Sneaking in a quick little post during a busy day for our art challenge prompt which was a choice between cats and dogs. Though I love cats, I’m allergic, so I’ve become what some call a “dog person.” For this prompt, I made a quick little 2 color sketch of a tiny Maltese dog. I’ve never personally owned one of these dogs, but have had friends who have owned them. They’re like little stuffed animals and so cute that they were the first type of dog to come to mind today. My own dog, Phineas, is smaller than many other breeds, but nothing one would consider pocket-sized. In fact, he just barely fits comfortably on a lap, tending to sprawl out and require a bit of extra bolstering with an arm. If he gets sleepy, he begins to melt a bit and go limp, magically doubling in size and growing quite heavy. But this doesn’t seem to be a fact that he has any awareness of whatsoever. And even if he is aware, it’s certainly of no concern to him. He’s quite confident his dads will endure whatever the process of taking care of him demands.

Recently our dishwasher was on the fritz and when the repairman arrived Phineas greeting him like he does all new house guests. With complete and uncompromising suspicion. I offered to put Phineas in a different room, but the repairman loved dogs and said that he was fine to stay. I’m quite sure that within a few minutes, this was a regretted decision. Laying on the floor with a flashlight, the repairman began to look for the problem. Phineas, however, was equally curious and began poking his head in to have a look at what the light was shining upon, blocking all ability for the guy to see clearly. I managed to get him to avoid helping in quite such a hands on fashion, but his next move was to sit on the legs of the repairman as though making sure he couldn’t leave until the job was completed properly. This is, after all, his house in his mind and he’s simply not comfortable unless everything is running smoothly.

In the end, the dishwasher didn’t so much get fixed as begin to mysteriously work properly again on its own. Judging from the smug expression of Phineas soon after, I could tell this was yet another thing he accepted full credit for accomplishing. We love to talk for him, adding an internal dialogue to his already abundant personality. And we’ve made up a story that he loves the show Paw Patrol and thinks it’s the only show on television with good actors, except, of course, for Scooby Doo. When we take him for car rides, he’s vigilant in patrolling everything that passes. Not with a “head outside the window and tongue flapping with joy” sense like most other dogs, but with his signature suspicion and, like Scooby, his intent determination to solve the next mystery. It’s all a fun fabrication, but it becomes a joyous game and almost real with every mannerism that Phineas exhibits next. And I for one, am always left smiling, wondering what on earth life would be like if it weren’t for tiny little dogs.

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34 thoughts on “Tiny Little Dogs

  1. Aw, your Maltese is so adorable! Our mastiffs weren’t tiny, but they used to have these little dramas, and hubby and I would do subtitles to what was going on – Liam has toy. Cedric wants toy. Cedric asks to outside and Liam dashes outside too. But wait – Cedric doesn’t go through the door. Instead he dashes back and grabs the toy. Victory!

    1. Sandra, we must be kindred spirits. I have had as many as 5 mastiffs living in my house at the same time. All ages, all colors, all being shown indifferent events. Also have rescued several and found good ones for them. I have had to downsize, as as I’m older now, but oh, how I love that breed of dog. There is nothing like a mastiff!

  2. I love appliances that fix themselves! As far as I’m concerned, they don’t make enough of them! And as to the pet napping. I admire cats and dogs total relaxation techniques when they nap. And how they spread themselves bigger than they can possibly be. But, if you snap open a can of pet foid, they are up and at em in a flash! Amazing!

  3. This is bound to bring out the doggy types, and your painting is very cute. For Otto, Jackie and I are interminably boring, so strangers are exciting and full of promise. The delivery man from the supermarket is definitely so. Otto hears the van and starts howling and barking. I take him outside to meet and greet on his lead, before escorting in him indoors to be sequestered with one of those disgusting rawhide chews he adores. With luck the man is finished before te chew and so more enthusiastic greeting and invitations to play are avoided. Boring normality returns….

    1. Thanks, Rod! 😃💕 Tried a simpler more illustrative approach for this one. hehe… yeah, it’s really tough to beat the “new”… I think Phineas gets a bit bored with us as well. Always excited to see someone… anyone else! lol

  4. You share the delight of delighting in Phineas and we don’t even
    have to buy his food. I love that little dog! I bet the repairman will
    never forget your canine housemate.

    On another note. I have a friend who has cancer. She had a tea cup
    Maltese who sadly is no longer with her. I definitely want that picture.
    If you will add it to your shop, I will order it on Monday.

      1. I replied to this but it must have gotten lost in cyber space.
        Thank you so very much. I just ordered it. Her birthday is June 18th
        and this will be a present that will be a total surprise. she will be so
        happy. Thank you again for making it possible.

  5. Charlie, I don’t know which I enjoy more-your writing or your wonderful paintings! If you ever publish your art and writing, sign me up for a copy please. I look forward to my daily dose of doodlewash every day, even if all I have time for is to enjoy and appreciate your wonderful perspective on life. You, my friend, are a gift to us all!

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