Day 14 - Pets Continental Bulldog Best Friends Forever - Doodlewash #doodlewashApril2018

Those Furry Friends Of Childhood

When it comes to pets, our prompt for today, dogs are my favorite of all. I’ve never had the particular kind of dog shown here, but the expression of a continental bulldog is priceless so I felt compelled to sketch one. Having a dog as a kid was one of the coolest things I can remember. If my parents or siblings did something that irritated or upset me, I always had that furry face to turn to and solve all of the world’s problems. I had two different dogs when I was young and each one provided so much joy. We’d have heart to heart talks about things all the time. Well, I was the one doing all of the talking, but I was convinced that my hairy kindred spirit understood everything that was going on in my life. Perhaps better than any of those around me. So many changes happen when you’re growing up, and many seem nearly impossible to comprehend. Having a pair of loving eyes to stare into that carried no trace of judgement was a true gift during those years. I had many friends, but can honestly say that my dog was definitely my best friend of all.

Our dog Phineas is currently having a little attention deficit issue and trying everything he can to disrupt this post. I thought he wanted to sit on my lap as I type, which he often does, but no, that wasn’t it, and now he just seems to be sort of pissed off. I’ve literally no idea what he’s going on about or wants, but it’s perfectly endearing. He’s a fussy dog with almost more personality than should be able to fit into such a small frame. At times he seems perfectly in love with me and at others, I’ve certainly disappointed him gravely. It’s this very personality that makes him feel like a true member of the family.  These are, after all, very human traits. Never quite satisfied and sometimes, there’s no logical explanation as to why. I feel this way quite a bit, so I can’t really fault him for it. That said, I still have absolutely no idea what he wants as he continues to paw at me. But even the act of pawing is a lovely reminder that as aloof as he can be at times, I still serve a very important role in his life. Whatever that was supposed to be tonight, I’ve apparently failed miserably so far.

Or perhaps, it’s just that I’ve grown older and have lost a bit of my ability to communicate properly. I was certain I was fluent in dog as a kid, but I had more time to sit and truly listen to what they were saying, while actually saying nothing at all. Sometimes as I’m rushing about trying to complete a thousand, mostly self-inflicted deadlines, I will look over and see Phineas staring at me. There’s an expression of confusion there as though he has no idea why I’ve made life so difficult. I’ll often just stop whatever it was I felt was so important and walk over to him for a quick little cuddle. Afterwards, I can barely remember what I was going on about. What on earth was more important than the little moment we just shared together? As it turns out, absolutely nothing. This is something that I constantly have to remind myself. There are many things I feel I must get done in a day, but I never want those things to get in the way of these other things. So I should bid you farewell and spend some quality time with the little furry basenji who apparently really needs me now. Perhaps, if I stop and listen just a bit closer, I’ll somehow remember how to speak the language of those furry friends of childhood.

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 Day 14 - Pets Continental Bulldog Best Friends Forever - Doodlewash #doodlewashApril2018

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33 thoughts on “Those Furry Friends Of Childhood

  1. You are certainly your pet’s best friend. This one would be a good friend to Phineas as well. He has the same kind of inquisitive face. Maybe Phineas just wanted to see the picture of his new friend you painted.

  2. Your continental bulldog has amazing character! Basenjis are definitely dogs with decided tastes and ideas of what is proper and not. Hope you manage to figure out what he wants – if not, he’ll let you know it, lol.

  3. What a lovely fellow. I’m sure a few moments of undivided attention, a warm lap, an ear scratch, dinner, or maybe a short walk is all Phineas wants. It’s usually one of those simple things. Snuggle him close!

  4. What a charming doodlewash and story, Charlie! I so enjoy your stories which usually tie a memory from the past in so well to something in your present life! You have a knack for storytelling as well as for watercolor sketches. Thanks so much for sharing every day❤️

  5. I’ve had both dogs and cats, but currently we have four cats. Their big concern with humans is that we have opposable thumbs good for door opening and food getting. Although our Kirby Kat loves hubs and follows him around like a dog.

  6. Though I love this charming bulldog, again it’s your story that truly captivates me. You remind me why I love dogs and how much I miss the sympathetic mutt I had as a kid and the loving one we had when our sons were growing up. And what better reason to get out of the house each day than to walk the dog, reminding one that there’s more to life than the job and the four walls?

  7. Aww! I’ve always been more of a cat person, but that’s not to say I dislike dogs. They are land seals, after all 😉 and their expressions are just the best, and you’ve captured that perfectly! As for Phineas: well, it does seem that smaller dogs have bigger attitudes. Like a Napoleon complex but cuter!

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