For Day Twenty of World Watercolor Month, and our optional prompt of “Savory,” I ended up with a little mouse coveting a grilled cheese sandwich. I have a similar reaction when it comes to this sandwich as it always reminds me of childhood. It was quite simply the easiest thing to cobble together so it was served quite often. Pair it with a bowl of tomato soup and it’s pure heaven. In truth, I have to admit to adoring cheese in any way that it comes. Recently, my doctor told me to lower saturated fats, so I asked if that meant I had to cut out all cheese. He said, “Not entirely it’s a very satisfying snack, but…” to which I jumped in and agreed wholeheartedly and loudly to drown out whatever was said after that. Nothing good ever comes after “but,” and I could pretty much guess the rest. Something to do with moderation, I’m sure, which is another term I struggle with in most situations. That little kid inside simply cannot be contained!

Philippe and I actually have a cheese drawer in our refrigerator which is brilliant. It’s filled with cheese used for cooking, topping, and snacking. And my doctor needn’t have worried as Philippe is the king of portion control and what I once thought was a pleasant and modest portion was apparently a week’s worth of cheese. So, I now get to nibble on cheese like a mouse and have my little portion a few times a week. In many ways, it just makes me love and covet cheese even more as it’s now been fully relegated to the treat category. And treats are simply the best thing in the world! I savor each little bite, often with a sip of wine, and it all feels so civilized. In my mind, of course, I’m wanting to tear into the entire block of cheese like a stray dog, but on the outside, I’m the poster boy of good manners.

One of my little cheese snacks is a short stick of mozzarella string cheese. I tried the “lite” version but it was weirdly bluish and had a rubbery texture that was awful. So, I switched back to the real thing. I was eating one once and our dog Phineas was getting very irritated with me. I assumed he wanted food of any kind like always, but soon learned that Philippe had been sharing a little bit of his each time. This, of course, meant that it was now a family tradition and I was expected to do exactly the same thing. I didn’t share. Phineas was not happy with me. This is the case most of the time so that didn’t really change much. I chided Philippe for giving the dog table scraps, and he claimed it was because Phineas was getting older and needed his little joys. I told him that’s exactly the same reason I didn’t share mine. While I always try to be generous in spirit, there are still some moments where you’ll find me saying, “This cheese is mine!

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Grilled Cheese Sandwich And Mouse Watercolor Illustration Painting Sketchbook Detail

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19 thoughts on “This Cheese Is Mine!

  1. My husband only likes cheddar, so I seldom have cheese in the house. I’ve been known to amuse the wait staff at restaurants by ordering the cheese tray for my main meal if it’s a good one. It’s the only time I get the good stuff, and I never have room for it and an entree – so it’s the entree that goes!

  2. Pretty much feel the exact same way about cheese in just about any form…sigh. Did try the low fat string cheese once, just once, ick and back to the real stuff…in moderation, of course.😊

  3. Charlie, 500 grams a month. That is 125 g per week. A block of cheese is 600 g so I cut it into six portions, take one and cut it into four, and leave the last one alone. Then I package a portion and a quarter portion per week. The last portion is for little squares maybe for the following month. So a daily cheese allowance is not very much. Way too much saturated fat. And if you use shredded cheese or parmesan, there goes your ration instead of (not along with) the block variety. On a cleanse day (no meat, fish, or chicken) you can have all the cheese you want. My doctor makes the eating rules and you know he got me in top shape. Cute mouse — on a sandwich? Eeeeekkk!

  4. You made me laugh, Charlie, reminding Philippe that you savor your treat and don’t share for the same reason that he does share with Phineas. haha haha I love cheese with Club crackers. Yummy! We have a very large block of cheese in the fridge right now and it has been calling my name. I’m just afraid that if I cut into it, I won’t be able to stop. Why do the tasty things have so much salt? Damn you, sodium!
    I hate those portion controls especially when I thought I was doing good. When my mother attended a nutrition class, she came home discouraged. Keep in mind that my mother is very disciplined in her diet. (You are only allowed a piece of meat the size of your palm! What?) Funny story, I bought a bag of dark chocolate Hershey’s kisses because, you know, dark chocolate is supposed to be healthier. RIGHT. You’re only supposed to eat 3 pieces a day. I kept rationalizing that if I ate 6, I would skip the next day. Okay, 3 more and I’ll skip two days. By the time I knew it, I was in the hole for a week so I gave up. Just too much cruelty, Charlie. 😂😂😂

    1. Thanks, Marisela! 😃💕Cheese and club crackers are my fave… but only get 5 crackers… that’s the serving. lol And chocolate is in a whole other realm… hehe…that’s too funny. It’s impossible to ration that!

  5. That’s the first time a doodle has made my mouth water. I’m a big cheese fan myself, Charlie. I tried lite cheese a while ago but didn’t like it. My favourite cheese is the bit I have with my glass of beer, in the garden, after work on a Friday afternoon.

  6. I feel like we’re having a “Cheesies Anonymous” meeting! And I definitely have clapped for all the shares! A mouse, a sandwhich, and other cheese lovers-perfect day. That little mousie looks like he’s in heaven, as I would be, with a double king-sized cheese sandwhich to lounge on and eat my way through. I am allowed mostly goat cheese these days and a I must say it makes a great quesadilla on corn tortillas! Thanks for the bliss Charlie, and keep coming back!

  7. That looks so tempting, I can almost overlook that there’s a mouse camping on it! I love cheese too. There’s nothing like cheese on toast on a cold winter’s night – quick, easy and satisfying! Win win!

    1. Hehe! Thanks, Jacob! 😃💕 Indeed! I think everything can be made better with a bit of cheese. In my imagination I’d shoo the mouse away and eat the sandwich anyway, but thankfully not in real life! lol

  8. Either that is one very tiny mouse or one really humongous sandwich! My all time favorite sandwich and comfort food is grilled cheese with a slice of tomato. So now, though I’m not the least bit hungry, I’m hungry. Uh, thanks, Charlie – I think. (Next time, please paint okra – I hate okra.) As for the “lite” version of cheese – blech!

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