For our prompt of “Myth” today, the first idea that popped into my mind, not surprisingly for me, was mythical creatures. Indeed, there are lots of fierce and scary mythical creatures to be found, but I rather like unicorns the most. My dream unicorn is super tiny, roughly the size of a mushroom so it could fit in my pocket. Indeed, that would have to be a shirt pocket with the head poking out forward so as to not be impaled by the horn. A pants pocket would be out of the question. But, I just think it would be super cute and I adore pretty much anything in miniature form. For some reason, I imagine a unicorn at this tiny scale to possess even more magical powers than the larger version. Indeed, the early depictions would often show unicorns much smaller and resting on the laps of princesses. Though they were still a bit too large, so one can only imagine the numbness and leg cramps those princesses must have felt. Thus, a pocket-sized version would surely be seen as miraculous and become the talk of the kingdom.

Indeed, I’m not sure that a magical unicorn like this would enjoy being stuck in someone’s pocket or purse. Like most creatures in the world, they’d likely be much happier being free to trot through a magical mushroom forest. But, when I think of all of the other mythical creatures from yetis to dragons, I hope she would be safe there. Perhaps she’d find a group of gnomes to provide a bit of protection. This would be fine, of course, as long as they weren’t actually dwarves who would force her to become their housekeeper. Snow White really didn’t have a clue. What’s fun about the world inside a story is that it can contain whatever creatures one would like there. Indeed, there must be obstacles, perhaps even villains, but the best thing about a fairytale is the part when you know that everyone good will live happily ever after.

Tonight is Philippe’s birthday party. Well, it’s just the two of us, or three of course, counting our dog Phineas. But, like tiny mythical creatures, good things often come in little packages. I have just five little packages for Philippe to open, and I can’t take credit for one as that arrived from Paris. It’s actually the best gift, I think, as mine are perfectly silly on purpose. Yet, I hope he enjoys them. I’m quite sure he’ll want to open them slowly throughout the evening as we both enjoy the anticipation of things often more than the gifts themselves. I’m thinking we should order in so he doesn’t have to cook anything, but sometimes he still insists on cooking because he knows his food will taste better. When I went to pick up his cake today, they didn’t have the one we usually get. That was a bit of a bummer, but also rather cool since it’s in a box and Philippe has no idea what kind I picked out now. It looks lovely, so I hope it tastes equally wonderful. No matter what, it will be a fabulous evening that always feels perfectly magical, like a tiny unicorn.

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25 thoughts on “Tiny Unicorn

  1. Charlie enjoy yourselves for sure! I have a whole garden of elves and a fairy on a bench and mushrooms in the urn under the zamioculcas. I love them! Now listen, do not eat more than one slice of cake! Hahahha.

  2. By the time you read this, Philippe’s birthday will probably be over, but tell him happy birthday for me, anyway. Meanwhile, I’m going to go searching under the flowers and see if I can find any tiny unicorns!

  3. Happy belated birthday, Philippe! I’m never good at remembering birthdays and anniversaries. Our anniversary is this month, but I’m not sure of the date. Lol. Joe will hopefully remind me. I just asked and he said it’s the 15th, so I had better get him a gift! Over night deliveries are my friend!

    1. Thanks so much, Lisa! 😃💕 You were right on time actually, and it’s a birthday month as I say, so it’s impossible to be too belated! lol Happy Anniversary to you and Joe! Ours is next month and I the only reason I remember it is because it’s the 1st! hehe

  4. Felicidades! 🎉🎉🎉 Hip hip hooray! Happy Birthday! 💝 Today is my uncle’s birthday also. My Tio Lolo. He passed away a few years back, but he was always sweet to me and I still miss him. He was older like my dad. I still thank the Lord that He allowed me to have someone special like my Tio Lolo. He was Fire Chief for the San Antonio Fire Department. He was the very first Hispanic Fire Chief to ever be appointed at a time when it was unheard of (1974) and he was a rock star. Of course, he was a rock star to me, too. Tio Isidoro O. Martinez, I love you and miss you! 💜 A happy and joyous birthday 🎂🎂🎂 celebration to you guys! Oooo, presents!
    While I did meet A LOT of super cute fire fighters because of my ties to my uncle, they were too scared of my uncle to take the risk. I used to tell my Tio that he was “messing up my game.” He would laugh and laugh. He would say that if they were too scared to face him then they weren’t the right one. 💜

      1. Aww, Charlie, you are always so sweet. Your reply made me cry. Good cry. 😀 Thank you, Charlie! I hope you guys had a great celebration! 🎉🎉🎉

  5. Bon anniversaire à Philippe quel âge a t-il maintenant ? çà serait bien de nous faire une aquarelle de son gâteau – merci – la licorne est très belle !

  6. So magical! Love the added touch of the mushrooms. I’ve never had any interest in unicorns, probably their similarity to horses, but this one is cute especially since he is a tiny one!

  7. That unicorn sitting in the shade of a giant mushroom looks so magical. It would make a really good Beatles song and looks right out of the 1960s. I really like how you added bright colours but it did not overpower the painting.

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