The View From The Top

Day 7 - Lighthouse Watercolor The View From The Top - Doodlewash

During previous challenges, I’ve included the prompt of lighthouses, but have personally always opted for a closeup of the interior and never actually painted a proper one. So, for today, we finally have the exterior, but quickly sketched from a much higher vantage point. Lighthouses are fascinating structures, and the reason I love the interior is because of the cozy cramped spaces and the cool spiral staircase inside. Though I’m not a fan of towering heights, and usually get a bit squeamish, I’m equally enthralled by them. As a kid, I always wanted a proper attic that I could use as a bedroom. Our split-level house didn’t come with such a thing, so it only stayed a dream of mine. I took this dream into high school and even wrote a poem about an attic for the literary magazine. I can’t remember if the poem was any good at all, but I still remember that love of attic spaces. So, it’s no wonder that a lighthouse, which is almost entirely attic space would hold my interest, even though I’ve never actually been inside one.

One of the things I enjoy about sketching stuff and writing each day is the ability to explore things I can’t see from my kitchen counter. It’s a bit of virtual travel that also takes me traveling back in time to previous memories. As a writer, I’m not a good travel sketcher. I prefer to soak up the scene mentally, often focusing on nearby conversations and other bits of interest that I might miss if my goal were only to focus on the visual. Though this is fine, one would assume I would at least jot down notes in a journal, but even that escapes me in the moment. I get so lost in a new place that I can barely focus on any one aspect at all. Thankfully, I journal here each and every day, so whatever events, thoughts or feelings happened are captured soon enough. For me, this works out just fine. And though I’m not actually traveling at the moment, it’s a blast to journey to new places via a little doodlewash. I’ve never been on a lighthouse tour, but in a sketch I can imagine being a bird and soaring over the top! Something, I’m rather sure they don’t offer on the official tour.

For me, my posts are always all about travel, whether I’m visiting family in Paris or simply sailing back through time to relive a childhood moment. I believe that imagination itself is a form of travel. It’s far less stressful and doesn’t require train tickets and waiting in a horribly long cue. Unless that’s what you’re imagining, of course. Many times, I find myself feeling like I’m stuck in a routine and with no trips planned on the calendar, I feel like I’m in a bit of a rut. During these moments, I always have to stop and remind myself that travel is only an imagined thought away. I can go absolutely anywhere I like, if I just stop and take the time to dream about it. And when I reach for my pen and paintbrush, I can make that place appear on paper. Then, I can simply let my mind wander through whatever just appeared there and visit my own creation.  And though I’ve been to several different countries and experienced amazing sights and sounds, I’m equally enthralled by where my daily sketches can transport me. When you let you imagination take you where it wants to go, you’ll always have the pleasure of experiencing the view from the top.

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About the Doodlewash

M. Graham Watercolors: Indian Yellow, Pyrrol Red, Cobalt Teal, and Turquoise. Lamy Al-Star Safari Fountain Pen with sepia ink in an A5 Hahnemühle Watercolour Book. Want to purchase a print of this doodlewash? Send me a note with a link to this post, and I’ll add it to my shop!
Day 7 - Lighthouse Watercolor The View From The Top - Doodlewash

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  1. Sandra Strait 4 years ago

    The thing I like best about lighthouses is that they always have a ghost story! I love the perspective you’ve chosen for yours.

    • Author
      Charlie O'Shields 4 years ago

      Thanks, Sandra! 😃💕hehe… yeah… so many ghosts there and so much history. They are so intriguing!

  2. memadtwo 4 years ago

    Great angle. Imagination is indeed travel…and it’s free! (K)

    • Author
      Charlie O'Shields 4 years ago

      Thanks so much, Kerfe! 😃💕 I think imagination is my first form of travel… hehe… glad you enjoyed this!

  3. Sharon Nolfi 4 years ago

    I love the idea of traveling to childhood! Wonderful point of view on the lighthouse.

  4. LoriCtoo 4 years ago

    Lol, the grass is always greener on the other side. I grew up in a house in Wisconsin with an attic. What I remember about it was, it was cold in the winter and it was hot in the summer. When we could stand the temperature, there were always silverfish running around and the place smelled like moth balls. One light bulb hanging from the low rafters sort of helped when your head wasn’t in the way creating a shadow. Lucky for me I live in Oregon now where we don’t have an easy accessible attic, but we have several lighthouses. 🙂 Thanks for stirring more memories!

    • Author
      Charlie O'Shields 4 years ago

      So happy you enjoyed this! 😃💕 hehe… yeah… attics are not a friend of extreme temperatures. I never actually got to live in one, so it was all just the happy imagined memories! 😉

  5. SnehLata Maheshwari 4 years ago

    Light house has its different experience. thanks God i will never try to go there couse of ghost stories.
    If we talked about painted light house by u it’s imrinterest n notice able.. loved it.
    Nice story lie . thanks so much.

    • Author
      Charlie O'Shields 4 years ago

      Thanks so much, Snehlata! 😃💕 Yeah, there are plenty of ghost stories that accompany these structures. Perhaps that’s why people find them so intriguing.

  6. soniadutta 4 years ago

    Beautiful painted the view of the lighthouse and lovely story

  7. Mary Roff 4 years ago

    Love the bird’s eye view!

  8. drawabunch 4 years ago

    I like the perspective you choose for this painting. It’s different in a good way! I live in Michigan and we have a lot of lighthouses. In the summer we try and visit a few. This year my 6 year old got nervous and refused to go up to the top of the Big Sable Point house in Ludington. I was relieved since it gives me vertigo. As always thanks for the wonderful post.

    • Author
      Charlie O'Shields 4 years ago

      Thanks so much! 😃💕Glad you enjoyed the post, and I have to side with you and your 6 year old… hehe… I love these structures, but heights are not part of the fun! 😉

  9. Lisa J. Cihlar 4 years ago

    I grew up in Door County, Wisconsin and there are loads of lighthouses there. One big one was a couple of miles from my house so I have the sound of the foghorn built right in my soul. Now that I am fairly housebound, it is wonderful to have that and all of my travel memories to reflect on.

    • Author
      Charlie O'Shields 4 years ago

      Glad this brought back good memories, LIsa! 😃💕 We have a train whistle that’s now born into my memories, but no foghorn. I think that would be a much cooler sound indeed!

  10. June Hadaway 4 years ago

    Love the lighthouse. Looks a lot like the ones near the Great lakes. I like the way you positioned it to see from the top down. Really makes me realize just how tall they are. They can be kind of scary if you are standing on the top looking down into the water. It always feel like I am going to fall off. 😩😦

  11. smzang 4 years ago

    Charlie said:

    “When you let you imagination take you where it wants to go, you’ll always have the pleasure of experiencing the view from the top.”

    You teach us all to soar!

    • Author
      Charlie O'Shields 4 years ago

      Aww thanks my friend! 😃💕 I think we are all meant to soar together! Our imaginations are limitless and can take us anywhere we want to go!

  12. ejmordasky 4 years ago

    Love this story, it brought memories etc…one of an attic being about the greatest part of any house we ever lived in.

    • Author
      Charlie O'Shields 4 years ago

      Thanks so much!! 😃💕so happy you enjoyed this one. Yeah, attics are just the coolest spaces!!

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