For our prompt of “Coffee” today, I ended up with a little mouse smelling a cup. I usually have a little extra time on the weekend, but Philippe and I decided to decorate for the holidays. So, I had less than 20 minutes to sketch something for today, which is actually a fun exercise to try on any day. This morning started with several cups of coffee as that’s how pretty much all of my days start. Without coffee, I’m sort of a hot mess in the morning. I really enjoy that cup of motivation to get me going. And I’ve always enjoyed the smell of coffee, especially in the morning. Though sometimes the smell of the beans themselves in the bag is even more amazing. I remember even liking that smell as a child, but not really enjoying the taste. My dad’s version was full of sugar and cream and I tasted that once and spit it out. Now I just drink black coffee, taking after my mother instead.

After breakfast today, Philippe and I headed to Home Depot in search of this year’s Christmas tree. We decided we’d go ahead and put one up now and then hang the ornaments after Thanksgiving. Also, we knew there wouldn’t be very many people around. We’ve never gone this early and soon realized that there was an added difficulty to the event. We had so many more trees to choose from that it took us forever to find just the right one. I’m sure it would be rather comical to watch us shop for trees. Each one is given a thorough inspection and even the slightest issue is carefully considered. We’ll take turns holding the tree so the other one can get a proper glimpse of what it looks like standing. Just as we’re about to choose the tree we are going to adopt, one of us notices something odd about it and we’re off again in search of another. Suffice it to say, we were outside looking at trees much of the morning.

Thankfully, we managed to find a suitable tree and it’s standing happily in the corner of the house. And the smell of pine is filling up the space and my inner child is going totally bonkers thinking about the holidays ahead. There’s only one string of lights on the tree, however, as we realized that half of our lights were broken so we have a new set coming tomorrow. In truth, after running up and down the stairs trying to get everything needed for the decorations, I was rather exhausted. But, as I watch the lights twinkling away now, I’m so happy that we managed to set the scene. And a bit of caffeine right about now might just be something I could use. Yet, it strikes me just how important these little traditions are to us. Philippe and I know exactly where everything should be placed and there’s so much comfort in the familiar. Like our simple morning ritual that never really changes much at all, but always starts with the smell of coffee.

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37 thoughts on “The Smell Of Coffee

  1. I used to love a live tree in the house! The smell was so wonderful in December. We no longer do a tree. It’s just too hard for me to navigate. But you have me thinking that maybe I should get Joe to cut some boughs just for the smell of them. Cute mouse! I too didn’t like my dad’s coffee with cream, but now I either have it black, or with whipped cream and hazelnut syrup!

  2. Charlie yes and I love my Folgers decaf because it tastes and smells like “real” coffee. I have to have it ready before I tackle my Morning Pages and after I slug back a 12 oz glass of water (five of those every day and did I mention I don’t like water). Your routine is not solid til you have coffee!

      1. Hi Nellie,
        Look up Julia Cameron and her books. Her first creativity book is The Artist’s Way where she teaches the things you have to do whether you are writer, artist, redecorator, any creative. Walks are one. Artist Dates are another (take yourself out once a week by yourself and do something you like). Morning pages are three full pages of anything writing every morning as soon as you make your coffee. I am reading her “Finding Water” which discusses perseverance, and “It’s Never Too Late To Begin Again” regarding creativity in retirement. Thanks for asking.

  3. I’ve pretty much switched over to tea, though I tend to drink the British stuff and brew it up til it’s almost like coffee. It gives me the morning jolt but doesn’t seem to make me crave more like coffee does. I still have coffee on the weekends when we go out for breakfast. The restaurants here have been closed again so that’s an end to coffee for a while.

  4. As cute as he is, I would not want him visiting me upon my first cup of coffee for the day. Yikes! Hubby got our tree out of the attic today and put up the lights outside. They are currently on, along with our neighbors. Let the holidays begin! I’m in!

  5. Wonderful Charlie! The smell of fresh coffee beans is marvelous! Since I was lucky enough to land an art exhibit last February at a local downtown coffee shop i buy my coffee there now. They roast there own beans so I buy a couple of pounds at a time. Yum.

  6. The smell of coffee, always and forever! From 4 to 44, no problems, then one day-The End. It’s taken years for me to be able to have a cup after a meal, and I enjoy it like I’m having the best dessert! It’s Cacao or coco or a light tea for me but I still get to relish the smell when my husband gets his ready for the morning. As for the mousie, that was me, utterly silent till my first cup, then I could walk, talk and drive😄 I grew up on my dad’s version of Navy coffee, I’m sure I was the most attentive Kindergartener in my class 😆
    Ps We put up our first set of lights last night, but I didn’t actually see their entire repertoire until I drove up the street this evening. OMGOSH! I have to ask the neighbors if they are able to sleep, or if they possibly have any kind of disorder that could result in seizure. (I sort of love my lights though, so I could move them to the backyard…🤣)

    1. Nellie Nellie: You are so funny! You made me laugh with your comment about your Christmas lights giving your neighbors seizures. haha haha haha 😂😂😂

  7. So cute, Charlie! 💜 Okay, no one scream or faint, but I have never drank coffee. The smell doesn’t do anything for me either. Both of my parents love coffee. Not me. Now, I do love hot tea, though. Yummy.
    Oh, how fun to get a Christmas tree! Ours is artificial, but I love it just the same. Since I was always responsible for putting up the tree, even as a little girl, a real one was out of the question. I wouldn’t know how to care for it, but I imagine that they smell so good. By the way, did you see on the national news the story about Cincinnati ‘s Christmas tree? It looked so rough when they set it up on its stand. They were calling it a Charlie Brown Christmas tree. The news anchor said it was fitting for 2020. 😂😂😂
    Charlie, did I tell you about the rubber stamp that I saw about 2020? It says: Goodbye 2020. Nobody likes you! haha haha 😂😂😂

  8. I wonder if these recurring mice are a subconscious hint that you really want a pet mouse for Christmas. What would Philippe say to that? Furthermore, what would Phineas say to that? I feel like he’d need more convincing. 😛 While I quite like the smell, I don’t drink coffee. We’ve probably had arguments about this before!

    1. hehe! I think we have! 😉 Well, at least you enjoy the smell of coffee. And as for mice, I’m really just practicing making characters and figured I should do them more than one every couple of weeks to practice properly. And Phineas would never allow another pet of any species in this house! lol

  9. Oh what a wonderful thought…I am like you my hubby knows not to talk to me until I have had some caffeine in me LOL your adventure sounded wonderful ..we have a fake tree that I love and little does he know but we may be putting it up early this year too !!! Be well!

  10. I can related a lot to your morning coffee ritual. I’m a black coffee fan myself and my favorite is the dark roast.
    I hate the fact that I have to limit myself to 3 cups a day and stop drinking by 7pm!

    Also, love the artwork! amazing colors. It is inspiring me to practice more drawings of coffee cups!

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