might actually win one of these days! 😛

    1. Hehe!! Yeah…I can’t stop doodlewashing!! 😊😊I’m always curious to know what each person voted for…or better…what the think they’ll actually get as I’m not precise on my descriptions! Lol So you’re in Philippe’s camp, eh? No freedom until the years ends…haha…hang in there! 😉

      1. Good to hear! I tend to vote for something that sounds as if it will be different to what we’ve had recently – nice to try and keep things mixed up a bit!

        Philippe, indeed, has my sympathies at this time. 😉

  3. so I read your story twice and am still trying to figure it out – LOL! But…. I can’t believe how amazing your painting of the nutcrackers is, and I can’t believe how amazing you are to do this while away! you are such a special one charlie o!

  4. WOWZA! Charlie! Your doodlewash is totally AMAZING! Fab details! 😃 I used to collect snowman but not so much anymore. Nutcrackers are interesting but I find them rather strange. Lol! 😜

  5. Your nutcrackers are wonderful! The colors and details are incredible. I must admit though, like Philippe, I don’t care for them usually. The ones in the ballet that come to life, kind of freak me out, but I like yours! 😊

  6. Beautiful work!! I love the way your work just keeps getting better and better, Charlie! This may be one of your best. I love the colors, the shine, the details, and I hope you’re having a good time with the fam in jolly old Texas. lol. Tell them I’ll catch ’em next time around! 💙❄️💙🎨👏😉

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