Many folks pointed out that a prompt of “Desserts” somehow sneaked its way into this month’s list as well. This was actually intentional, because there are hundreds of sweet things to choose from and it’s always a fun thing to sketch! Equally, taking a second look at the same prompt is a really good exercise. And lastly, it’s an opportunity to treat yourself to a dessert simply because it’s required to fulfill the prompt. That last bit was my real reasoning, but unfortunately I found myself with some extra time to make my initial sketch over lunch at work. The problem was, I couldn’t leave work to get a proper dessert, so I had to mock something up from references and dreams. This happens quite a lot with me. Though I adore desserts of all kinds, I rarely have them. I always hint to Philippe that this prompt is coming, hoping he’ll create something delicious for me to sketch. He made a rum cake that’s incredibly delicious, but it lacks a certain degree of whipped cream. Indeed, there’s none, so I opted for a sort of strawberry sundae with a cherry topping and more whipped cream than actual ice cream. Just the way I like it. Yet, best of all, I have to admit that it’s wonderful to know that a sketch is blissfully free of any real calories.

That’s likely why Philippe doesn’t let me indulge in actual desserts very often. I’ve no will power whatsoever when it comes to them, so it’s all for the best when they’re saved for special occasions. There’s a common phrase about having “too much of a good thing” and I think it’s got a lot of truth to it sometimes. However, when it comes to sketching and painting, I think it’s very different. To date, I’ve never discovered a moment where having extra time to sketch and paint was too much of a good thing. Sure, perhaps this is because I’ve never had more than 2 hours in a day, but this is the one thing in my life where more would only be better. Though, I know me, and I know that I’d still never spend more than 2 hours on a single sketch. Even that is a lot. In experience, I get a bit bored so I quickly lose my focus and the results are not very good. I don’t just overwork things, I just begin to ignore things entirely. It’s an issue that I thought meant I couldn’t be an artist of any sort. I see people spending days and weeks on what they create and I long to be just like them. But, we’re each so different and the way we create is equally different. All of the ways are beautiful and there’s no one right way to do things.

Though sure, if you want to create a large scale painting, you’ll need the time and attention span to make that happen. If, like me, you simply don’t have either, that doesn’t mean you can’t make some art! Sure, my sketchbook pages won’t appear in a gallery show, but that doesn’t make someone an artist. An artist is simply someone who creates new things. And, I’m not ruling out the possibility that, one day, I’ll be able to make something larger that takes a long time to create. Even if I don’t manage to do that for some reason, I’m still quite happy. Each day, I get to make something new. That’s a pretty amazing thing when you think about it. I’ve no idea if it will be a really cool thing or something that’s just pretty and forgettable, but it’s MY thing. I made this! I made the treat that I wanted appear in my sketchbook. It’s something that, once upon a time, I didn’t think I could DO! So, yeah, I think that in certain situations, there’s no such thing as too much dessert.

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Ice Cream Sundae Watercolor Painting Sketchbook Detail

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40 thoughts on “Too Much Dessert

  1. You are so correct – we’re all different! I do often spend more than 2 hours on a sketch, and on rare occasions I’ve even spent days. But I quickly found that if I do this often I start putting it off, and soon I stop creating art at all. I work small, I work quick and I do more. It’s just the way many of us are.

    1. Thanks, Sandra! 😃💕 Yes, indeed! When the DOing takes too long, it’s so easy to put off. I know I’ll make those longer illustrations one day, but it’s always good to know I only need a few moments to make at least something!

  2. Poor hubs! The doc told him he’s diabetic, so no desserts! If he’s careful and exercises, and loses a bit of weight, he may be able to control it without meds. But he’s not being as careful as he should be. I’m doing my part. Like Philippe, I’m not making desserts any more!

  3. I’m glad I wasn’t the only one who pointed out that dessert was in last months list. Great painting Charlie. I usually spend an hour or two in the evening doing my doodles. I can’t imagine spending weeks on a work of art.

    1. Thanks, Gary! 😃💕 Yeah, you totally weren’t the only one. And there were some fun deserts created, so that’s awesome. And, yes, I’m a hobbyist so I too can’t imagine spending weeks on something. But, I love it when people DO! Maybe one day I’ll have the patience to try it! 😉

  4. Oh yum yum yum fabulous. What I love most about doodlewash is everyone is unique and everyone wonderful. I like how we can just flow with our interpretations and it’s all good, be creative, paint and express yourself. I unfortunately have a half painted hummingbird here, but I’m now following a different art journey and I truly appreciate that I can do that. Doodlewash is a wonderful place indeed.

    1. Thanks so much, Claire! 😃💕I’m so thrilled to hear that!! So happy you’re enjoying Doodlewash and even more that it’s become the exact place I always envisioned. Together, we can keep it that way and do awesome things!

  5. Yum! I don’t like to spend a lot of time on one sketch. I like instant gratification. And I am always happier with the results. If I take longer on something, I tend to not go back it to finish. I know I am not alone on this, I’ve heard other people say the same thing.

  6. Charlie says, “…have to admit that it’s wonderful to know that a sketch is blissfully free of any real calories.”

    Looking at that luscious sundae, I feel the pounds accumulating. Anything that looks that good has to have calories!

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