For our prompt of “Clock” today I ended up with very little time to sketch. It seemed a touch ironic to be sketching a clock when I was terribly behind on all of the work I was doing. But, it was super fun to take a quick little break and make one. And though we’re just eleven days into the June challenge, very soon it will already be July when World Watercolor Month returns, so I hope everyone who adores watercolor will be joining us! And telling all of your friends, of course! As for clocks, despite the fact that there never seems to be enough time to DO the things I’d love to do, I’ve always adored them. Well, at least the analog version like this one, which seems more like décor than some necessary thing these days. Indeed, I only wear watches as a bit of bling, since I always use my phone to check the time now. And, often, it’s only decoration when it comes to watches, since I like vintage ones and I’m always forgetting to wind them.

Actually, I’ve been struggling with time a lot lately. The morning begins simply and casually enough, but then it all starts to feel like a race to the finish line. Certainly this is my usual experience in June since World Watercolor Month fast approaching, but I swear entire hours have been disappearing. I look at the clock and think I have plenty of time to do what I need to do, and when I look back more time has passed than seems humanly possible. It feels a touch surreal. But, somehow when it’s all said and done, I still manage to sneak past that finish line each day with most of the important things completed. When I was getting dressed this morning though, I realized that the clothes I thought I had only recently washed were quickly depleting, so it seems my issue is with not just hours, but even entire days as well.

My favorite time of day is the one late at night, just before I head to sleep. During the summer months with the extra daylight, this time gets a bit later and later gradually approaching midnight. This time is the one that’s just reserved for me. I play whatever current game has caught my fancy for a few minutes and then switch to whichever book has done the same. Even if I failed to get everything completed earlier, I still reward myself for trying. And I know that a new day will dawn and I’ll have another shot at that race to see what I can make happen once again. But, those quiet moments in the evening are truly lovely. Well, quiet except for the snoring basenji at the foot of the bed, often making the oddest sounds imaginable. Sometimes Philippe snores, but he’s no match for the dog. Yet, it still feels like quiet, surrounded by the ones I love most. And I’m transported into a world that shuts everything else out for just one blissful moment, even the sound of a ticking clock.

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18 thoughts on “Ticking Clock

  1. It is amazing how the time flies. I’ve tried to combat this with serious meditation off and on, throughout the day, but that only seems to make it worse. If it weren’t for that strange buzzing noise that happens every time, I think I’d lose the whole day!

  2. Wonderful clock Charlie and I agree that time zooms and the days run together. Crazy times. The sad part is I don’t accomplish what I should and have no excuse. At least we got a bit of rain today. Looking forward to watercolor month.

  3. Nice painting Charlie! The hours in a day, actually, the whole day seems to fly by. Every day seems the same when you are retired. I, too, love very late evenings- reading books, or getting up 3:30-4:00 in the morning. That’s “me” time. Quiet, 🤗

  4. I know what you mean. Already last night I was lamenting how summer is going so fast. I was even thinking how moving a few states to the south would give me a lot more warm weather and the outside time I love. I’m not even sure I have a move left in me. The idea of all the things I’d have to move out of one room to get new carpet makes me sick. Lol! At least I got the last of my garden soil delivered yesterday, so that’s done.

  5. vôtre écrit, est une image de bonheur doux, moi aussi, arrivée à midi, je vois que je ne suis pas encore lavée – trop de mails, de sms, je pense que çà vient de cette vie différente, avec le virus – bien que nous ressortons, rien n’est revenu comme avant – et vous ? j’adore vôtre réveil – vous êtes très vintage !! à quand un dessin de vôtre visage et/ou de celui de Philippe et même de vôtre chien ? merci Cathy France

    1. Merci beaucoup, Cathy! 😃💕 Yeah, I think I’m the same even before isolation. I just always procrastinate. hehe… as for the family images… I don’t paint people often and tried one self portrait only one. Here’s one that rather looks like Philippe – and there are tons of Phineas sketches on the site… this was one of my first and I still rather liked the likeness –

  6. This is lovely. Shiny too! Yes time is a tricky thing. You would think one would have so much right now, but in reality we still only have 24 hours in a day. We always seem to fill each minute up with something, especially those of us who don’t like to sit still. ;p

  7. I adore the way you’ve done with whatever shiny, Charlie. The clock is so beautiful 😍. When I read ‘ Philippe snore’, I laughed ha ha, because when I told you will love the snack like cheese hotdog, Philippe suddenly appeared in my mind 🤣

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