Tonight, I’m actually heading to do something spooky with a friend of mine that I haven’t done in years. We’re going to visit a couple of the local haunted houses. Not actual haunted places, but the kind of place where people dress up in ghoulish attire specifically to scare you. The fact that I’m going specifically to be scared is perhaps the silliest part of all. But I haven’t been in years and I figured it was time to try again. Philippe won’t be in attendance as he’s joining our friend’s wife for a more civilized evening at the cinema. Both were quite clear that if us boys wanted to do something stupidly scary like that, we would have to go by ourselves. Actually, I don’t ever get truly scared in haunted houses, I just really enjoy seeing all of the visual effects. The only real scares come from being startled constantly, which doesn’t really count as true terror. It’s more like an overly eager person constantly attempting to cure you of hiccups. I chose a jumping spider to honor the occasion, because I think they look more like little aliens or might at least be considered cute on their planet. That said, I would quite prefer it if they didn’t actually jump on me as it would totally freak me out!

Though I’m not truly scared to be attending a haunted house this evening, I did have dreams of one recently, so it must have been on my mind. It was sort of terrifying, but then, true to form, even in my dream I just grew fascinated by everything and started wondering about how they made that wolf’s howl sound so real. In truth, my general fascination with everything in the world never lets me feel fear for any length of time at all. Fear is created by a sense of a perceived threat or danger. In order to work properly, one has to stay focused and not get distracted. I, however, get totally distracted so fear just doesn’t work so well on me. The scary guy with the chainsaw who will likely rush toward me this evening, will indeed make me jump initially, but then I’ll start analyzing his look, his performance, and wonder what brought him to play this part instead of the vampire. This sucks all the fear right out of things, and since I don’t want to suck the fun out of things, I wait to mention any observations until after we’re safely outside again. But it’s all so wonderfully curious!

I certainly have fears in life, but these are mostly the ones that help us get through it safely. Having the good sense to stay away from the edge of the roof on a tall building, for example. But, when my worry about life or pressing deadlines mount into something akin to fear, I just can’t sustain it. I’ve had a history of living that tells me, none of these things ever really last. So why on earth would I let them bother me for any length of time at all? My mind is amazing in its ability to scare me, but my brain is even more amazing in its wisdom and ability to provide comfort. I enjoy that my brain takes me out of the situation for a moment to analyze things better and provides me with a clearer path. Of course, when it comes to haunted houses, I’ll likely just shut my brain off at certain moments to gleefully play along. But I won’t be terrified in the least. And in my real life, I’ll happily get lost in emotion when it comes to wonderful things like hope and love. But when the bad things go bump in the night, I’ll let my brain take me out of it, and reassure me that, in the end, nothing is really wrong at all, and there’s nothing to fear.

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Da Vinci Paint Co.: Aureolin, Vermilion, and Indigo (my “Vintage” Trio!) + Opus (Vivid Pink). Lamy Al-Star Safari Fountain Pen with black ink in an A5 Hahnemühle Watercolour Book. Want to purchase a print of this doodlewash? Send me a note with a link to this post, and I’ll add it to my shop!
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25 thoughts on “There’s Nothing To Fear

  1. Your jumping spider looks so real that I can’t stand to look at it. I’m easily startled in general, so haunted houses are not for me. That said, I do admire the creativity and effort involved in setting them up. Have fun tonight. I’m opting for cinema with Philippe!

  2. Your spider looks fascinating – as long as he stays far away from me. I’m not scared of them exactly, but when I was a kid I had this thing about spiders crawling in my ears while I slept – my brother is directly to blame for this as he convinced it could happen. I know how unlikely it is (but not impossible!) and for some reason, spiders especially make me think of this.

  3. I adore your spider! I’m a big fan of spiders. They hardly scare me at all, though I do have a healthy respect for those that bite. They come in on my house plants and set up housekeeping for the winter here. And I’m fine with that unless they break the unwritten contract which is that no spider shall reside in the bathroom. That is my space and I really don’t want a big black spider crawling on my towel while I’m crying off!

  4. I like the use of opus with your vintage trio. Is opus and opera pink same ? I do love cinema but going to a haunted house with friends do sound thrilling ! I had once gone to a real cremenation ground at midnight but with some two dozen friends and an expert so it was not a completely scary experience but definitely a memorable one !

    1. Thanks so much, Anita! 😃💕And yes! Opus is the name that Da Vinci gives it, but it’s the same pigment as opera. 😉 The haunted house was fun! You should try it! hehe… I like a bit of spooky fun like that. It’s never really scary, but soooo interesting!

  5. This is one frightening looking spider. I am not sure I would want to come in contact with him in person but do love his colors. Beautiful vintage trio. Haunted houses can be pretty spooky especially if they have that chainsaw
    guy lurking around. Yikes. Hope you had fun.

    1. Thanks so much, June! 😃💕 hehe… yeah, spiders are just creepy… I’m not really a fan, but I don’t mind them if they stay far away. And the haunted house was a blast! lol… I was actually disappointed that there wasn’t a chainsaw guy in these. I remember that from my youth!

  6. There’s nothing to fear…but fear itself….didn’t Atticus say this in To Kill a Mockingbird? Maybe he needs to see your spider! Very frightening indeed but I love the way you included all those colours! Superbly done (as usual).

  7. I never want to come in contact with that spider. He looks large and creepy. Normal household spiders don’t bother me, but I think this one would. Great job on the texture of him!

  8. Charlie says,” it’s all so wonderfully curious .”
    and I think of how precious and how brief life is.
    Indeed it is ‘all so wonderfully curious’ .

    and Charlie also says, ” when the bad things go bump in the night, I’ll let my brain take me out of it, and reassure me that, in the end, nothing is really wrong at all, and there’s nothing to fear.”

    insightful and uplifting. As for that spider…entirely too real. brrr

  9. For some strange reason, Wolf spiders are the one type that I don’t mind picking up by hand (usually to move to a safer place) as opposed to paper for other spiders. Must be because I think they are cute. Did you know that unlike most spiders, they have excellent vision? They hunt and pounce on their prey as opposed to making webs and waiting for food to arrive. Of course, I did have a very pretty Chilean Rose Tarantula for 8 years, and I did pick him up occasionally…they have such a bad reputation…

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