For our prompt of “Turkey” today, I opted for a proper portrait of a wild turkey, with a face only a mother could love. In truth, I find turkey faces quite fascinating with all the little bumps, bits, and tiny odd details. And if you’re in the States today, you’re likely celebrating Thanksgiving, so I hope if you are, you are having a wonderful one indeed! Philippe has spent the day cooking various things and we’ll be enjoying them this evening. Though being from Paris, and never having grown up with this tradition, Philippe really gets into it each year. We don’t do the late lunch version that I grew up with, but enjoy a lovely dinner version instead with champagne and candles. It’s more food on a plate than we have any other time of year, but thankfully it’s just bites of things that we’ll end up eating all weekend long. Though turkey is often on a Thanksgiving menu, it’s all of the side dishes that thrill me most of all. I’m most excited for Philippe’s from scratch take on green bean casserole. A dish made with various cans of food when I was growing up that I never really enjoyed. I told him it had to be on the menu because it’s tradition, mostly to see his face. He replied, “yeah, we’re not doing it that way” and then invented pure green bean casserole gold instead! I can’t wait!

Since I don’t cook, sketching a turkey is my only substantive contribution to the day. Philippe doesn’t seem to mind and has one his French documentaries going while he cooks. Something about archeologists as he already finished the one entirely dedicated to the world of salmon. I remember, as a kid, thinking it took forever to get to the meal which was served around 1:30pm or 2pm. Now, it’s hours longer that I have to wait, but I don’t mind at all because it’s worth it. Yet, the anticipation is a lot to handle at times as he allows me to taste test a sauce or has his homemade dinner rolls complete and waiting to be devoured. It’s an amazing day that marks the official start of the season so my inner child is pretty much out of control now. And my inner glutton is going to enjoy a feast fit for, well, far more people than we have attending our little soirée for two. Yes, we’re actually three with our dog Phineas, but he’ll get his usual food instead. This is also prepared entirely by Philippe now as well and includes turkey and cranberries so he pretty much gets Thanksgiving every day now.

And though Philippe and I aren’t with the rest of our family today, it’s lovely to enjoy our own special tradition. We’ll have another version of the dinner next week when we visit my family in Texas. My mom and sister always insist that we have a holiday feast while we are there. But, it’s really not necessary. As is always the case, the real gift is time spent with family. Time that’s fleeting and precious and only happens once a year. And, I’m quite thankful for each moment, each little minute, that I get to spend with the people I love most. Also, having a Thanksgiving dinner for two transforms it into something a touch more romantic as well. So, it’s always a wonderful evening that’s so beautifully memorable. Though, yeah, I can’t lie, the food is also insanely awesome! It’s so wonderful to enjoy food together and even eating a little more than usual is just plain gluttonous fun. Sure, I’ll be curled up in a ball later wondering why I didn’t show a touch more restraint. But, in this fabulous moment, I’m going to enjoy everything the evening ahead has to offer and stuff my turkey face!

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25 thoughts on “Turkey Face

  1. Your dinner sounds totally amazing. I woke up craving cornbread. It’s not something easy to find here so I’m still cornbreadless. We went to a restaurant and my turkey was deli meat – literally. Hubby opted for a club sandwich and had exactly the same turkey slices! I wasn’t that bad, but not very Thanksgivingy. But it will be a day to remember – and a reminder to not visit that particular restaurant on a holiday.

  2. What a perfect Thanksgiving dinner to start off the holiday season! I, too, cooked green bean casserole, with fresh, organic French beans. It was a small gathering of my husband, me, our oldest daughter, her husband, and our 3 year-old grandson. We raised our glasses of Burgundy and German Riesling to toast the blessings of family and friends. My other children are scattered from San Francisco to Brooklyn, but we’ll see them during the 12 Days of Christmas!

  3. A fly by hi! My company is here for the weekend. We are doing our feast tomorrow, so I have to wait even longer than you. Today we had Swedish meatballs. They were great, and there aren’t many left, so good thing I wasn’t counting on them for leftovers. Have a wonderful weekend!

  4. Nice, inquisitive look on this turkey’s face. We spent an evening at a friend’s home and had a delicious meal with everyone contributing something to the table. Wonderful food, good conversations…a pleasant evening all around. Happy to hear that you had a wonderful Thanksgiving!

  5. Hey, that looks just like the flock of turkeys that just ran thru my back yard! Here in central Mass. we have lots of wildlife including turkeys and they are fun to watch. But even more fun to eat! Our dinner was a bit less intimate than yours; we had a total of seven, and it was wonderful time. And as you have pointed out, memories of the flavors, friendships and family stay in our hearts forever.

  6. Love your turkey!! 🙂 And here i am still having turkey left overs ahhhhhhhh but now i do my pot pie it has a stuffing crust, turkey and gravy green bean casserole; and layers of cheese melted in lol i like to make strange food inventions lol but it is gooddddddd lol 🙂

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