Had I actually looked at a calendar before making the prompts this month, I would have probably put flowers for today since it’s Valentine’s Day. But, I didn’t so we ended up with fish. Actually, Philippe and I don’t really do anything unique to celebrate Valentine’s Day. Years ago, when we first started dating, we went out to a special dinner. Unfortunately, we were seated family style and had to listen to the conversations of the other couples two inches away from us and could barely hear own. We could have tried another restaurant the following year, but instead we started a lovely new tradition of just staying the hell home and away from crowds of any kind. It was never a decision that we discussed much, it’s just one of those things you do when you’re with a compatible person. Words aren’t necessary, and you never have to argue about what should happen next as it just feels like the natural choice. That’s a lovely thing indeed. Whether it’s a good friend or a life partner, or that happy combination of both, I hope you’ve spent some quality time today with the person you love most!

They do say opposites attract, which is true in many cases, but when it comes to the important things, it’s always better when you’re in agreement. Sometimes, I think Philippe and I share too many similarities when it comes to being introverts. Weeks will go by and neither of us will notice it’s been a bit too long since we’ve had friends over. We’re happily in our little routine, lost in our own thoughts, and quietly going about life each day. Then, suddenly we’ll stare at each other like coming out of a trance, and one of us will text a friend immediately to remedy the problem. And it’s always a fun time and we say we should do this more often, and then that never quite seems to happen. But it’s the thought that counts and I hope my friends know that I’m thinking of them and sending them love today, even if I forget to text. I never call, because I don’t really like using the phone app very much.

With so many quirks to spare, it’s no wonder why I love surrounding myself with other artists. It feels safe and like being at home. Though as a fellow artist, you may judge my art, you can’t judge me for my quirky behavior, because it’s very likely you do a similar or equally quirky thing. That’s very comforting. And way more interesting than those so-named “normal folk” who always seem to do things just as one might expect. And though Philippe and I won’t be doing anything eventful this evening, it will still be special. A moment to remind ourselves just how lucky we are to have found each other, even when we were an ocean apart. What feels like such a simple and routine life now, started out with so much doubt and uncertainty. Sometimes, fate just insists that things happen in a certain way. And when you look across the table and catch the eyes of someone you love in the light of a flickering candle, you suddenly realize fate knows just what it’s doing. Spinning life in just the right way to make that incredibly wonderful two of a kind.

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36 thoughts on “Two Of A Kind

  1. Well, Charlie, I sure can identify with this staying home for Valentine’s Day. I just see this day as another hyped up day for merchants to increase their sales after the Christmas slump.

    I got a very lovely and romantic text from hubby today while I was at work. He has replaced the broken toilet seat. So, when I am asked if I got anything for Valentine’s Day, you know what the answer will be.

    So fish is quite fine as a Valentine’s Day sketch.

  2. “we started a lovely new tradition of just staying the hell home and away from crowds of any kind”

    I love those goldfish. they look just like the Sparkles Family. (Mr. and Mrs. Sparkles were the names
    of my granddaughter’s goldfish that lived at my house…for 4 years!) I just finished ‘snoots’ (just started
    it this evening…brilliant. I thought you were just a very talented individual having fun (which is a great thing
    to be, btw) but even more than that, I’m sure now that you’re a genius (and a v.t.i. having fun : ).

    1. You are so incredibly sweet that I think I want you on speed dial for those days that I feel a bit discouraged!! 😃💕 THANK YOU SO MUCH!! You totally lift my spirits and make me feel like I might just be talented enough to pursue my dreams. That’s such a gift. I’m Thrilled you enjoyed my first and nearly only book outside of the recent cookbook!! You’re also extra special as you’re among only a very short list of folks who have ever read it!

      I started out as an English major thinking I wanting to be a writer, but ended up with an art degree instead. Then promptly became a director of creative things and stopped doing either myself. It’s been fun to have this blog to return to doing both and I’m so humbled and thrilled you enjoy it!

  3. Charlie, I like all the color you brought in to the water. Great job on the goldfish and the glass; as usual it is stunning.
    Happy Valentine’s Day. I stayed home, too, but then, I was teaching a student at my house.

  4. A phone app? What the heck (was gonna write another word but this is a family blog) is a phone app? I HATE texting and all my friends know I will read emails and accept phone calls. I also talk in person – just like your adorable goldfish who also don’t text but do communicate just fine, so it seems in the little universe of their bowl. And it does appear that you and Philippe communicate just fine. Which is all that really matters, Valentine’s Day or any other day. Happy Valentine’s Day to both of you – (I know I’m a day late.)

    1. haha!! The phone app is for talking on the phone, which I don’t care for. I equally have trouble with text. For me, it’s all about just sitting down one-one-one and having a proper conversation. 😊 And thanks so much!! 😃💕 Hope you and yours had a wonderful Valentine’s Day! And I’m a day late in responding to any of these comments, so it’s totally fine! hehe

      1. Not sure if this is something you do but I have nominated you for the Versatile Bloggers Award because I think you are absolutely brilliant at your watercolours and have really great guest artists on too which I enjoy reading about

  5. How confirming. Raul and I have been together 15 years and married for 10, so compatible we don’t feel the need to confer about much, enjoy being home and rarely eat out, occasionally entertain, but usually not. He tramps around taking photographs while I sit and paint. Being a nurse, he is involved in the larger community and I am involved in various causes and endeavours, but largely we are just quietly together and either out in the garden or doing whatever we each are involved in doing. I’m happy to read your post, Charlie. It’s a lovely painting.

    1. Thanks so much!! 😃💕 Your response is so confirming!! That’s wonderful! Yeah, I think when you find the one you can just “be with” in whatever way that takes shape, it’s the most incredible thing of all. Even on the nights when it seems like we’re ignoring each other, we’re still very much together and enjoying a wonderful life as two well-matched souls can!

  6. Goldfish and glass? What more could we ask for? And, if those two have the reputed memory of a goldfish, they will fall in love again and again!

    Staying indoors and doing nothing outrageous for Valentine’s sounds perfect to me.

  7. Anytime you paint clear objects, it is so amazing! Love the fish! Nothing spoils a dining experience than having other people talking so loudly. Another pet peeve is when we go to a sandwich shop and just want to sit and relax but have someone trying to sell someone something come and sit down near you. By the time you have finished eating, you are worn to a frazzle from hearing them go on and on ad nausea with their sales pitch.

    1. Thanks so much, Delores! 😃💕 I love painting clear and shiny objects most. So fun! And oh my gosh, I can’t bear sales pitches of any kind. If you want to chat about life, I’m your guy, but if you want to sell me something, it had better come with a really good story.

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