For our prompt of “Workout” today, I thought about a hamster running on a wheel and then thought about another hamster who preferred to snack instead. Lately, much of the time, I’ve been this second hamster. While I’m normally a bit more active in the summer months, this season I’ve been a bit of a slug. It’s not that I ever actually go to a gym as one hobby is more than enough for me. I still giggle when people ask others, “do you work out?” as if it’s not immediately visually apparent. There’s only been a few times in my life when I was super fit and super thin, and that was thanks to yoga, which I don’t think is what people mean when they ask that question. It usually relates to lifting weights and building biceps. I’ve only been able to catch a vague peek at those on my own body while lifting weights and then my skinny arms return as soon as I stop. Again, if you have bulging biceps and a perfectly trim build, it’s quite likely you actually work out. For me, my curves are just curves, and I’m quite happy with simply maintaining an average healthy weight.

This afternoon I did feel a bit lighter as I finally got a haircut. I keep delaying it these days as there’s less of a point. If I’m not going to the theatre or indeed really going to any group setting, then there’s nobody to impress. Though actually people will sometimes request a Zoom video chat and so I just slick my hair back and finally shave. I’m sure I should at least pretend to keep up appearances, but I rather enjoy not having to worry about it much. It’s one less thing to deal with these days. But, this morning, I glanced in the mirror after getting out of the shower and I looked liked a castaway that had just washed up on the beach, so I figured it was time to at least make a bit of effort. And I do feel much better now, and would be totally ready to be viewed in public if that was still a thing that was happening in my world.

Instead, Philippe and I have been huddled up at home and well, enjoying lots of wonderful snacks. I’ve started to limit my intake a bit as far as quantity, and that’s enough to make a noticeable impact. And taking more walks is certainly on the list as that’s my only real workout these days. Walks are a perfect form of exercise as I can also enjoy nature and get inspired for future sketches. And indeed, sketching itself is a form of mental exercise. Sometimes, it’s even a bit like mental gymnastics as I try to visualize that odd angle I’m wanting to create or a silly scene with animals. Though the brain is not anatomically a muscle, it can always use a good workout as well. For me, happiness and healthiness have to go hand in hand. There’s little point in being healthy if the act makes one miserable, so I choose the things I love doing most when it comes to exercise, be it physical or mental. After my lovely walk, it’s always exciting to sit down in front of that blank page once again, and put my mind to the test when it’s time to work out.

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39 thoughts on “Time To Work Out

  1. Wonderful Charlie! I’ve been lazy with my physical activity too. I was taking group exercise classes at our local YMCA but that stopped in March. I try to do them via either a live Facebook group or by Zoom in my studio. I rarely make it more than once or twice a week. They were a good way to get some socializing in with other retired people and stay healthy. I have not felt like returning to the gym. I’d rather be home and paint.

    1. Thanks so much, Karen! 😃💕 Yeah, nothing really beats staying home and painting! hehe But yes, physical activity is always good as well. I prefer walking… it just doesn’t take as much time away and I get back to my hobbies!

  2. No one is positively certain, who first said, “Whenever I get the urge to exercise, I lie down until the feeling passes away.” It’s certainly a philosophy of mine, or would be if I ever felt the urge to exercise. I have tried regular exercise routines, and despite being assured many times that I would feel and be healthier, it’s never seemed to work that way for me. I just felt tired and grumpy and hated every minute. Though I did enjoy enjoy weight lifting until I got a bulging disc (work related, not weight lifting related).

    1. I love that quote! 😃💕 Sounds like something Oscar Wilde might quip. hehe Yeah, the only exercise I enjoyed was hot yoga… that specifically, not even regular yoga. Mostly because the results were amazing. I guess I’ve always just loved immediate gratification! lol

  3. I think that little guy on the wheel is looking a little bit jealous of the guy with the strawberry. My motto is “everything in moderation”…except of course for the occasions when that just doesn’t work…sigh. It has been really tough to stay away from all those calorie loaded treats all these months. Better days ahead.

  4. They are adorable! I wouldn’t mind a big hamster wheel to run in, honestly – I used to quite enjoy the treadmills, exercise bikes and rowing machines. The weight lifting was where they lost me.

    I had my hair cut last week for the first time since the beginning of March. It had become pretty unruly in that time, so it was the most satisfying haircut ever!

    1. Thanks so much, Jacob! 😃💕 Yeah, I’m all for cardio… that was my fave in all forms. I like the endorphins and I was always rubbish at lifting heavy things anyway. Yay for the new haircut! I bet that was satisfying. This was my second since March… saves money at least! lol

  5. Once I bought a gym membership. It was a lot of money for something I didn’t use. My best in shape time was biking long distance when I was in my early thirties. Long distance was 50 miles or less. I had a hamster the we kept in the bathroom because of his squeaky wheel.

    1. Yeah, I’ve had a gym membership a couple of times, and I’ve no idea why I did it the second time assuming anything had changed. lol 😉 I never went. And funny that it was a bathroom hamster… yeah that squeaky wheel sound is probably best left there!

  6. Adorable hammies! Definitely a healthy snack and enough to share! I like the long walk in the same couple of circles, but my mind and heart work out painting and doodling are great meditation! PS I am getting rid of my “cast-away-do” on Saturday!

  7. So cute! I laughed when you said that people ask others if they work out when it’s evident whether they do or don’t. haha haha I don’t know if you ever watched “Friends”, but there was an episode when Rachel’s sister criticized Joey for eating something that would go straight to his hips. He got defensive and said,” I’m curvy and I like it! ” 😊 I ‘ve been curvy my whole life. Okay, not curvy, chubby. haha Super cute, Charlie!

    1. Thanks so much, Marisela! 😃💕 Yay for curves!! Yeah, I was a chubby kid, but less so as an adult. I liked my face most when I was a my goal weight… more angular. But, it’s tougher as I get older to stay at that weight so I just landed comfortably at a few pounds more. hehe

      1. I look at pictures when I thought I was so big and I wasn’t! I don’t know what I was thinking! I liked how I looked when I was running. I was still chubby, but I had lost 100 pounds and my legs, that I always hated, looked beautiful! Funny that when I dropped so much weight and I wasn’t so cheeky, people went bonkers over my dimples! As I get older, they get deeper, though. Now, I am jumping at the bit to be able to work out again. One day soon. Hey, we look good, Charlie. As my smarty pants cousin, Paul, told me once on my birthday, “todavia estas pollita.” You’re still a baby chick. haha If you ever get the chance and the time, pull up Gabriel Iglesias on youtube. His nickname is Fluffy and he makes the funniest observations about being a chubby guy. 😁

  8. They are so cute 🥰 I think the left one has just started eating low carb as strawberries are low carb fruits and now he never needs to run in the wheel again 😉 (source: 4+ years living low carb) I always admire your paintings!

  9. Too cute! Your perspective sketching of that wheel is perfect. Everyone of the rungs are going in the right direction. I don’t know what kind of mess I would end up with this. Haha! Have a great weekend!

    1. Thanks so much, Lori! 😃💕 Aww thanks… I tried to get them right, but the hardest part was remembering which were the rungs and which was the white space. My eyes crossed doodling it! lol Have a great weekend as well!

  10. Hello Charlie,

    The hamsters are very expressive! The one running looks jealous and the one snacking looks so content. Your observation about people asking that silly ‘do you work out’ question is so spot on! Till a few years ago, my hair used to be long – it almost touched my knees. One question that was constantly thrown at me was “Do you like to keep your hair long?”. I was NEVER able to answer it coz like you said, I’d succumb to a fit of giggles probably making the other person feel silly. I’d decided to someday compile a list of such questions to make a book. You reminded me of that fun goal! Thanks!


    1. Thanks so much, Mugdha! 😃💕 Glad you enjoyed this! Oh my goodness… yes! Those silly questions need to be compiled. That’s hilarious about your hair. I’ve never understood what people ask some things! hehe

  11. As soon as I saw this Doodlewash, I thought of Tom Sawyer painting the fence for Aunt Polly. Tom Hamster has been told to race around the wheel when along comes Henry Hamster snacking on a juicy strawberry. Henry stops to look at poor Tom when Tom starts whistling about what a great time he’s having on the wheel. Pretty soon, Henry is convinced to trade his strawberry so he can have a turn on the wheel. You’ve painted the moment when Henry realizes he’s been had – he’s racing on a wheel to nowhere and Tom is scarfing down his strawberry. You and Mark Twain would have been good friends, Charlie.

  12. I identify myself, doing what you love the most is very healthy. I returned to my face-to-face work where I am an office worker, I feel that there is not enough time to paint in watercolor and I have felt a little bad, but I have reflected on not giving up and I hope I can adapt

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