Vintage Camper Blue Pink Watercolor Illustration

Traveling Back In Time

For our prompt of “Travel” today, I made a quick sketch of a vintage camper trailer. I’ve always thought this type of travel would be fun, but have never once had the opportunity to try it. Though, in my mind, I often travel back in time as it makes me happy to recall simpler moments from decades ago. Life always seems simpler in the rear view mirror, but the world today has grown so chaotic that now there’s actually a bit more truth there. So, I do like to imagine myself in a little scenario like the one illustrated here. I’m sitting outside in a lawn chair enjoying a good book with only a pot of flowers and a plastic pink flamingo for company. Philippe and our pup Elliott are mostly likely off walking or inside taking a nap together. And, in this moment, I can truly feel like like a kid again, devoid of all those silly adult worries and enjoying a perfect day that feels blissfully endless. It’s a lovely dream, indeed!

Speaking of lovely dreams, one of mine just came true! I have a little secret to share with those of you who read my full posts. I’ve been working with Da Vinci Paint Co. for the last few months on replicating my 12-color system that I’ve used to create the over 2,000 watercolor illustrations that I’ve sketched and posted here over the past few years.

I’ve always used 3 reds, 3 yellows, 3 blues, and 3 secondary colors in my palette, based on color theory, but I’ve played with different hues during that time while perfecting things. Most recently, I’ve moved to all non-toxic colors, but didn’t have a non-toxic way to replace my precious Cobalt Turquoise, until now! Working with Da Vinci, we developed a brand new color together that’s called… well… Charlie O’Blue, of course (available in 15ml and 8ml tubes)!

This newly-developed color also appears in a brand new 12-color half pan set of professional artist watercolors called the Sketching Stuff Coloring Set, and it’s available to purchase now for just $49!

Sketching Stuff Coloring Set Charlie O'Blue And Pan Set

The set comes with a card that shows my primary color mixes (CMY & RYB), favorite alternate mixes, as well as how I mix blacks, tans, and grays. Though, we just discovered that Charlie O’Blue makes a gorgeous gray when mixed with Vermilion (which is also in the palette!).

If you’d like to try my palette first, you can! (I’m starting to sound like a QVC salesperson, I know, but I truly AM incredibly excited to share this!) You can get a dot sample set of the Sketching Stuff Coloring Set to try for just $9.99.

I hope you’ll check it out! It’s been quite an art journey for me. Thinking back to when Philippe brought home some watercolor back in 2015 and I said, “that looks like fun!”, I could have never predicted where this trip would ultimately lead. I think that’s the real joy of creating stuff. There are so many wonderful surprises that happen along the way.

And, my wish remains the same. I hope to inspire as many people as possible to harness the power of their Inner Child and create like a kid again! With just the same 12 colors, I’ve found that you can make anything you can imagine appear on paper. Thanks for taking this trip with me and I hope you’ve been enjoying the ride. Having the confidence to create is not terribly difficult once you remember that we were all born talented and creative. Sometimes, to get back to that very special state of mind, it just takes a bit of traveling back in time!

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Sketching Stuff Coloring Set – Da Vinci Watercolors: Charlie O’Blue, Gold Ochre, Hansa Yellow Medium, Opus Vivid Pink, Leaf Green, Terra Cotta, and Indigo. ZIG Cartoonist Mangaka Pen with black ink in an A5 Hahnemühle Watercolour Book. Want to purchase a print of this doodlewash? Send me a note and I’ll add it to my shop!
Vintage Camper Blue Pink Watercolor Illustration Sketchbook Detail

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27 thoughts on “Traveling Back In Time

  1. You are AMAZING, Charlie! Few people could take a little hobby and turn it into a large, global venture that brings joy to so many people…in addition to being a business that brings in income. Bravo, my friend! Off to check out the new non-toxic paint you’ve created. 💙

  2. I love everything you have done recently and just wanted you to know that Charlie – I have just really been busy. 😉 I love this old camper – lol. The colours are delicious and I absolutely love the new blue Charlie O’Blue – AWESOME!! I immediately went to to see if they had either the palette or the paint (we cannot get things from the US here in Canada even the UK is a problem. Shipping, brokerage, customs, duty we get dinged on both sides of the border making it impossible so most of my shopping is done either local, Canada or China. 😉 lol But it will be wonderful if it comes here somewhere. I will hunt for it in Canada and see if I can find an art store selling it. I can’t even get the dot samples because when I tried to order dot samples before from Da Vinci I was told they couldn’t ship to Canada. I don’t blame them. Although, why businesses can’t toss something that small in a regular white envelope I don’t really understand. However, it is what it is 😉

    1. Aww thanks so much, Zoie!! 😃💕 You’re so sweet! Yes, currently the palette is only available through Da Vinci Paint Co’s website. They do ship worldwide, but yep, they can’t control the odd custom fees, etc. I’m super proud of the new blue… it just seems like the color I’d come up with! hehe

      1. lol – it is exactly the colour of blue I have loved since I was a young girl. We used to have to write with a dip pen (that isn’t what we called it then). So we had ink wells and I managed to get this awesome colour of blue that was, at the time, called sea blue. As an adult I have continuously looked for that blue. You made it! I can’t wait. 😉

        1. Yay!! Yeah, this is totally the color I loved as a kid and still do as an adult. The watercolor versions were both toxic and a bit weak in color, so I solved both issues with this new blue! It’s vibrant and fun! I hope you enjoy it!

  3. Congratulations, Charlie! I’ve already put in my order. This will be the first time I miss my blog. I’ll have to think of some way to do a decent review without it, since you usually don’t have me review your products at Doodlewash.

  4. Charlie O’Blue…I love it! That’s great Charlie. So glad your adventure in watercolor has led you to where you are today. Thanks for sharing it all!

  5. Hello Charlie,

    Charlie O’ Blue sounds wonderful! I don’t whether I like the color more or the name. 🙂 Many many Congratulations my dear friend! Is the camper painted with Charlie O’ Blue???? It’s gorfeous. Let me let you in on a little secret too… I sometimes get a glimpse into the future and I’ve seen a whole Charlie O’ Dreambox filled with Charlie O’ colors. Hehehe… you never know when these wishes come true Charlie. And who knows! You may just find yourself relaxing outside such a camper sooner than you imagine. Fingers crossed!


    1. Thanks so much, Mugdha! 😃💕 Hehe… yeah, I was so happy they let me call the color that. It just seems to fit! And yes, Charlie O’Blue is used in the camper and I’ve actually been using it since I sketched penguins a couple months back, but wasn’t able to reveal it yet! And hopefully one day I’ll get my chance to enjoy a camper trip… it sounds so relaxing and rejuvenating!! Much love to you! ❤️

  6. What a sweet picture! There’s just something about those trailers that bring back a sense of longing for the kinder, gentler days, and your choices of colors is perfect! I picture a ’55 Chevy in Charlie O’Blue towing it! Amazing the thoughts and memories that can be brought to mind with such a picture, and to know you have warmed the souls of many in the doing is a blessing on both sides of the paintbrush! Thank you Charlie for this sweet reprieve from some of the harsh realities of life!

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