Based on your vote (which was a bit closer this time!) here’s a little mechanical wonder from Santa. Very little time to paint today, so this is just a quick urban sketch before dinner because I was playing with him while Philippe made us some soup. I actually did get a robot whose eyes sparkle like I wanted (not the Sparkling Mike I doodlewashed a couple months ago, but one that’s just as cool!). This, however, isn’t that robot as I was lucky enough to score two  robots! The robot shown here is tinier and super cute. Plus he plays the drum, so he’s also quite talented.  Or it could be a she… super hard to tell with robots.

Today’s post is going to be super short. I blame one of my other gifts which was Lego Dimensions, a mash-up Xbox One game of various characters from the Wizard of Oz to Batman. It’s incredibly fun and Philippe and I can play together so that’s what we’ve been doing this afternoon and will continue doing after dinner. This is my favorite part of Christmas! For days afterward, you get to wake up to new toys you’ve yet to play with properly. Well, at least when you’re super young at heart or an artist, or most preferably… both! Hope you all are enjoying the gifts you received this year as well!

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24 thoughts on “Tiny Toy Robot

  1. So very cute, Charlie! And wow on the details! I was just commenting on how nice it was that you guys got to share so many of the fun things you do! I hope you guys get to play with all your toys!! ❤️❤️❤️

      1. I ordered from Dick Blick and they don’t have much in the way of fountain pens so will order this from Amazon later this week. I ordered a Koh Rapidograph pen to try and a few other supplies. 😄

  2. Woo-hoo…does he play a mean tune on that drum?! As to the Lego Dimensions, I only know the real Legos plastic building blocks…is it like that, only on computert? If so, what fun! 😀

    1. It’s just like that! Hehe… It’s a 3D computer game that looks just like the Lego minifigures and toys. The best part is, there’s a physical component so you have actual Lego you have to put together during the game in order to advance. My inner child is going crazy for it!! Lol 😊😃

    1. I did get a robot!! Santa is awesome!!! Lol And I did see that game, but not sure if we’ll get it yet. I didn’t think we’d end up with dimensions as Philippe initially referred to it as a “money pit” because of all the other figures you can buy. Hehe… He does extensive research on each game and reads reviews before they are approved for purchase! 😊Lol I’ll get him researching Lego Worlds! Yay!

      1. Lots of games do that to you, don’t they – microtransactions and whatnot. It’s partly why I’ve gone off gaming! That looked pretty fun though – like a bottomless box of Lego!

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