Tomatoes & Fresh Basil on a white plate watercolor sketch and food illustration Doodlewash

Tomatoes & Basil – A Match Made in Heaven

Thought I’d doodlewash another of my summer favorites to bring to the #DoodlewashDinner, homegrown tomatoes with fresh basil. Since I’m not a fan of the extreme heat that summers here can often bring, this delicious combo makes it all worth it! Just as exciting as the arrival of fresh tomatoes is for me, it’s also bittersweet to see them go again. Hot house tomatoes just don’t taste the same and during the rest of year, tomatoes lose their allure. I assume this is why I find this time so amazing and were tomatoes always available, then I would lose much of my devout appreciation for them. But I really wish they could hang around much longer.

A member of the deadly nightshade family, tomatoes freaked early Europeans out because they assumed they were poisonous. The leaves are actually a touch poisonous, but you’d have to consume about a pound and a half to notice any adverse side effects. Regardless, the shiny fruit is where the party is and it’s loaded with Vitamin C so eat up! Basil isn’t a slouch either as they contain compounds that are know to have anti-inflammatory and anti-bacterial qualities. Put the two together and you have a heck of a healthy snack that actually tastes great!

Tonight, I’m heading to a real life Doodlewash Dinner hosted by my friend Aesha. This is only the second time we’ve tried this, but it’s tons of fun! Basically, you just invite people over, eat, drink and break out the paints instead of Pictionary after dinner. There’s always someone new to painting which makes it even more fun, and also proves that anybody can paint, it just takes a brush. Painting really well, of course, takes a lot of practice and painting after a few glasses of wine can have its own challenges, but anything done with friends and laughter is way more fun! That’s why I’m so happy many of you are joining me for dinner this month, and there’s many days ahead if you haven’t yet. I hope you’ll join in! I’ve never liked to eat alone.

You’re all invited to a Doodlewash Dinner Party during the month of May! Just tag your food or drink image #doodlewashdinner and I’ll feature you and your culinary creations in a delicious Doodlewash Gallery at the end of the month! 

About the Doodlewash

M. Graham watercolors: Pyrrol Red, Azo Orange, Ultramarine Blue, Permanent Green Pale, and Neutral Tint. Lamy Safari Al Star pen with Platinum Carbon black ink in a 5″ x 8″ 140 lb. (300 gsm) Pentalic Aqua Journal

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74 thoughts on “Tomatoes & Basil – A Match Made in Heaven

  1. Tonight’s actual doodle wash dinner sounds like fun! What a great idea. Tomatoes out of the garden, drizzled with olive oil and sprinkled with fresh basil??!! I am salivating just thinking about it. Enjoy your party. 🙂

  2. Absolutely mouth watering, a gorgeous Doodlewash, Charlie. The shine on the tomatoes, the soft shadows, the delicate leaves, all so perfectly delectable. Careful if you decide to hang this one on the wall – you may find guests coming by and trying to lick it!

  3. Those tomatoes are to die for! Who could turn down such a prospect? Hmm, now I find myself desperate for some tomato and basil pasta – perfect (well, until I realise I’ve no dish in front of me!)

    The real Doodlewash Dinner sounds like a lot of fun. I wonder if you could combine two good things and do Doodlewash Pictionary – hmm, perhaps not!

  4. Yum! Charlie fresh homegrown seasonal tomatoes are delicious I love and homegrown them too and I looooove basil I put fresh basil in everything it taste amazing! I also make tea out of it! Your doodlewash is beautiful and vibrant! Wish you a great real doodlewash dinner tonight! How fun would be if we all get out of our virtuality and magically appearing in the same place it would be amazing! <3 😉

  5. Homegrown always taste so much better! Have a great dinner! And if a little wine gets painted with, all the better 😉

    1. Thanks so much, Margaret! 😃💕 And you don’t need other artists for a Doodlewash Dinner…one guest had never painted before in his life! Hehe… Anyone can try and enjoy painting for a little part of an evening, so it works perfectly. Just need people who are willing to play! It’s so fun!! 😉

  6. I just bought some fresh basil to plant outside along with a cherry tomato plant. I agree there is nothing like fresh tomatoes! I like mine drizzled with olive oil and balsamic vinegar! 🍅💕🍴 Hope you are having a fabulous doodlewash dinner – sounds so fun! Cheers! 🍷

  7. Charlie, last year I was blessed enough to visit Corfu, Greece. We picked basil right off the plant and ate it with fresh tomatoes and local feta unlike any I have ever eaten. Creamy, rich, and not salty at all. Topped with local olive oil, it was a lunch that I will never forget. Amazing! Thanks for helping me to remember the local pleasures of Greece. This year I am growing my own basil and tomatoes, hoping to replicate these simple pleasures 🙂

  8. Hi ya, I hope you all had a great time painting, sounds like a lot of fun. I agree fresh home grown toms are the best, not to forget that gorgeous smell they have, which I think hits one of my tops, infact it could equal that smell you get on fresh wet ground after it has been dry.

  9. I’m lovin’ how well you doodle the greenery in these food posts, Charlie! Over here you can get the wionderful cherry tomatoes — pecarino, solanato — all so sweet and delish. That’s what I usually buy. Your real dinner sounds like great fun!

    1. Awww thanks, Laura!! 😃💕hehe… I just use a few layers of color when I can stand to wait a bit for drying. In this case I couldn’t so I just swirled the orange and red together. 😊 I did these like I’d done apples before…used Ultramarine blue to add darks and dimension and then went back over the whole thing with Pyrrol Red and Azo Orange because they’re super transparent. But not sure that really a technique or anything, but that’s what I did! 😉

    1. Awww thanks Sharon! 😃💕 I just told Laura how I shaded. I think I should do a course, “watercolor for people who lack patience”! Lol I’m sure there’s a much more elegant way to get to the finish if I could wait for things to dry properly!😊hehe

  10. Homegrown tomatoes or bust! I cannot wait until my vines start producing and meals al fresco will start to feature fresh toms, basil and burrata. Hurry up summer!

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