For our prompt of “Village” today, my mind went right to those little winter holiday villages that some folks have as decorations this time of year. I don’t have one so, here’s a quick little imagined doodle. I’ve always wanted to create my own miniature village this time of year by getting all of the little buildings, fake snow, lights and figurines. It would be so much fun to assemble one! This is what I tell Philippe each and every year, and he smiles, then politely explains we have no place to display or store it. Next, he just sits back in hopes that I’ll give up and move on to something else entirely. He needn’t worry as this always happens next, because my attention span is shorter than a fruit fly’s. Yet, each year, it’s as if I’m discovering the possibility all over again when I see them appear in stores. If Philippe and I ever have a large house with a basement for storage, things would likely get out of hand this time of year. I’m quite sure I wouldn’t be able to control myself. “The village doesn’t have a post office! We need one, Philippe!” I would demand. “How will the 4o child figurines I bought send their letters to Santa?!” Yeah, thinking about it now, perhaps it’s for the best that we ourselves live in a smaller home.

But, still, I’ve always wanted to live in a cozy holiday cottage. Those little figures building snowmen and ice skating seemed so happy in their little world. Sure, it was tiny and miniature and based more on nostalgic dreams than actual reality, but that’s what made it all seem so wonderful. It’s a world that should exist. A place where everyone waves and knows everyone else. Where what you DO each day is the reward and not simply acquiring more possessions. At least, that’s the idea I imagined in my mind. It’s actually the very way that my grandmother lived. Each time I would visit, the only new items in the house were the ones brought by the last grandchild. And this was added to items that had been around for years like old friends. I didn’t grow up in an Internet generation, so I’m not sure how I would have felt to be denied access. Visiting my mother’s house today is rather similar as she doesn’t know what WiFi is or why on earth anyone would actually need something like that. This, of course, doesn’t stop her from going to my sister’s house and standing over her shoulder while requesting things to be pulled up on Facebook.

As a kid, I survived a week long ice storm without electricity in the dead of winter. And I didn’t mind. Sure, this turns me into that old guy who tells stories about how rough things were back in the day. But, the truth is, they weren’t rough at all. I never felt terribly stressed or busy despite the incredible amount of projects I had going at one time. Today, with social media, there’s certainly a lot of extra steps to get through things, but I’ve met amazing artists across the world along the way! And I wouldn’t trade that experience for anything in the world. And these days with a touch of a screen we can be magically transported to anywhere in the world. That’s a pretty amazing thing. It’s not the teleportation that my younger self expected to happen by the year 2020, but it’s a happy substitute. I’m a friendly and positive guy, but I’m not a social butterfly. So, the Internet has been a rather magical thing for me. The ability to connect with people who share my interests is truly a gift. And, it’s fun to come together and make things each and every day. It’s exactly what I imagined would happen all of those years ago when I would hoping to be part of a tiny little village.

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26 thoughts on “Tiny Little Village

  1. I love your little village – Charlieville! Actually, I think that name has been taken. Modern man is so used to our possessions. Used to be most people didn’t have a permanent home, and didn’t eat every day. About the only possession they had were the clothes on their back. Today, that would be considered the deepest poverty, and it was then but also considered pretty normal. There is much I don’t like about our society, but I’m ever so glad I live here and now!

  2. Charlie says, ” It’s a world that should exist. A place where everyone waves and knows everyone else. Where what you DO each day is the reward and not simply acquiring more possessions.”

    I think you just described DOodlewash. I fully expect that one day there will be a DOodlewash TV show where Little Charlie stars opposite Big Charlie and wisdoms such as the above blossom in word and deed. I’ve said it before but after reading “Tiny Little Village” I have to say it again. You have a beautiful soul and you’ve created a beautiful village!

  3. I love your beautiful village, Charlie 🥰. I always imagine a village in fairytale like that one. And I’m touched by words and thoughts in your story. And I think Philippe should bring you a miniature village, that thing might be easier possible than he’s waited for your giving up hehe. 👐(high-five or high-ten😉)

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