For our prompt of “Anemone” today, I opted for a sea anemone hitching a ride on a hermit crab. I’ve always been fascinating by sea anemone and particularly their symbiotic relationships with other sea creatures. The clownfish connection is rather well-known and made more popular with films like Finding Nemo. Yet, as it turns out, these fascinating creatures have other friends as well. From the time they’re young, a hermit crab will pick up a young sea anemone and they’ll often hang out together for life. Having a stinging sea creature on your back is a perfect way for a little crab to fend off predators. And a typically stationary sea anemone gets an ocean RV to tool around on to find more food while also escaping from danger. When a crab outgrows the shell, they’ll move to another one and take their friend along. Indeed, sometimes it’s our differences that make for the most harmonious relationships.

Throughout my life I’ve had lots of different friends, and many times, what drew me to them in the first place was our nearly opposite natures. I’m just genuinely intrigued by different personalities and people who enjoy completely different things than I do. I feel like everyone in this world has something they can teach us, and those lessons get rather interesting when they come from an unexpected source. Unlike hermit crabs, however, I’ve not been able to stay in touch with all of the friends I’ve made in my life. Many times, life just takes a very different course and people move on to other things. Though I still cherish each and every memory of our times together. But, one thing I’ve learned is that you’re never too old to make new friends. And I’m excited to think of all of the future friends that I’ll have one day that I’ve yet to even meet.

At home, Philippe and our dog Phineas are best of friends, but today Phineas refused the afternoon walk so Philippe went on his own. I stayed with the dog as his reasoning was that it was just too darn hot and I had to agree with him. As much as Phineas loves the sun, he prefers to lay under it and let it boil him slowly. It’s always funny to watch the standoff between the two of them. I’ve learned log ago that’s it’s never wise to argue with a basenji. Phineas will just do whatever he wants in the end. So, we’ll all take a walk this evening when things cool off a bit. While I do love the longer days this time of year, I wish the sun wasn’t quite so blistering. And, as for hermit crabs and sea anemone, it will continue to fascinate me watching how creatures in nature always seem to find a perfect balance. If more people in the world would let their own human nature learn from these creatures, they’d quickly find it’s always possible to live together in harmony.

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26 thoughts on “Together In Harmony

  1. Great sketch of the two friends, off on an adventure. We humans might learn something from these two species, (although I wouldn’t recommend carrying around your friend on your head!) Cooperation often yields special results, so we can learn to work with those who are different from us.

  2. Symbiotic relationships seem to be hard for mankind. We’re much more prone to be parasites! Ah, we actually have sunshine today! It’s 70 degrees and just perfect for a walk. Of course, that means that everyone is out walking and you spend as much time moving the correct distance away as just walking forward. It almost make you feel drunk.

  3. This is wonderful Charlie! I will be venturing out tomorrow for my first visit with my 90 year old mom since the first of March. It will be a solo day trip. Will be nice to see her but a bit unnerving to travel. Maybe it will help get me over my fear of leaving the house. Hope your walk this evening was enjoyable!

  4. I only went out on the deck today to water my hanging basket. It was a hot one! Plus, I had a doc appointment today, and it was by phone, so I wanted to not sound heat stroked when she called. The good news is that all of my bloodwork numbers are doing well! This staying home and eating well seems just the ticket to good health.

  5. At first, he looked like he was having a bad hair day. He is great and I love the story of them making forever friends. Very interesting and it made me happy!

  6. Looks like the hermit crab is getting festive with a new hat. No doubt about which of these critters is party animal, which the stodgy couch potato – er – sandbag. I do like its periscope eyes, the secretive windows on the underworld.

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